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  1. Looking for shows in Ohio

    Hoosier Model Car Association third weekend in May, Friday and Saturday. Johnson County fairgrounds just south of Indianapolis.
  2. '67 Chevelle: Revell vs AMT

    X 2, for this reason alone I like the AMT kit.
  3. Don't like Show Cars ? Some have great bones

    X2 and add those dog catcher and covered wagon type things to your list.
  4. Looking for shows in Ohio

    Cincinnati Challenge is April 7'th at the Clermont County Fairgrounds, theme is 100 years of Ford trucks.
  5. MPC El Camino with cool little dirt bike

    My quote was from "That 70's show" TV show, it was a joke.
  6. MPC El Camino with cool little dirt bike

    I guess I'm the odd man here, I'd like the ElCamino (Spanish for "The Camino"if anyone remembers that line) but have no interest in the bike.
  7. Seventies Land Yachts?

    The only 50's car I ever heard anything like that about were the early 50's Chrysler products. After a good start the 70's quickly became the decade of lowered expectations, smog motors that wouldn't idle or stay running when cold, bumpers that looked like a section of guard rail bolted on both ends, 140 HP Z/28's and Corvettes, stick on moldings that didn't stick, poor build quality, ect. And what did they give us? Padded vinyl tops, "opera" windows and "pillow look" seat cushions. I'll pass.
  8. Seventies Land Yachts?

    The 70's were a down time for the model companies, no promo business to fund the tooling and lack of the boom sales numbers of the 60's meant these cars weren't kitted at that time. Most gear heads think of the 70's cars as low performance tacky poor build quality waste of time.
  9. AMT Buick Oldsmobile Pontiac Reissues

    Check it out and weep. And yes, it's a roadster.
  10. AMT Buick Oldsmobile Pontiac Reissues

    Model car world resins list both a 64 and 65 Cutlass, I think both are 442's.
  11. I can't seem to find one, cast or JoHan. Just wondering. 88 or 98 hardtop.
  12. What would YOU like to see as a model

    1957 Olds 2 door hardtop 88 with the tri-power mill. 1960 Chrysler 300 F hardtop. MGA Roadster.
  13. Model T Truck Kit...?

    Is that kit a true TT, or just a delivery body on the car chassis?
  14. Moebius '65 Plymouth Engine.

    I can help you. I'm cutting mine up for an AWB drag car so I'm using a Hemi. No longer sure the Moebius AWB kit will ever see daylight and ain't holding my breath. PM me.