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  1. Well, it’s taken a while , but I’m finally making some progress on my car, boat, trailer combo. I punched some louvers in brass for the turtle deck, to let some air into those 24 injectors. I finally got the hard plumbing done for the wet exhaust, and the heat exchangers made up and mounted. I also got the intake manifolds done. What a pain it was, getting all 24 of those little shortie velocity stacks mounted and lined up! Overall though, I’m pretty happy with the look.
  2. It’s been a while since I did an update. I’ve been working on the plumbing for the wet exhaust, and the intake manifold. I’m just about done with the hard plumbing, but still need to run hoses. Got the intake manifolds done. What a pain, getting all of those shortie velocity stacks lined up! Here are a couple of pics.
  3. Francis, you know I’ve been trying to get you to try using more brass in your builds, but you get such amazing detail in your builds out of styrene, that ther is no need for metals. I’m simply awestruck at what you do. TCOTT
  4. Disappoint me??? Heck, I’m excited!!! Originality comes in a lot of forms, not just body work. Your machine work is true art in the purest sense, and I can’t wait to marvel (drool) over whatever you come up with next! Build on my friend. I wouldn’t miss it. TCOTT
  5. I figured you would get busy again once the snow begins to fly Francis. I like your approach of not attempting to replicate any particular car, and instead incorporating your own originality. I especially look forward to seeing what you do with the metal parts and assemblies. You know, I’m a metal (or more recently wood) guy, so I’m excited to see what you come up with. I’m looking forward to it! TCOTT
  6. A masterpiece developing! I just love the contrast between the body color parts and the metalized parts! Photographs well, and looks almost surrealistic. Very nice! TS
  7. Thank you very much for the kind words Bob! This thing has been a labor of love for quite a while, but I am hoping to finish it up by year end. We’ll see.😐
  8. Yes, it sure does, and even better yet, in person! I wonder if we could talk Tim into brining along the complete set to the next couple of NNLs that he plans to attend. They make an awesome display together! TS
  9. Tsk tsk tsk, where did they find those judges anyway🙄. While not personally a race car fan, I can attest that having seen this combo up close and personal, it does make a striking set, and the detail work is amazing! One of my faves from the Boyd cases for sure. Certainly a travesty that it was not more closely evaluated. At least in your case Tim, you had ample opportunities over the following years to prove your mastery of the craft, which you took advantage of admirably. There were several more trips behind “the blue door”, where I hope you agree your builds were given more respect. There is also a vast collection of magazine covers attesting to the recognition that you richly deserve, along with the respect of the thousands of our fellow hobbyists who look up to you for advice and encouragement. The work you have done to a frame what we do as a respectable adult hobby is truly admirable. Most people who have ever pealed the shrink wrap off of a car model kit with an eye for how it can be improved, will recognize the name Tim Boyd. Who won that 72 MPC Nats anyway? TS
  10. Made a seat, using sculpted craft foam for a tuck and role look, sealed with Future, and painted with craft paint for a leather look. Turtle deck is just about done, with opening hatches over the engines. The recessed polished brass louvers worked out pretty well (thanks Fred). Finishing up the heat exchangers and exhaust plumbing for the V-12s, then should be just about ready for final finishes (paint on the turtle deck, spar varnish on all of the wood), and close to wrapping this thing up. Still need to build the trailer, and finish up a few of the details on the 47 Chevy Soortsman Woodie tow car. Hope to get the whole project done before year end. We’ll see.🙄
  11. Been working on the turtle deck, cut it apart to make the engine doors, installed brass louvers, and made a tuck and role seat for the cockpit. The seat will be painted to match the interior in the tow car. Getting close to building the engines in their final trim, and detailing the engine compartment. Then I’ll take it all apart to do the final install of the top deck and give everything several coats of finish before final assembly. TS
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