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  1. Airbrush compressor

    If I was just starting out and on a tight budget, I would get the HF you linked to. The effects of pulsing are minimal and the hose dampens much of it. If I had more to spend I would go for this one. (watch the video) Don
  2. Any tips for metallics?

    Thanks for the responses. I appreciate it. I think I better order two bottles. Don
  3. Any tips for metallics?

    Thank you for the tips. I wasn't familiar with MCW. I found the Saddle Brown Metallic on their site. The price is good, but it doesn't say how much you get. I have a hunch I'm going to need a lot before I get the knack of it. Is it fussy about brand of primer, or can I use Home Depot stuff. And, can I thin it with lacquer thinner, or do I even need to? Don
  4. I'm building the Monogram 53 Chevy. It was my wife's first car. Her Dad bought it for her when she graduated from high school in "58. (Yeah, we're old) She loved that car. Here is a photo of it. She remembers it as being metallic. I'm not sure it really was, but I want it to look right to her. I'm considering airbrushing Duplicolor cordova brown. I've never used a metallic before. Does it polish like regular colors? Does it have to be clear coated? Are there any tricks I should know? Would you recommend a different paint? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Don
  5. Removing polish

    I guess the lesson here is to be careful if you use Novus. Dispose of any rags and wash hands well after using, and keep it away from unpainted parts and painting equipment. I wonder if just handling a model that's been polished with it could transfer silicone to your hands. Also, does it make any sense to wax a model that's been polished with it? Will the wax just wipe off? Don
  6. Removing polish

    I heard back from Novus: Hi Don, Thanks for your email. We do have it listed on our SDS online but just about any polish you will find will have a silicone in it. We do have a silicone free polish of the #1 and a silicone and wax free polish of the #2 that is available on a special order. We keep a small inventory in the warehouse because every once in a while silicone can be an issue for auto detailers or customers trying to silk-screed on acrylics. Our chemist normally recommends Mr. Clean to remove the silicone off the surface. That will usually do a pretty good job and it is safe for plastics. Thanks, Dean Trocke NOVUS Polish Sales Manager So, I guess you can get Novus without silicone if you special order it.
  7. Removing polish

    I got a reply from Novus. Here's what he wrote: Hi Donald, Thank you for your inquiry from our website. Yes, NOVUS #1 and #2 do contain some silicone. Most polishes on the market will contain some silicone because that will give the surface a shine. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Dean Trocke NOVUS Polish Sales Manager So, here was my response: Hi Dean, Thanks for responding. Novus is a great polish, but don't you think you should warn people about the silicone? I have heard of guys trying to do touch-ups on models after polishing and having a mess. That can be really frustrating after spending many hours building and painting. Is there good way to remove the silicone if touch-up is needed? Best regards, Don If he answers I will post it here. Don
  8. Removing polish

    My guess is that the silicone fills in tiny scratches left by the abrasive and makes the finish shinier. I don't know why else they would add it. Don
  9. Removing polish

    According to the safety data sheet on the Novus site, it contains 4 to 8% Polydimethyl Siloxane. According to Wikipedia, this is a silicone. I left a message on the Novus site asking for some feedback. If I learn anything I'll post it here. Don
  10. Paasche Airbrush suggestions

    Any one of those shown would do fine. However, as Robert wrote, the H will do everything you need for model cars. Don
  11. single action/gravity fed

    You might want to look at my review of the M-1 before you use your M-2. There are things you have to be careful of. Don
  12. single action/gravity fed

    The Neo TRN and most pistol grip airbrushes are actually dual action. Pulling the trigger first starts the air and then moves the needle. Pulling back farther increases paint flow. Don
  13. What airbrush do YOU use and what's the story?

    All of which goes to show that the best airbrush is the one you feel comfortable with and learn how to use. With practice, I could do fine with any one in my collection. But my first one, the Badger Anthem still feels best to me. Don
  14. Lightbox -- Since you have one, why not try it out and let us know what you think? Don
  15. Fantatsic Treasure found on Ebay

    Maybe rather than looking at these as scale models, they could be considered folk art. I can just picture some old guy (like me) slapping these together and having a great time doing it. Don