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  1. Where can I find the green at? I can pull the code from my 1:1 ...
  2. Porsche for me and maybe a Grease 48, both for women in my life... 12 YO granddaughter thinks Porsche is all about fast cars, and my daughter’s favorite movie when she was younger was Grease.
  3. Beautiful wrecker with the fuel station linkup... whatz not to love, SUPER!
  4. A Camaroman Two Thumbs up!!!! Very nice capture of the grille work details and stance is perfect!
  5. Harry, the choice of wheels/tires lend to impression of a lowrider theme.
  6. Very nice in a Milberry kind of way... which is code for darn near perfect!!!
  7. How is the fit of the AMT 70 MONTE CARLO chassis under this kit?
  8. Sorry to hear the news of the Holthaus' son passing... Prayers are with you...
  9. Dremel actually makes a drill press that can be turn horizontally to aid in the process ...
  10. I vote for; a) 67/68 Chevy Short Bed both step and fleetside versions 67/68 Camaros based on the Revell 69 c) Any new station wagon from anyone (specially Chevys)
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