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  1. 1/16 1969 General Lee

    I'm still on this one, just got a little slowed down is all with life on me here and there. I'm now working on the hood and correcting all of it. I already got the engine bay 98.0% like done and corrected with inner fender wells. Just got to upload the photos now. The interior is getting there as well. The chassis floor pans is done. I also corrected the front frame rails too. Now just got to finish the work on the K member. I'm not using the rear leafs from in the kit. I'll be building my own. I also plan on replacing the rear glass with something much thinner.
  2. 1/16 1969 General Lee

    The Firebird tires might work if I modify them. As far as what they used on the DOH car's, I loose to own an original one and on the tv cars they ran two kind of rims for different stunts and handling.
  3. 1/16 1969 General Lee

    I bought a 1/16 1987 Firebird GT kit way back earlier this year. As for the diameter of the tires, I will have to measure them and post a photo on here for us to see.
  4. 1/16 1969 General Lee

    I been looking at the kit tires, I might take them and redo them and correct them. I also have another kit here that has smaller tires in it and yet they are also from a 1/16 kit too.
  5. 1/16 1969 General Lee

    Hi Michael, That would be the window seating, I'll be making the molding next. Still a ways to go on this project with a lot of stuff.
  6. 1/16 1969 General Lee

    Here is a small update. Had to rework the rear end panels. plus build up a gas cap trim ring panel ridge area.
  7. 1/16 1969 General Lee

    Thanks Man! As for the kit's interior, some parts are somewhat accurate yes I agree, but I'm going for the full accurate impression myself. I do have more interior pieces made and doing over laps of panels with attach panel pieces as well. The upper rear panel pads are way to long. But don't get me wrong, I'm using the kit pieces for mock ups. I want to make the new door panel pieces out of rubber vinyl and apply it to the new door pieces with maybe the pocket mad pouch opening able.
  8. 1/16 1969 General Lee

    I hope you all like the photos, sorry for all stuff in the hour. Updating is caught up. Any comments toward the project is welcome.
  9. 1/16 1969 General Lee

  10. 1/16 1969 General Lee

  11. 1/16 1969 General Lee

  12. 1/16 1969 General Lee

  13. 1/16 1969 General Lee

  14. 1/16 1969 General Lee

  15. 1/16 1969 General Lee