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  1. My first car was a 1987 Suzuki Samurai, it was a fun ride especially in the summer with no top on it. Here is a picture.
  2. Hey Zipper! It was a resin Wagoneer that I converted to the Cherokee Chief. I got it from RMR and I think they have one with the grill that matches your 1979. I've always loved the old full size Jeeps. Thanks!
  3. I've finally finished my Jeep Cherokee Chief. Pictures of the build are in the On the workbench section.
  4. I'm not exactly sure what you mean but if you are reffering to the area between the black and red along the roof I haven't painted the chrome trim yet.
  5. I installed the Cherokee Chief stripe decals and some other decals today. They came out better then I expected. Here are a few pictures with the flash on and off.
  6. I've finally gotten back to work on my Jeep Cherokee Chief. The main body paint is done (except for the hood) and now I'm working on the painting the details. I've installed the Jeep CJ lights and grill. Next up is painting chrome trim and interior of the body, bumpers, installing the windows and decals.
  7. Hey Wagoneer81, I've been away for a few months and just saw your question, I got the Wagoneer body with the Gladiator nose from Race Motor Replicas (RMR). I modifed the Wagoneer body into the Cherokee body because RMR didn't have a Cherokee body yet. Your Chevy Suburban looks like a cool project!
  8. Thanks guys! I've got another quick update, I decided to start work on the decals today and I think I got them pretty close to the original stripes.
  9. That is an incredible build! I really like the look of it and your detailing is amazing!
  10. Here is my update, bodywork is done and primer is on. Just some more sanding then cherry red paint.
  11. Very realistic, Great job! The detailing is incredible!
  12. Here is a quick update on my progress on the Jeep Cherokee Chief. I had the car primered and painted but when I did the final coat it was windy and some debris got into the paint. I waited a day and lightly sanded the debris out but when I resprayed the paint it aligatored so I decided to strip the paint. Everything I tried to remove the paint wouldn't work so I decided to use some paint stripper which got the paint off but also melted the styrene fender flares and the side window panels . Luckily the body was resin and didn't melt. I had another donor body for the fender flares and remade the window panels and I'm into primer again. I have some more sanding to do before I try the finish paint again. I learned an important lesson of not to use paint stripper with styrene, next time I'll be smarter .
  13. I decided to take a break from my other two Jeep builds and build this Revell Jeep Honcho Racer. The kit was from 1983 and the decals were dried out so I scanned and reprinted them. I tried to make this model look like the box photo so I didn't paint the body and only painted the detail areas. This was my first attempt at painting white letters on the tires and it came out good.
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