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  1. “Not trying to be facetious, but every kit out there can be a dirt/short track car. Just let your imagination run wild, use some NASCAR chassis if available, or scratchbuild whatever you need. There are plenty resin suppliers of engine parts, wheels & tires, and almost any other part you might need. Now I realize you did mention kits, but unfortunately for us short track fans they are really few and far between. Just as an example here are a couple of regular kits I built into short-track.” I totally get that. It’s been many years since I’ve built. I would love to see a work in progress showing some tips and tricks. I am thinking of trying my hand at a dirt late model but am not sure how to proceed.
  2. Awesome looking cars. I wish there were more dirt kits/short track kits out there.
  3. Looks awesome. This is from when cars had character! Great job.
  4. Great overall, but that paint work is gorgeous.
  5. Outstanding work. At this point, I stop calling them models and start calling them replicas! Neighbor of mine had one just like this when I was a kid. Huge inside! Ran like BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH till it warmed up
  6. Very realistic! Looks like you could get in and drive off.
  7. One of my favorite cars! Good job.
  8. Strong work. Very realistic.
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