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  1. Thanks Guys! I’ll keep on plugging away at it, even if it takes a while. I’ve had some success with vacuum forming the tonneau cover and fin, out of styrene. I’m pretty happy with how that came out, and I’ll cut hinged hatches into it for engine access, after I get a little further along with the engines, and get ready to install the cover. Speaking of the engines, I have roughed together the two V12 LS3s, and roughed in the timbers where they will be mounted. So far, so good. TS
  2. Well, it’s been a while since my last update. Now that Paul has finished his amazing combination, I guess it’s been left up to me to carry on this thread, and I am a notoriously slow builder, so the updates sometimes are spread out quite a bit. Since my last update, I have finished the wood, and the paint on the body for the Chevy, and painted the interior and top. The pics here show the car still in mockup with different wheels and tires than I will ultimately be using. This pic shows the wheel/tire combo that I intend to use. I still haven’t done anything with the engines other than to rough one of them together to check fitment in the car and boat, but they will be coming soon. I decided to turn a little attention back to the boat, and more specifically the engine cover and rear fin. The Dumas kit just provides two pieces of balsa wood and says to glue them together and sand them to shape for the engine cover, and another piece for the fin. Since I am going to be detailing the engine bay, and adding two 3D printed LS3 V12s, I decided I want to make a engine cover out of plastic, with hinged hatches that open up to reveal the two engines. I thought about making a rubber mold and casting it in resin using the balsa piece as a form, but I don’t have much experience with that, so I thought I’d try vacuuforming, mainly because I have some stuff to do that with. I didn’t have any styrene on hand, so on my first attempt, I used a piece of PETG (acrylic Polycarbonate), which I use to make windows. It is very hard, and strong, but does not sand well due to it’s hardness. Unfortunately, the piece that I was using was too thick, and I think I had it too close to the heat elements in my oven, and it blistered badly, looking like obscure shower glass. I thought about trying to sand it, but as I said, this stuff is very hard, and does not sand well. I thought about spreading a coat of Bondo over it, but I think I’ll try again moving the next piece more central in the oven, and heating it slower. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try using thinner stock, or getting a sheet of styrene, or both. If none of those work, I can still go the resin casting route. The good news is that the vacuum former worked well, and the plastic took the shape nicely, and it fits pretty well. Ultimately, I’ll need to sand the buck a little smaller to allow for the thickness of the plastic, and the correct fitment. That will have to wait until tomorrow though, since it’s getting late, and I’m tired for now. Later, TS
  3. Thanks Paul! Yes, the boat will have the same interior as the car. The rear deck cover and fin will be painted the same gold as the hood on the car.
  4. Got the wood done on the Chevy, and applied a couple coats of satin spar varnish. Put a couple coats of Mr. Color gloss clear coat on the paint. Needs to be wet sanded and rubbed on the paint yet, and some BMF around the windshield frame and vent windows. Found a set of wheels and tires in the parts box, that I’ll paint either brown or gold to match the body. Going to paint the uptop, boot cover, and interior a deep burgundy, then on to all three engines for the car and boat together.
  5. A truly amazing rig Paul! Congrats on bringing it to completion! I love all of the little added character bits that you have included to give the whole rig more interest. The trailer is impressive all by itself, even before you set that beast of a wooden boat on top of it. The things you did to the boat to give it that period character are shear genius! The truck is a work of art all by itself! Put the three together in one complete package with all of the additional bits, and you have a display piece that one could spend hours on, taking it all in. TS
  6. Thanks for the good words Paul! Your suggestion of the use of Spanish cedar cigar wrap for the fields really helped me get this thing going. That stuff is very workable for compound curves after soaking. Yes, the engines are 3D printed. I got them from Shapeways. They are by Ron Olsen (3D Model Specialties). Ron does a bunch of fantasy engines, as these LS3 V12s demonstrate. A couple of years ago, I bought a Lincoln v12 flathead with Ardun heads from Ron, that I am doing another build around, all made out of brass, that I call my HotRod Lincoln. I felt like I needed a break from that build for a while, so I got involved with this one. When I saw these LS3 V12s, I bought three of them, and went to work looking for a project where I could use all three. I knew it would have to be multi vehicles, and a car boat and trailer seemed like a natural. Looking around on the web, I came across a boat built by the Italian boat builder Riva, with twin Lamborghini V12s, so that really got my wheels spinning. Then I mentioned the idea to Tim Boyd, who brought your build to my attention, and here we are. Hopefully I can finish this one before I go back to the other. It’s been fun following your build, seeing the directions you have gone, and the things you have scratch built. Yours is almost done, and I still have a long way to go Build on my friend, and thanks for the encouragement! TS
  7. Paul, you’re blowing me away! Your boat turned out fantastic, and now the trailer too! I can’t believe the pace of the progress that you are making! I’m out of breath just looking at the pics! Meanwhile, I’ve been plugging away at my 47 Chevy Convertible Sportsman style woodie. I got the wood laid down, and base coat of paint. Some more sanding and clear coat, and at least the body will be done. The boat is coming along too I’m working on the engine bay, and the cover. Yesterday, I was a little bored, so I put together a prop freehand out of brass. I think it came out pretty good for a quick and dirty job. TS
  8. Wow, that is way cool! Those Gar Wood Miss America boats from the twenties and thirties are a huge inspiration to me! Hard to imagine all of that horsepower on the water almost one hundred years ago. They were way ahead of cars for sure! TS
  9. Anyone who was around our hobby and participated in any of the MPC Model Car Customizing Contests, or picked up a copy of Car Model Magazine during the 1970s, will recognize the name of Bruce Owen. Bruce passed away last week, after a long battle with MS. I first met Bruce in 1971, when we were both competing in the MPC contest at the Detroit Autorama. Over the coming years, as a contest organizer, and judge, I had the privilege and honor of examining Bruce’s creations up close and personal with amazement under bright lights and magnifying glass. The decision to hand Bruce the Best in Show award was usually an easy one since he set a high bar for creativity, and excellence that to this day, few have challenged. Over the years since the MPC shows, Bruce continued his craft, ultimately being awarded yet another national level “Best in Show” at the 2003 GSL-XIX. Bruce will not soon be forgotten. TS
  10. Wow, that is way cool! Those Gar Wood Miss America boats from the twenties and thirties are a huge inspiration to me! Hard to imagine all of that horsepower on the water almost one hundred years ago. They were way ahead of cars for sure! TS
  11. Four years, 66 pages, 1646 replies later, this masterpiece has earned it’s rightful place on the shelf of fame, where it will undoubtedly draw myriads of drools and expressions of astonishment from those of us that have the great fortune to be able to not only follow its creation, but also celebrate its completion! Francis, I bow to your talent and steadfast dedication to this amazing project! I am also blessed to have made your acquaintance, and to be able to call you “friend”. The things you have taught me while never rising to your level under my hand, will still support my desire to ever improve my own skills for years to come. Perhaps even more impressive than the build itself, is your own patience in answering and advising us all with our questions and comments throughout this journey. Thank you so much for bringing us along Francis. Most others would have brushed many of us off along the way, but instead you continued to dazzle us with your next accomplishment at every turn. Bravo my friend! TCOTT
  12. A Triumph Spitfire? Surely we could fit one of those in😏!
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