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  1. Model Builders Club Of America

    Thanks everyone for your input/knowledge - Now next question: Are these kits something people collect and should I trade them off? - I'm not much of a air plane person but really don't know what I have here as far as trading material - Again - Any help would be great - Thanks - Joe
  2. Model Builders Club Of America

    Hello fellow builders - I recently obtain 2 model kits that were a " Model Builders Club Of America Selection" classified kits - They were mailed from 11311 La Cienega - Los Angleles,CA. 90045 - Question: Does this club still exist and does it still retain the same name? The 2 kits I have are as follows: The first is: The Baron and his(5-winges)Funfdecker Flokker(outside box opened but all parts are still factory sealed inside The second is: Flt.Lft. Rif Raf & his Spitsfire (kit remains factory sealed from the Model Builders Club Both kits are dated 1976 by Revell, Inc. Venice, Calif. 90291 Anyone still in the club or have some knowledge of it the information would be great - And would like to know where the other kits made for the club and what companies were involved - Anyone can post here or send me a message - Thank you for your time - Joe
  3. '41 Willys Gasser P/U Truck

    How did you come up with the name NANOOK? - Just an interesting name - Outstanding build - Joe
  4. Hello everyone - I recently purchased a "Ohio" George 1933 WILLYS from AMT - Kit # AMT770/12 - This is a flat box issue - Inside the box was a booklet about the real car - On the last two page there are three photo's of the car with what looks like black tape dividing up the car and appears that only 1/2 of the car is done in this fashion - My question is why ? - Any information would be great - Thanks in advance - Joe
  5. a few bad months in Wisconsin

    Most of you know me as jphillips1970 A simple person on could almost call me down to earth knd of modeler where very little time can be used on building/creating let a long trying to struggle with the death of three family members all within less then nine months - Most recent was my mother which was yesterday AM - The 2nd death was the of father--law in the latter part of Aug, Both of wish had some health/medical issues that influenced their deaths The last family member was the first to leave us She was but 53 years young that makes her loss the most important one of all Most all of us have someone to push us on when the building gets tough She was my driver when it was time to push me into building something real simple or to create one from several kits We all have people who help us become better builders over time My helper was my wife Jayne who passed away on the 14th of March this year - A day I will never forget It was our 32 wedding anniversary to the day What I'm trying to say here is simple Enjoy the building aspect of the hobby but don't forget those little suggestions from those around you Someday they may be gone and that's the starting blocks into ending a great pass time of building and creating models - Never be afraid to ask for help or ideas It will always be your project but maybe a bit of help from an angle My angle has been gone for almost 9 months and I do struggle building but I wouldn't be building at all with out her sitting right next to me at the old work bench wanted me to move forward and forward I shall go into the year 2014 and I shall not let her down
  6. My most recent Builds

    Very nice builds there - Thanks for posting them - Joe
  7. faimly members loss

    Hello everyone - Just wanted to thank all of you for your kind thoughts - She(Jayne)was my "zing" in life and will be missed each and every day - It's difficult to put in words how much she made my life a life - She came into my life on a sunny March day back in 1981 and left in a snow storm in March 14th of this year - I was blessed with her each day of my life - Her only regret was we were not going to retire together - I told her it was ok - She would just get a head start on me and have the everything in place when it's my time to join her - A good woman with a heart of gold - She wil be missed but never forgotton - Again, to all, thank you for your knid words - Joe Phillips
  8. 1969 Baccaruda

    Jim - Another great build - Joe
  9. 2011 Builds

    They look just fine - Super Bee is outstanding - Thanks for showing them - Joe
  10. Sticker Shock.

    Buy and drive them - I still have a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda with 45,000 miles/number matching/2nd owner car - Not as safe as a new one but I can see the motor and change the plugs when needed without a computer - A classic like the 57 Chevy - Restore/drive and enjoy those cars of yesterdays -
  11. Chrome Tech USA

    Hey Everyone - I've used Chrome Tech USA for better then 15 years - Robert (Bob) takes the time to get the job done right and at a very fair price - I know that there are other products out there that may produce in simular results but nothing makes a model stand out with a good/great chrome bumper or a set of wheels - I would and will continue using Chrome Tech USA for all of my re-chrome or new chrome projects - Joe
  12. Galaxie LTD Product

    Hey everyone - Got it fixed - Hair drier on low heat and a little twisting of the rear part of the body - Thanks - Joe
  13. Galaxie LTD Product

    Hey everyone - Has anyone ever had any issues with products from Galaxie LTD - I purchased a 48 Chevy panel truck and the body has a slight twist to it - I'm thinking it's not going to fit level and need help with ideas of re-twisting it back to level - Or if anyone has any other ideas that would be great - Thanks - Joe
  14. Citrus Coupe

    Another great build there Jim - Joe PS: slicks are on there way
  15. Ultra Gloss vs Wet Look

    Hello Everyone - I should know the answer to the following question however, any input would be great - Question: Using Testors paint - Ultra Gloss and Wet Look - which gives the best results to get that "just polished" look? - I've used both but still cannot get that high gloss look on my models - Polish is not an option - Please give me your input on this - Thanks in advance - Joe