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  1. Hey Folks - looking to the body and possible interior tub for the 1965 Chevy Chevelle AWB kit from AMT - 1st choice would be an original AMT plastic but will consider resin material - have kit's/parts to trade - thanks in advance for this request - Joe
  2. Beautiful black paint job - Outstanding
  3. Hey Mike - I have the 1994 issue of the Boot Hill Express - Factory sealed - Have any station wagon kits or AWB kits? - Joe
  4. nicely done - now it's time to haul down to the drag strip and race - again, nicely done - Joe
  5. looks great - time to hit an old school drag strip Joe
  6. great job - have always been a fan AMT altered wheelbase cars - Again a great job - Joe
  7. Looks great - Outstanding build - I have the same kit but I've been working on the Littel Red Wagon version (3 years in the process and 6 revisions- But you did a great job building it - Be proud of yourself - I know that the doors can be a real pain in the butt to work correctly - Still outstanding anyway you look at it - Hard work pays off with the finished project - Thanks for sharing - Joe Phillips
  8. Hey Lee - I can't send you a message - PM me with a cellphone number - Thanks - Joe
  9. Hey folks - Looking for the following: Boss Nova wagon by AMT/Model King kit # 21141P Police Emergency wagon (Plymouth) by Johan kit # C-5100 (2 if possible) Kits need to be complete/unpainted/unassembled Have various kits to trade - PM me with what kits you're looking for Thanks in advance - Joe
  10. were you able to locate those Revell kits? I have a couple if you still interested - I'm looking for Johan kits and IMC kits - Joe
  11. Still looking for the Plymouth? - What do you have for trades?
  12. Hey Folks - Looking to locate two (2) of the 1953 Studebaker customizing kits - The kits can be open but need to be complete - My objective is that I need the double trouble engines for a project I'm working on - The age of the kit is not an issue - I have kits to trade if anyone is interested - Thanks for looking - Joe
  13. hey Mark - do you still need the rear section of the El Camino ? - just let me know when you get time - 


  14. hey Stan - I got two of them - got any old Johan kits? - Joe
  15. hey Mark - PM me your address and I can help you out - Joe
  16. hey Chuck - send me a list of kits you might be looking for and maybe we can work something out - Thank - Joe

    1. Rocketman455


      I am looking for the following , I will trade multiples, either up or down. 

      1965 Original Issues

      Amt Craftsman Chevelle. 4002 box onl
      Amt Chevy Impala HT & box
      Amt Chevy Nova ss 4003 & box
      Amt Chrysler Imperial Conv & box
      Amt Chrysler Imperial HT box only
      Amt Dodge Coronet & box
      Amt Ford Falcon Conv & box
      Amt Lincoln Cont 4dr sedan & box 
      Amt Plymouth Valiant (Craft) & box


      AMC Rambler conv & box 
      Cadillac coupe deville & box 
      Cadillac Convertible & box 
      Chrysler 300 Convertible & box 
      Chrysler 300 HT only
      Plymouth Fury III  HT & box 
      Plymouth Fury Convertible & box 

      Also looking for the following,  

      Trumpeter 1963 Nova's HT and Conv.

      Polar Lights Ghostbusters 1959 Caddy

      Many other newer releases of 1965 cars

  17. thanks - drastic plastics is the one - again - thanks joe
  18. Sometime ago I ran across a website that posted instructions, photos of the model boxes and on occasion pictures of the actual kit - For the life of me I cannot remember the name of the site - And honestly, I don't know if it even still exists - I'm hoping I'm wrong - If anyone can remember the site, please PM me or just post it as a follow up to this post - Thank you for your time in this request - Joe
  19. Hi everyone - I'm in search of the model "Boss Nova" that was issued by RC2 - The kit number is 21441P - Nova wagon that was a mid-engine kit - I'm interested in 1 or 2 (if possible) - The kit(s) can be open but needs to be complete but not started or painted - I have older AMT and Johan kits for trade - Any help would be great - Thanks in advance - Joe
  20. Hey folks - Does anyone recall if there was ever a list of models from the manufacturers that gave the company name/ kit number/ description/ original price and what current prices would be ? Any information would be helpful Thanks - Joe
  21. Hi folks - I'm looking for 2 pairs of wrinkled slicks - would prefer them to be in 1/24 scale but will take what I can get - I have misc. parts to trade - Thanks in advance - Joe
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