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  1. cepwin added a post in a topic Gregg is moving back to the mainland???   

    "My dream or goal is to be in both places: Hawaii and the mainland.
    Hopefully it will work out.
    But hope is just a dream that is not pursued, right?"

    Best of Luck Gregg on your tour and plans. I'm listening to a book by Rabbi Harold Kushner that is very related to this...his theme is one's dreams may not always work out as planned but make the most of your situation. You're producing an excellent magazine and I wish you continued success. I hope you can get the mag into more retail outlets such as B&N and the hobby stores. I got my first copy at a model club meeting as I hadn't seen it before.
  2. cepwin added a post in a topic new airbrush fun   

    JayVee that looks great!! Very professional!! Keep at it!!