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  1. arrowhead aluminum

    Many years ago, bought some items on ebay, no email or messages through ebay answers, over two months to get my items and they were indignant over my " impatience".
  2. A or B ?

    I don't care for eithor, but I could make B into something I'd like.
  3. I would be interested in your 25 T wheels, I build a lot of Model T's and could use them too. What would you need in trade?


  4. I have worked out a trade and have one coming, Thanks guys!
  5. AMT '27 Ford T wire wheels and tires.

    I have worked out a trade and have them on the way, Thanks guys!
  6. Hi! What do you need for the 40cab? Do you have the doors? I need them too. Thanks!

    1. gotnitro?


      I didnt get the PM about the doors or cab but yes I have everything.  I'm using the dash and frame for a resin cab

    2. Craig Irwin

      Craig Irwin

      What do you need in trade?

    3. gotnitro?


      What do you have I build everything 

  7. Thanks! We'll see what happens.
  8. Thanks for the reply, no need to hurry, It's for a project I haven't started yet. What do you need in return?
  9. AMT '27 Ford T wire wheels and tires.

    Need all 4, would take a full kit. Have lots to trade.
  10. Need a cab and doors from the Monogram 40 Ford pickup kit, have lots to trade.
  11. AMT 64 AMT Craftsman Chevelle

    Model Car World recasts the Craftsman 64 body.
  12. AMT 64 AMT Craftsman Chevelle

    The Revell 65 isn't hard to find. But if you have to have AMT ......
  13. BAD or GOOD "BADMAN"?

    Staggered valve cover bolts are another clue, 1959 and earlier. No provision for side motor mounts says 1957 and older. No way it's anything close to a 396.