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  1. What airbrush do YOU use and what's the story?

    All of which goes to show that the best airbrush is the one you feel comfortable with and learn how to use. With practice, I could do fine with any one in my collection. But my first one, the Badger Anthem still feels best to me. Don
  2. Lightbox -- Since you have one, why not try it out and let us know what you think? Don
  3. Fantatsic Treasure found on Ebay

    Maybe rather than looking at these as scale models, they could be considered folk art. I can just picture some old guy (like me) slapping these together and having a great time doing it. Don
  4. Fantatsic Treasure found on Ebay

    Just as there are people who collect bad art, maybe there are some who collect bad models. It could be this guy's buyers are people with money to burn and a sense of humor. He has 100% positive feedback for the last 12 months and 726 sales. It's like some movies that are so bad that they're considered good. Don
  5. Thanks for posting this. It's an interesting concept. If you watch the video, the guy only uses it for small items. It should be fine for that, and it does minimize cleanup. His other videos show that he has regular airbrushes too and is an accomplished modeler. Don
  6. Old Hobby Shop Photos

  7. airbrush newb questions

    A lot of guys here are very happy with their Paasche H. You can get a complete set including a hose for a slightly over $50. Don
  8. Cleaning Airbrush

    As Steve wrote, you're going to too much trouble. I do a little more than just flush, but still use less than an ounce of thinner to clean. I do recommend you pull the needle each time and wipe it to keep it from sticking. Don
  9. If you have a problem, there's lots of help here. Don
  10. That's interesting. It appears very similar to the Harbor Freight Deluxe airbrush except for the handle. But, it looks like it has a Badger size air connection rather than the more standard 1/8 inch connector of the Harbor Freight. That might be so that they can include the thin vinyl hose in the box. You could probably use a Badger to Iwata conversion adapter or a Badger hose if you want something heavier. It doesn't say the nozzle size, but I'm going to guess it's .35mm like the Harbor Freight. At that price, it must be Chinese. I'd try it with plain water first to make sure it sprays OK before using paint. If it's your first double action, practice on some junk plastic before trying it on a kit. I hope it works well for you. Don
  11. A new airbrush review

    I have added a review of a no name aluminum airbrush to my site. If you are interested, you can see it here. Comments are welcome. Don
  12. How do you touch up chrome parts?

    Thanks for the tips, guys. I never heard of Molotow. Don
  13. What's the best method to touch up the spots where sprue connected to chromed parts? Do you use a dab of silver paint or some other color? Thanks, Don
  14. I have added a review of the Iwata Revolution HP-M1 airbrush to my site. Don
  15. I've added a review of the Binks Wren to my site. I hope you like it. You can see it here. Don