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  1. cruz

    Revell 2009 ZR1

    Thanks, it is 1/25.......
  2. cruz

    Revell 2009 ZR1

    Thanks, yes they are....
  3. cruz

    Revell 2009 ZR1

    Yes, from Scalemotorsports....
  4. Got this baby done yesterday. Color is Scalefinishes Lexus Liquid Glue. Carbon fiber decals by Scalemotorsports as well as rims and tires. Just had to do very little altering of suspension to get it to look like this. Fun build!
  5. cruz

    2020 lineup....

  6. Turned out sweet locón, saludos!!!
  7. Something a I had put together a few years back. Brings back memories of the passion of the Puerto Rican car culture at the time.
  8. Thank you, it is 1/24 Scale......
  9. Based on the Revell of Germany Shelby Cobra 427 SC but with some personal touches of my own. Wheels were obtained from a friend in Facebook. Tires are from my stash. Color is Jaguar HGY Racing Green from Scalefinishes. Stripes are MCW Finishes Chevy Frost Green Metallic. Eduard P/E Racing Harnesses. Hope you guys likey......
  10. AMT 1968 Camaro for a friend. Not really crazy about these basic AMT kits but I just had to build this one for someone very deserving. Paint is simply Tamiya Bright Red, no clear. He also wanted a vinyl roof on it. Basically a box stock build.....
  11. cruz

    2020 lineup....

    Thank you guys, I didn´t find it finicky, the challenge was maintaining it upright while building it being that it only has two tires vs the four usually found on the regular car model builds. The plastic spokes were replaced with guitar string and hypodermic needles were used for the nipples that hold the spokes...
  12. cruz

    2020 lineup....

    Thank you and yes, the slotted mags are a new item from Fireball....
  13. These were the ones completed this year, gotta thank the pandemic a bit for the time at home.....
  14. Thanks, I use a Dremel disc, cut it at a certain depth and just twist it off. I will smooth out the end with the flat area of the disc itself.....
  15. Thank you my friend, yes, I just touched up the bare plastic with the Molotow marker. Thank you for the link, I use hypodermic needles for a lot of things, these are always very useful...
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