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  1. I really love the detail work that went into this! Looks realistic. But what gets me in that pass side tire. Sorry but all the realistic detailing on the rim but the tire isn't flat or burnt but the rim is. The detail on the rest of build looks great and very very realistic.
  2. Hi you all, here is a clip that I found on youtube of the real jump from back in 1979. The scene's is played from the 2nd Season "Dukes Meet Cale..." with the 1st season jump in it.
  3. To be honest it's mam LOL. That's okay. This diorama was a big job back then and I won't for get it either. It was fun though. Not sure what was more tricky, the water effect with different stuff being used or the embankment effect with real dirt and real sticks being used with paint. But your right though it was all well done.
  4. That there is yes in fact the very jump in real life in 1979 out in CA of the real General Lee stunt car doing the 300 feet a cross jump photo just as the General left the embankment. A lot of clips shows this very photo backwards and not the correct way it was shot (like you posted is the correct one). The item on the pass side of the General is in fact the camera that also shows the 01 and front wheel spinning in the next shot on film they showed. That tire spinning was from that camera view. This car took a hard hit on the pass side front end as it hit the ground on the landing.
  5. Thanks Dennis! It was a lot of fun to see this diorama be built and it was a little work LOL here and there on some of it. But in the end it all payed out though and it was fun to see the and kids all enjoy looking at the diorama and hearing folks talk about the show and what they remembered of it and hear there memories.
  6. I love the show myself, just looking at the diorama brings back a lot of memories even for me. I have a few kids myself and they all love the Duke boys and daisy and the General Lee and when they seen the model they went crazy talking about the show.
  7. Your welcome David for the info. Don't be sorry, that made me laugh to be honest.
  8. There is "no official" color.. only the "most used" color. The most used color is Corvette Flame Red Orange.. yes a GM paint color. They used a bunch of oranges on the show just to get a few cars painted up and out the door or when they was running low on one color and needed more paint to get the whole car done they would mix oranges all together just to get enough paint for a whole car.
  9. Hi David, Thanks!, I remember when that was built. It was this time a decade ago. The car leaping out into the air was the big piece of it all and to make it look very realistic as well. There was a system design for the car to work on for this diorama. The system was worked into the base of the embankment. It was a two part system. One part was for the model to work on and the other Part was for the dust effect to work with and hook to. The model was designed to be movable on and off the track system. The dust cloud/smoke was made by using brown and tan spray paints with cotton balls pulled apart some what and sprayed and then easy applied here and there to give the effect of the car was high tailing it at high speed for the jump. They was glued together with the paint and spray adhesive too. Screen caps of the Dukes episode of the jump was used to make the diorama to what the real scene looked like back in 1979. If you ever want to see the scene it's used in three episodes of the Dukes. One episode is the last episode of Season 1. The other Episode is The Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough which is a Season 2 episode 7 in. The other episode the scene is used in is Season 7 Episode 1 Happy Birthday General Lee where yet again the jump scene was used at.
  10. Hi you all, it's only little ol me. I just wanted to share this diorama that was built about a decade ago. It's base off the big jump that was 300 feet across the Shanta Clarita River in CA that the cousin's Bo and Luke did on the Dukes of Hazzard in the last episode of Season 1 with the General Lee. The diorama is 18 inches wide by 4 feet long. The dirt is made from real dirt. Any comments about the project at hand is always welcome.
  11. I just went and look the Batman car model kit interior up online at it's , compared it to your photo and it looks to me the same interior one for the 1990's Kayton film car interior one. shiftier and all.
  12. Is #5 interior tube from the Batman car? I do not remember currently what all the kit one had. But that sure do come close to Batman's if it's not though.
  13. The 1968 to 1970 Dodge Charger inner skull with the chassis's would interchange with the other B-Body's of it's kind like the Road Runner ect ect. The different was the interiors and exteriors. The inner sheet metal was all the same. The 2nd Gen Charger (1968- 1970) had 115inch wheel base. This also was the same for the Road Runner ect ect. The 1st gen cars (1966- 1967 Chargers) was smaller then the 2nd Gen cars was. The 2nd Gen cars are a ton of steel. 2400IBs I do believe they weigh.
  14. Thanks! I been working on it, I got a few parts to make on the chassis yet to cast. I'm aiming for the complete car to look like a real charger once it's done. I'm almost ready to start final assembly on the build to be honest. I'll probably start with the chassis and work upwards. I haven't gotten the dash scratch built yet though. I'm in the process of the seats right now, still got the console to scratch build yet. The build completion is set for here in the spring time.
  15. I hope you all enjoyed this update on the project. Any comments and feedback about the build is always welcome.
  16. Hi you all, been around or over 6 months since the last update. A lot of stuff has change. The project has had a lot of stuff done to it. I got the engine bay well wheels strach built. The radiator mount has been strach built as well. I also got alot of the door panel sides sctarch built as well. Some of the stuff is being casted as well. I also strach built a wheel drum cover and also backing plate as well.
  17. I'm still on this one, just got a little slowed down is all with life on me here and there. I'm now working on the hood and correcting all of it. I already got the engine bay 98.0% like done and corrected with inner fender wells. Just got to upload the photos now. The interior is getting there as well. The chassis floor pans is done. I also corrected the front frame rails too. Now just got to finish the work on the K member. I'm not using the rear leafs from in the kit. I'll be building my own. I also plan on replacing the rear glass with something much thinner.
  18. The Firebird tires might work if I modify them. As far as what they used on the DOH car's, I loose to own an original one and on the tv cars they ran two kind of rims for different stunts and handling.
  19. I bought a 1/16 1987 Firebird GT kit way back earlier this year. As for the diameter of the tires, I will have to measure them and post a photo on here for us to see.
  20. I been looking at the kit tires, I might take them and redo them and correct them. I also have another kit here that has smaller tires in it and yet they are also from a 1/16 kit too.
  21. Hi Michael, That would be the window seating, I'll be making the molding next. Still a ways to go on this project with a lot of stuff.
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