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  1. Sweet ride, I worked at a Triumph dealer back in the 70's and serviced in these cars when they were new.. Really should be a 1/24th plastic kit produced.
  2. I saw the Powell at Indy a few weeks back, it's happening.
  3. I think I remember someone here offering a mid 80's Ford Wagon a while back, my search didn't find it.
  4. I was looking forward to this kit, I think I'll wait a few months until the packaging problem is sorted out.
  5. Beautiful, I can't believe these cars were never kitted. I've gt one of these Modelhause Tuckers in my "Someday" stash.
  6. Looks fantastic! What is the difference with the "Easy" version and how do you tell them apart by the box?
  7. It's actually very dark blue, thanks for the like! Being a Corvette guy I like these posts about the old kits.
  8. I have some promos, some AMT kits, and this 1/1.
  9. I like TV and Movie cars, so I'll buy and build one. One and done. The Bluesmobile? I'd have bought several.
  10. I worked at Olds at the time, the 78 Holiday 88 was in case the downsized 78 Cutlass Supreme flopped.
  11. I would like to contact Vic of Vic's resins. I need some parts from a kit that he casts.
  12. I need a hood for a 61 Buick, anyone have one?
  13. Very nice! Where did you source the late FI system and decals?
  14. Whats the chance Atlantis got the Revell 1964 Beatles figure kits?
  15. Thanks guys! I've got a kit on the way. Sure hope someone does the C8.
  16. Haven't seen any C7 or C8 Corvettes, and was just wondering. The C8 defiantly deserves a full detail kit.
  17. I bought one a few years back, I think it was from Drag City Resins.
  18. I still wish these kits had a traditional drive train.
  19. Very cool! My Mom and Dad had one like the blue one, identical except for a bench seat, white top and lack of 8 lug wheels. That's the car I learned to drive in.
  20. Thousands of resin items on ebay, I don't have time to search them.
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