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  1. “Not trying to be facetious, but every kit out there can be a dirt/short track car.  Just let your imagination run wild, use some NASCAR chassis if available, or scratchbuild whatever you need.  There are plenty resin suppliers of engine parts, wheels & tires, and almost any other part you might need.  Now I realize you did mention kits, but unfortunately for us short track fans they are really few and far between.  Just as an example here are a couple of regular kits I built into short-track.”


    I totally get that. It’s been many years since I’ve built. I would love to see a work in progress showing some tips and tricks. I am thinking of trying my hand at a dirt late model but am not sure how to proceed.

  2. Hey guys. I’ve been lurking around the forum for years but rarely post. I am going to start building after a couple years of being lazy and thought I would complete a couple old nascar kits I have stored away. When I was building before, I would use dry transfers on the smooth side of the tire. They came in yellow and white as well as Hosier and Goodyear. I can’t find them now and wondered if anyone knew where I could find them. They always came out perfect for me (at least much better than I could paint).  Thanks.

  3. Great paint job and exterior detailing; but what I really like is the way you handled the interior. I can never quite get the flocking to have that "real carpet" look, but this is spot on! Great work.

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