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  1. Very nice. Will you guys be at the show on the 14th?
  2. Morgan Automotive Detail as well as Missing Link and Motor City Resin Casters will be there.
  3. Jerry, As Craig mentioned you can contact me through here. I am sorry I have not received your emails. But, in short we are extremely busy at the moment and are running a bit behind ( for us ). Orders are taking 3-5 weeks to ship. A bit slow for us. Still fairly reasonable for resin orders though. I will check the status of your order and shoot you a PM.
  4. You might try contacting Jeff at Motor City Resin Casters for the Torino seats.
  5. You can find a resin one here www.madmodeling.com
  6. You can hit me up here if you have any questions. Our FB is pretty much defuct.
  7. Check with Jeff at Motor City Resin Casters. He was ding them at one time.
  8. I have used them over DupliColor primer. They will dry flat and need a clear coat.
  9. I like it. Looks like something you would see roaming out west in the dessert,
  10. Good luck with the project and please share progress with us.
  11. Greg, If you wanna do a trade,,,,,, I would be happy to send short bed parts ( bed & frame ) in exchange for your long bed parts.
  12. I will be bringing the II back. I do not have a definite time frame. Just trying to juggle keeping orders current and, getting some other things in the works.
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