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  1. 2009 Challenger R/T

    stormtroop it, flat white body with gloss black wheels, black windows and trim
  2. '69 Plymouth Barracuda notchback

    i like big inch wheels on mopars, those grayfaced salt flats are baadddd, i like em lots............Are you goin for pro touring???
  3. vw type 1 pick up project start

    Please tell me your gonna keep it low, i love em check this one out, its my uncles Baresteel
  4. been awhile, 72 Chevy

    gotta do something with the bed floor, to plain two other works-in-progress
  5. been awhile, 72 Chevy

    sorry with the delay
  6. WIP '51 Chevy Gasser

    i agree, dont paint it, a couple miner primer spots and weathered lettering and call it done
  7. WIP '51 Chevy Gasser

    i already love this topic, love the old school hot rod gassers
  8. been awhile, 72 Chevy

    I just put a 400 pontiac motor with dual quads, bet it will run great Ill update some pics here in a couple minutes
  9. been awhile, 72 Chevy

    yea thanks rail freak, well i made a spare tire holder to put in the bed of truck, gotta do something with the interior, its annoying me , well so i put a 283 stroker motor in it, dual quads, hearders, etc......im gonna try to shave all the handles, all that stuff, just leave the trim on the sides, i gotta make some exhaust because the molded stuff is silly, any ideas are takin to consideration, i need something to put in the bed.......byyeee
  10. been awhile, 72 Chevy

    Shop truck anyone, well we have a 72 chevy short fleet, yellow and white, its a diecast( i know im sorry ) that i bought for $11 bucks at the swapmeet, since i got it lastnight ive shaved the 3rd brake light off, door handles, mirrors, and bondoed some holes, it had a molded big block and a 4barrel so i cut that out and i dont what im puttin in it yet(ideas??), painted the roof white again today, i changed the tires, stock wheels though, looks cool i think, took all the marker lights off the side abd the cheyenne emblems...........it was already lowered so that saved me some hassel, i only have one pic right now, ill have more probally tomorrow, so ideas and constructive critism are highly appreciated,
  11. 1950's suburban

    heres pics of my dads 53 that he built, running boards were laying on the the ground when the bags were deflatted, was a colorado forestry vehicle, it was clean my mom stripped it, heres the link to the pictures and what not(stupid picture uploader thingy, arg)http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=191104, 7 months of eating ramon noodles , hahaha
  12. Willys Gasser

    or, what i do is i take some of the fine steel wool and rub em for a couple seconds real good, thats what i do with ny tires
  13. Willys Gasser

    Me likey i might break my kit out. Brad
  14. Willys Gasser

    One quick comment, I think the front wheels that come with the new stone woods and cook willys i think are to wide and to flat, if ya know what i mean, thats why i always use the firestone skinny more rounded front tires on my gassers, but thats just my thought. Brad