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  1. That came out great Joe. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Yep, things like this happen from time to time. All this technology we've gotten used to is great, until it's not. I have a problem time to time where I will not get the customers completed order form. Payment shows up but, no completed form to go with it. It seems to be more consistent with a few customers. So, as stated above it may have something to do with certain providers. Glad you got things worked out.
  3. Norm had surgery and is recovering. He will be back up and running once he is well.
  4. Thank you Casey. Tom, the Mustang II is not available at this time. Not sure if or when it will be brought back.
  5. Not sue if he is still casting the Jeep. You would have to ask him.
  6. Thank you but, I did find one.
  7. Looking for front and rear bumpers for a 60 Edsel.
  8. Looking for an MPC 2nd gen Camaro hood.
  9. Yeah,I will be getting a few. I was not sure which model year was being reissued.
  10. There is supposed to be an AMT or MPC Bronco reissued this year. I am not sure what model year though.
  11. Just had Tommy do up new decals for my MSD boxes and Accell Super coils. I could not be happier. High quality stuff.
  12. Morgan Automotive Detail as well as Missing Link and Motor City Resin Casters will be there.
  13. Jerry, As Craig mentioned you can contact me through here. I am sorry I have not received your emails. But, in short we are extremely busy at the moment and are running a bit behind ( for us ). Orders are taking 3-5 weeks to ship. A bit slow for us. Still fairly reasonable for resin orders though. I will check the status of your order and shoot you a PM.
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