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  1. Would someone point me in the right direction of some aftermarket 1/25th scale white wall drag slicks? Like the ones in these pictures
  2. Haven't gone through this entire thread to see if anyone has mentioned it, but nothing breaks my immersion looking at a model more than seeing the rims stick out of the tires too far. Some detail jobs are so good until I get to the wheels and see that the rims aren't fitted wheel to the tires and it quite literally, deflates, the build so to speak lol. Super small detail but I can't ignore it
  3. Back with an update! You'll all be glad to know (as I was myself, very much) that she absolutely loved it and had no idea what was coming. She noticed the green pumpkin right away and though it was so sweet of a gift, her and I both love thoughtful unconventional gifts. She wound up getting me a 1970's reissue of a Chilton's 1954-1963 auto repair manual; now I can start working on the real cars of my dreams! It was a fantastic day for both of us, and we're off to something special together for sure. Feels really good to put in a bunch of thoughtful work for someone, and to be appreciated for it afterwards. This couldn't have gone any better! She also thought it was really funny I went through all the trouble with the paint lol On the confusion about the Firebird vs Trans Am version: I don't know lol! The box says 1977 Firebird, the car looks like a Firebird, I'm just going by the bodystyle. If it's got a different name so be it but it looks like the car she likes and that's what matters to me, sorry for any confusion. About the rims and tires, eh, she said she liked steelies (my kind of girl) in matte black so I got what I could find on Scenes Unlimited, the moody deep dish for the rears and "Pontiac Steelies" for the front, both only available in 15", I suppose it's custom lol. Valve stems would be killer, but it's already resting in it's new home in her room so I doubt I'll get to adding them. Great idea though so thank you! Thank you all again for such kind words and the appreciation for the build. This was a superb experience and very special to me, the warm welcome back to this forum is a nice bonus to it all and has me inspired to build more.
  4. Oh right on, that makes it easy! Thank you
  5. carchub

    1977 Pinto

    Very nice choice of Green! Love me a Pinto
  6. I love it, what a strange and very cool idea, and well executed at that.
  7. Wow! I love the pattern on the inside of the doors, mind sharing how that was achieved? Love this entire build, what a cool car just in concept itself, let alone such a well produced model of it! Very nice job I'd say the 10 year span was worth the wait!
  8. Thank you for the kind words, it's been a while since I've built anything and this has been great inspiration to get back into it again. We'll see if she's my girlfriend after Friday? Thanks for the tip about Tamiya product! Sounds exactly like what I should be using. I'll post y'all an update sometime after Friday to share how it went, we shall see lol.
  9. I got a strange leather-texture on the interior spraying semi-gloss black and shortly after some dull-coat right over it, which dries quicker. I actually forgot you can get that effect, I had actually just been worried the semi-gloss was too much gloss. Turned out great to me! Here's some more pictures! I want to black-wash the body panel lines but my attempt didn't go well. I realized it's because I didn't apply gloss-coat so the black wash doesn't apply very well, being so far with it I decided to skip the black-wash. Scenes unlimited did a good job with the wheels & tires, but they aren't perfect. Namely the tires were a little lopsided and required a bit of sanding on the tread, but I think the look goes with the build. That Green-apple looking thing is my attempt at making a pumpkin out of putty and melted parts-tree plastic, she has a green pumpkin on the dash of her real car like that. Though't it'd be a nice touch to make it feel more personal and unique. There you have it! Happy to hear your thoughts.
  10. Was smitten by a girl I recently met, and being a car guy I found out what kind of cars she likes early on in conversation. The moment we made valentines day plans last month, I knew I had to do something special! I found out she likes a certain green, and 2nd generation Firebirds. I bought the Revell Smokey and the Bandit 1977 Firebird kit, it was the last one on the shelf and I knew I had to get started right away. Before much of anything was painted, I knew I wasn't going to use the stock snowflake chrome rims. Slyly I got her preference of rims and went to Scenes Unlimited for some Steelies to paint matte black. The rest was all detail work to make things look as realistic as I could with a month to finish it up after work. The paint itself was a wild ride, I started by sanding the body and applying white enamel primer spray, with another round of sanding. My original plan was to combine a gold and green spray to achieve the yellow-green I know she likes, (a test spray on a '62 thunderbird body turned out great), but it was too heavy on the metal flake. Plus I was intimidated by the thought of sanding the entire body to perfection while trying to keep the right color combo. In a frantic visit to ebay I found Testors Lacquer spray "Citrus Yellow Metallic" which looked exactly like the color I needed. It showed up, and I sprayed the body even. Wrong!! The metal flake in this color was silver, and the green was very cold (the light in my room gave it the yellow). Another frantic rush around the internet until I realized what I should have done from the start. Her car is the color she likes, so why not order that exact paint code in spray form! Found the code, ordered it, sanded the body with 1000 grit for a couple hours and sprayed a light coat of the real deal. Looked so good to me I decided not to chance using clear coat. Paint booth was primitive technology and couldn't chance ruining it before the deadline! The above pic is of the incorrect color, in the sunlight this was a silver nearly-pastel green. The kit itself is pretty complete, but not up to my standards in quality to put it simply. I'm sure a veteran builder could smooth it out, but I'm not there yet in skill. For example, I can't get the hood to sit fully closed for the life of me! It's okay though, it stays up pretty easily. The wheels I used took some tricks with the kit's wheel-backs, just a lot of sanding & reshaping. Still the front wheels sit oddly but for the most part it looks okay. I'm satisfied with what I could accomplish in such short time, definitely the quickest build I've done, but boy do I just want to make it better. I think though that she will be pleasantly surprised receiving this on friday and I shouldn't be hard on myself; focus on the positives! Don't have the greatest pictures but it's better than nothing. Let me know your thoughts!
  11. Just finished this one, I'll post it in Under Glass!
  12. Thanks for the input! All makes sense to me, I'll be doing a lot of testing first for sure. One, I'll make sure it's the right color this time lol, and two I'll start with making sure the auto paint reacts well on some oversprayed scrap from the Citrus Yellow. Then the lacquer gloss coat onto that. I have exactly one week's wiggle room in order to get it done in time for valentine's day, as the paint order arrives in one week from now. I'll come back with some updates on how things go. In a perfect world I would strip the body, but that's another can of worms I'm not sure I should open, as the current paint is a nice shield in the case that the auto paint is too hot for the plastic. Unless someone knows that I should definitely scuff it, I'm going to leave the current base coat on the car alone and spray the auto paint right over it. Then keep it stored up near the ceiling with my room set to 70 degrees for a week before clear coat. -carchub
  13. Alrighty, so I'm trying to paint a '77 Firebird a special green. At first, I thought I'd try to mix a gold and green to get a specific yellow green. Test turned out great on the '61 thunderbird test-body - but! I wasn't feeling the heavy metal flake (not what I'm going for). Frantically I purchased Testors spray Citrus Yellow Metallic custom Lacquer spray. On the can, the color was perfect. I sanded down the body smooth and cleaned it off, and sprayed a magnificent glossy layer of that Citrus Yellow Metallic (which is actually green, odd name). However! What sprayed out of the can looks nothing like the color on the label! It's what I can only describe as pistachio pudding with silver metal flake...big disappointment! So I developed a new plan, but I need some advice. What I did was, was order the exact paint foolishly tried to replicate (duh! why didn't I try this in the first place!). It is automotive paint, I got two cans (one from ebay and one from ScratchWizard). As far as the ebay can of it goes, they state the paint is indeed a urethane paint. I have two questions: Is it safe to spray automotive urethane onto testors Lacquer color base coat? Is it safe to spray Testors Spray Lacquer Gloss Coat (1261, the lacquer, not the enamel) over this automotive urethane? Any help appreciated, curious to learn regardless of this build. Thank you! -carchub
  14. That's a nice build! I love those Galaxies, seeing one reminds me of this video: my inspiration to build one!
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