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  1. Flymeister added a topic in General   

    Two cars i'd love to see in models...
    The following are two cars i'd love to build ..the 1966-68 Bizzarini 5300 gt strada, and the 1968 bizzarini manta (until a few days ago, i didnt even kow bizzarini existed !) maybe once i have the scratch-building expertise :-)

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  2. Flymeister added a post in a topic Anybody Have experience with this kit?   

    Thanks to u too Paul for the advice!! It's nice to know these kits have potential ..... Eversince I bought the Revell 1/12 F40, I'm extremely careful of bigger scale kits and box art

    As we dont have many kit options in South Africa, I have to source from overseas, which can be a bit problematic sometimes.

  3. Flymeister added a post in a topic Anybody Have experience with this kit?   

    Thanks Mark & Jim - This is exactly what I was looking for - (I was a bit worried about the motorized part)!!!!

    Bought the model off E-bay for $45 (oooooops, think i might've paid too much) - Planning to order the PE kit as well (29 euro's incl. shipping)

    Once things in my life have settled down a bit I will take up the build with the intention of making this into a display piece.
  4. Flymeister added a topic in Big Boyz   

    Anybody Have experience with this kit?
    Hi All

    Does anyone here have any experience with this kit? I tried to Google it but can only find articles in Japanese/Chinese, I also tried this forum- but no luck - I want to know things like the build quality, kit features, possibility of detailing etc etc.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    P.S: I managed to find a PE Set for this kit too - http://www.autographmodel.de/Deutsch/D-M1-16/Boxer-Platine.jpg
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  5. Flymeister added a post in a topic OT- anyone here own or recommend a GPS unit?   

    In my opinion what you should be looking for is :

    1) Size of screen - Trying to see something on a small screen whilst driving is not fun..or safe
    2) Key features - Lots of cheaper makes have great features that just don't work
    3) Prices of maps/updates and extra services

    user feedback is always helpfull (as with all above) - Also,go to the manufacturers sites and see what they have to offer. Two major names are Garmin and TomTOm as far as I'm aware - Don't know if you guys get Road Angel in the USA.
  6. Flymeister added a post in a topic UNBUILTS?   

    I have bout 30 or so... featuring:

    Fujimi Lamborghini Countach 5000s
    Revell Ford Skyliner
    AMT Lincoln
    Trumpeter's Nova
    1/12 Revell Ferrari F40 (shouldn't have bought this one - it's horrendous)
    Revell Porsche 944
    Lotsa other ferrari's
    Tamiya audi quattro
    Fujimi Mk1 golf
    Revell Mercedes Benz 230G
    Tamiya Jaguar MK2 saloon & Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Sprint

    and the list goes on...... I'm going through a dry patch with the hobby, plus we're moving house *sigh* - maybe some day
  7. Flymeister added a post in a topic Prayers Needed!!!   

    Johny - So sorry to hear about your wife's stroke - I'm glad she's getting better and be assured of my prayers. Keep the faith :-)
  8. Flymeister added a post in a topic Key moments in auto history   

    not to forget the Lamborghini Countach, oh and the Citroen DS - air suspension and directional headlights (I believe the Tucker also had the headlight in the middle of the hood).

    OK..so this got me thinking- Ford GT40, Jag E-Type,Ferrari 250 GTO, AC Cobra 427, BMW's M1..... the list goes on
  9. Flymeister added a post in a topic Key moments in auto history   

    Mmmmmmmm...... looks like this debate can go on forever..lol.. here's what I thought - Set a deadline for submissions, then maybe post each and every car in this topic, and we can vote??! (not sure of the logistics as I've never done a poll before)

    What u guys think?
  10. Flymeister added a post in a topic Key moments in auto history   

    LOL.. Railfreak - Now do you understand my predicament? lol

    Harry - I would actually agree with you ...about the Benz...and the other forum..lol
  11. Flymeister added a topic in General   

    Key moments in auto history
    OK - So those of you who are also on "another modeling forum" would recognise this topic.

    (Unfortunately the topic was deemed to be irrelevant there, and was deleted)

    here we go:

    Which cars would you say were instramental in developing the automobile into what it is today ( be it design; technology etc.) ?

    From the first Steam wagon to today's modern marvels.

    I should also explain that I'm thinking of building a collection of models that will represent this history, but I'm not sure of the cars?!
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  12. Flymeister added a post in a topic You know it's a bad build night...   

    1. Carefully holding down that small yet crucial part whilst the glue is drying... pulling your fingers away and realising you glued it to your fingers....right ...lesson #1... use tweezers
    2. Airbrushing the body you carefully labored over for weeks.....and realising the paint thinner you used got water in it.... lesson # 2 - check thinner first before mixing
    3. putting the (black) model down on your (black) seat to go answer the phone (one of those #&#% sales calls) ....get back and sit on it.....lesson #3... always CHECK where the model is first
    4. lesson # 4 - DO NOT continue building on a bad build night ;-)
  13. Flymeister added a post in a topic Your favorite song as of today   

    Anything from the group "Within Temptation"......
  14. Flymeister added a post in a topic Your help needed   

    Thanks Rick!!!.... I ordered the PE set from Stephano the same day I ordered the kit and he doesn't seem to know where to find these either
  15. Flymeister added a post in a topic Your Favorite Car Chases!   

    Haven't seen this movie yet......but have a look at this:

    THe Saleen S7 ... yummmmmmie..... I can't stop watching this now...WIll have to rent it :-)