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  1. AMT 64 and 65 Chevelle

    The Revell 65 isn't hard to find. But if you have to have AMT ......
  2. BAD or GOOD "BADMAN"?

    Staggered valve cover bolts are another clue, 1959 and earlier. No provision for side motor mounts says 1957 and older. No way it's anything close to a 396.
  3. BAD or GOOD "BADMAN"?

    As per the engine, 55 Chevys were a 265 CI engine, and do have obvious differences than later SBC's. Biggest is the lack of a full flow oil filter on the lower block. I don't have a kit to check.
  4. Lets put a face to that builder!

    Yes! I built it the summer of 1970, drive it more now than ever. I'm in the Manx Club, so I've been all over the country in it, don't own a trailer. Here's crossing the Mississippi on the old Route 66 Chain Of Rocks Bridge last year.
  5. Anyone want an Indian Jeep?

    Probity more suited for off road than the Yuppie pub crawlers "Jeep" makes today. Far more interesting to me.
  6. Polar Lights Mistery Machine's actual scale

    This is your winner! If you want to scratch build an accurate 1/25 th scale mystery machine measure the shaggy figure, 3 inches is 6 feet in 1/24 th, and go from there. I have no idea on the engine, as the mystery machine is cab forward, has a bench seat in front (no engine cover like early US vans is posible) and a flat rear floor. (no rear engine like a Corvair or VW) You figure that one out.
  7. What would it take to do a "41 Ford Coupe ?

    Everybody's missing the 41 has running boards, got to swap them over too.
  8. 1964 Dodge engine colors

  9. What do you miss about classic cars or cars of the past?

    Not in my or my daughters case, just trying to keep the things on the road. My son who was pressed into doing a lot of the work calls them Ja-Heaps.
  10. What do you miss about classic cars or cars of the past?

    I work in an independent shop, we don't see too many new ones, they go to the dealerships. I'm in a VW club ( I do love the old air cooled stuff ) and many members drive the newer cars. They all seem to have check engine light horror stories. The diesel guys get picked on a lot! LOL
  11. What do you miss about classic cars or cars of the past?

    I think her's is a 2016, 70 thousand miles. It's left her stranded several times.
  12. What do you miss about classic cars or cars of the past?

    All German cars are over complicated for complexity sake, My Daughters VW New Beetle had the check engine light on more than it was off. I'll also say that her current Jeep Cherokee has been an electrical nightmare. And I'll add I'm an ex VW and Jeep owner myself. Lessons learned. JEEP = Just Emptied Every Pocket.
  13. What do you miss about classic cars or cars of the past?

    I'm in the auto repair business and know what I see every day. VW parts prices are astronomical and check engine lights are a way of life. A friend of mine even has a "das normal" check engine light bumper sticker on his. Asian cars are far more more economical. Well, the name Ford speaks volumes here.