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  1. I am building the John Wick Mustang for something special and cannot share much but I did use the front clip from the 302 as well. Definitely makes a big difference. Take your time lining up that front clip, it doesn't really match up as well as it should....
  2. Skinnner Racing Products.......
  3. MCW Finishes.....thank you.....
  4. Thank you, that´s MCW Finishes Poly Camel.....
  5. Just a little something I did for SA. Paint is a factory color from MCW Finishes. Engine is from the Accurate Miniatures Grand Sport Corvette with a few other small details here and there....
  6. Completed this one sometime in 2014 for a late club member. May you rest in peace Bobby.....
  7. cruz

    AMT Go Kart

    Very cool bro!!!!!
  8. Just wanted to keep myself motivated.....
  9. I think it sits a little low but it's not hard to modify this if need be....
  10. I just finished the AMT version. Old and tired mold but with a little patience it can yield a pretty cool looking model. Loved the pad printed Polyglas GTs.....
  11. cruz

    BMW 507

    Very cool, I love it!!!
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