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  1. Missing Link is alive and, well. As others mentioned, selling mainly through EBay and, FB at this time. Kevin Lutz is a member here. You can contact him through here as well.
  2. I can tell you personally the part about model manufactures working with and, providing needed kits to resin casters is in fact true. As has states for every trans kit a caster sells, they need to buy the donor kit as well. Its a common sense approach that benefits all parties involved.
  3. Check with Jeff at Motor City Resin Casters.
  4. As Al Rich did. I will also recommend mineral spirits. May take several applications but, works pretty good. Will not harm, chrome, clear parts or, paint.
  5. Wipe down with mineral spirits followed be a good scrubbing with Dawn and, luke warm water. Do the tape test. Take masking tape and try to stick it to several areas on the body. If it sticks well, you should be good to go. If not, repeat.
  6. Very cool. This should have a very wide appeal. As expected, great workmanship.
  7. I cast both. Our site is www.madmodeling.com
  8. Michael, Never got your emails through our site but, did get one through FB Messenger. Just sent you an email using you PayPal addy. Hope it reached you. At any rate. Running a bit behind at the moment. Took all of last week off to get things in order for a grad party. Back in the shop today. Hope to have yours out with in a week. This is not our normal turn around time. You usually try to shoot for 7-10 days.
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