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  1. I need a hood for a 61 Buick, anyone have one?
  2. Very nice! Where did you source the late FI system and decals?
  3. Whats the chance Atlantis got the Revell 1964 Beatles figure kits?
  4. Thanks guys! I've got a kit on the way. Sure hope someone does the C8.
  5. Haven't seen any C7 or C8 Corvettes, and was just wondering. The C8 defiantly deserves a full detail kit.
  6. I bought one a few years back, I think it was from Drag City Resins.
  7. I still wish these kits had a traditional drive train.
  8. Very cool! My Mom and Dad had one like the blue one, identical except for a bench seat, white top and lack of 8 lug wheels. That's the car I learned to drive in.
  9. Thousands of resin items on ebay, I don't have time to search them.
  10. I'd be a buyer if you do. I didn't know you were casting them until they were gone.
  11. I'm going to chime in on Harts Parts, Great parts, great service, no fears about buying again.
  12. I think I've built at least one of every VW Beetle kit ever made, and I don't know of any with separate fenders. None have realistic inner quarter panels eithor so some scratch building is in order.
  13. In Columbus Indiana, always sometime in September. I can't find any info online.
  14. As long as I have my 69 I'm good. It's been downhill since 73, althoe the 4'th gen was the bottom.
  15. Gorgeous! I've got the engine parts if you want them.
  16. I'd rather see American subjects like an IH Super M, but beggars can't be choosy.
  17. Kits seem to be going up in price $3 or $4 every year anyway, If Chinese goods become too costly the model companys will just move the tooling somewhere else where the labor is cheaper. 12 year olds doing slave like labor are worldwide. That is if the Chinese government doesn't seize it.
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