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  1. transmissions

  2. Looking for 68 Ford LTD parts

    Glad to help Brian. Just a heads up, Kevin from Missing Link will be out of town over the weekend. So, if you dont hear back right away you know whay.
  3. Looking for 68 Ford LTD parts

    68 LTD would be a full size like the Galaxie. Not mid size like the Torino/ Cobra. That said, Missing Link used to do a 4 door 68 LTD.
  4. I'd have to see if I have them. Update, located the correct inner door panels.
  5. I'd have to see if I have them. I did locate the longer panels. So yes.
  6. I'd have to see if I have them.
  7. Falcon Interior Tub

    Missing Link did offer a complete 69 at one time. Kevin may still have the molds for what you need( they should be close enough anyway).
  8. I have both the hard and, soft tops that will be molded shortly.

    George is correct. My first sheet cost $500 that is an 11x19 sheet. That did not include art work. That cost was for the etcher to make a film of the art work and, produce one sheet. I was able to swap services with the guy that did my art work so, I did save there. Micro Mark makes a doit yourself kit if that helps.
  10. Mopar Valve covers

  11. Hello from Michigan

    Greetings from Westland, Michigan.
  12. LOL, I guess the powers to be liked his idea. My bad. Did not even notice it was that old.
  13. We already have the Car Kit News and, reviews page. Are you thinking something much different?
  14. Steve is correct. You can also try mineral spirits.
  15. Thank you Chuck. Both for your part in the mastering and, now displaying it here. Doing a major overhaul on my site right now so, it will not be added for a bit. Anyone interested in one can PM through here. Thank You.