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  1. That's a nice build! I love those Galaxies, seeing one reminds me of this video: my inspiration to build one!
  2. I really like this, how did you accomplish the larger dent in the door though?
  3. Sweet, I like your color taste! And the decal sheets in Revell Muscle's 1966 GTO have redwall decals, if you want to go that way.
  4. So very welcome, and thank you so much for the instructions!
  5. Totally my style! Except if I had a 1:1 it'd be rusted out haha! Sweet build
  6. Love it! What technique did you use for the rust on the body? And underneath? Super cool build, love the pipe in the back!
  7. looks too much like a BMW z4
  8. Impressive! Really good photography too, with the rock wall; I thought the Toyota was real for a second!
  9. Wow, thanks for telling my about carsinbarns! Although it's really sad to look at, for some reason I like it...I've always thought'd be cool to completely go through a car and restore it, except for the body, leaving rust/dents/bodywork showing and what-not. It's not the non-functionality I like, it's the body damage.
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