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  1. Happy Veterans Day !

    Thanks and ditto's. Don't post much but have enjoyed this site for a long time. While deployed in Iraq as OIC of a combat stress clinic a few years back, I was able to start a model building club. My motivation was rather selfish... my #s were low and I felt I needed a "hook" to get people to drop by the clinic. Started a model club (as well as some other unofficial non-sanctioned activities) with the very generous help of many contributors. It drew attention and accomplished my goal of providing a non-threatening way of bringing soldiers in. We eventually encorporated model building into some of our therapeutic groups in a more formal way, but the biggest benefit was drawing a bunch of people together on a regular basis where folks could unwind, have a little fun, enjoy the camaradery of others and escape from the difficulties of deployment. When I left, I turned over all the donations I'd accumulated to the base welfare and morale team who were amazed at the volume of kits, supplies and tools I'd received over the deployment. For this , I owe an overdue "thanks" to the modeling community in general and specifically to fellow modelers who donated. Happy Veteran's Day
  2. I started a model club with the generous support of many contributors during my tour in '05-'06. Read something recently that the club is still going strong (believe the source was a letter to the editor of a model mag... sorry I don't remember specifics). It originally operated out of the CSC clinic but I moved it to the rec center in 06 before redeploying and I believe it still operates there. When I left, there was an ample supply of kits, paints, tools airbrush and compressor. Hope this helps. Good luck on your tour and thanks for your service. Ed LTC(Ret)
  3. 1932 ford

    I've had pretty good luck with Mequiar's Ultimate Swirl Remover, when the yellowing is from surface contamination (ie. dusty, moist environments and nicotine stains). Requires very little pressure, and abraisiveness diminishes the longer you work it. Leaves a nice finish.
  4. Painting Holley Carbs?

    For larger scale, I use 2 or 3 different tints, usually start with jet exhaust or magnesium base, then apply washes of gold, yellow and green (very little color added to thinning agent). Uneven washes wind up looking pretty authentic. Got the idea from an Eastwood automotive catalog (they actually sell tinting kits for 1:1 automotive restorations), tried it on a Big Duece triple carb set up, and have gotten positive feedback on the results. Just another option for ya. good Luck!
  5. F-117 lockhead

    Nice work. Sounds like you enjoyed building it. When I first started airbrushing awhile back, I bought some planes (thinking that flat finishes would be easier to learn the brush with). Really had a blast with them and now I keep a couple on my bench for when I get stuck on an automotive project and want/need a break. Dittos on the non-automitve section. Bet there are more than a few closet plane/ship/figure builders on the site! Thanks for sharing.
  6. 1964 Pontiac Update 12/28

    Clean build, dead on period mods, lovin it! A neighbor bought one almost identical when he got out of the service (he had the "deluxe hubcaps, otherwise identical, right down to tripower, console & splitter exhausts) which is what I remember fondly when I hear "Little GTO". Nice build, thanks for sharing.
  7. Removing Chrome Plating

    I have had excellent results with household ammonia... cheap and fast.