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  1. Scott S added a post in a topic tom inman kenworth update 9/4   

    Lookin good Dennis, heck you got almost as many frames on your bench as i do...

    lol, Scott
  2. Scott S added a post in a topic Dechroming parts   

    Castrol superkleen, takes the chrome off plated parts in less than n hour. strips um clean..
  3. Scott S added a post in a topic Cummins Beige paint?   

  4. Scott S added a post in a topic Mack C Snow plow/dump Done!   

    Dave, there guides to know where the edge of the blade is.
  5. Scott S added a post in a topic Mack C Snow plow/dump Done!   

    LOL, i've been toying with that idea Matt, if we get some snow here and i'm home i might just do that..
    Thanks, Scott

    Oh this is what it started as.

  6. Scott S added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Mack C Snow plow/dump Done!
    Heres pretty much the final pic's of the Mack C i've been working on the last couple months. it's pretty much done..(lil things to do yet, plow angle hoses/manifold , some touch up work.) hope you like.

    ps all pic's were taken with the camera in my HTC EVO...

    I wanna thank Dave @ AITM for all the neat little gadgets on it.
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  7. Scott S added a post in a topic Ford LTL 9000 Custom with Livestock Trailer   

    LOL, hey matt dont bust the cummins to hard, we had a 350 big cam in our 76 359 that made 565 to the ground. i cant say how fast it was cause it pegged the speedo. had a heck of a time with the heads move n roound on the block, ( we threw 42 lbs a boost in her, that was a contributing factor..lol) i like the 60 series in the ford , but a buzzin dozen would be neater...Hee hee

  8. Scott S added a post in a topic Kenworth K123 COE   

    This is sitting in our yard for storage, he has since put 7" bull haulers on it.

  9. Scott S added a post in a topic Wierdest Loads Ever?   

    I did not experiance this first hand, this was a late good friend of my dads deal, he was known for very odd loads what you see is his truck and trailer about to be loaded as a whole unit in to this transport to be flown across the country by the military. the crate contains the mirror/lense for the hubble telescope..(i believe it to be the replacement for the flawed first) they winched the whole unit into the cargo hold and then out. he also hauled space shuttle parts on a reg basis and went thru the same trip with one of the engines to one of the shuttles also. i will try to get some more info from my dad and add it later.
    the whole truck was loaded because the crate was temperature controlled hense the genset and fuel tank on nose of trailer.

  10. Scott S added a post in a topic Some update pic's of the Mack C Dump (pic's add'd 12/5/10)   

    Few more pic's of the C dump/plow. got a few little things to do yet and its a wrap, plow and spreader hoses, plow lift chain, mirrors and turn sigs. mud flaps. and warning beacons

    Think im gonna load this on a lowboy behind a B model i'm getting ready to build.
    Thanks for looking, Scott
  11. Scott S added a post in a topic More Trucks From The Road   

    Thanks John.
    hmmm might have to make a road trip...
    just what i need another project...lol
  12. Scott S added a post in a topic Bugatti   

    In the words of john wesley austin...
    "That aint right"
    But it is cool i must say...
  13. Scott S added a post in a topic More Trucks From The Road   

    i am drooling over the Crackerbox, can you pm me with more info on it? ie motor, trans, location?
    thanks Scott
  14. Scott S added a post in a topic Which kit?   

    Thanks Chris, thats what i needed to know. now on to finding one...
  15. Scott S added a post in a topic which kits have a V8 Diesel in it? semi not pickup   

    8V71 vs 8V92T
    Blue one is 8v71, yellow one is 8v92T(minus manifolds and turbo)
    amt/ertl KW areodyne as does the GMC general has the 92 easy to tell diff. 92 dosent have the big observation plates /ports in side of block...biggest gripe for me is the VC's are all wrong on the 92's i wanna make the correct ones. i have a 6v92 in my general and my 352, gonne try and model them off of them.