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  1. I offer a 14" round K&N style if that helps.
  2. Wow, thanks for all the kind words folks. Much appreciated.
  3. Guess I'll say Morgan Automotive Detail as well. Thank you for the Support Dennis and, Bob.
  4. MPC did the Following 79, 82, 84, 84, 88. They also did an 84 SVO. Revell/Monogram did a 79 and, 93 Cobra, 79 Pace Car and, 86 SVO.
  5. Runabout. Sorry, should have specified.
  6. Need a set of Tail lights for an MPC 78 Pinto. Trade or, buy.
  7. Missing Link is alive and, well. As others mentioned, selling mainly through EBay and, FB at this time. Kevin Lutz is a member here. You can contact him through here as well.
  8. I can tell you personally the part about model manufactures working with and, providing needed kits to resin casters is in fact true. As has states for every trans kit a caster sells, they need to buy the donor kit as well. Its a common sense approach that benefits all parties involved.
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