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  1. Tamiya tape and a lot of burnishing. Paint was airbrushed in light coats until getting complete coverage. Clear was added later.....
  2. Yes, one of the main reasons being that a lot of us are already screaming for a factory stock type version.
  3. Wanted to do something a little different than the norm, just hoping that at some point, Tamiya offers a Factory Stock version, preferably a Shelby GT 500. Paint is Tamiya Metallic Blue, Tamiya Pure White for the stripes and Testors Wet Look Clear. This kit is so well engineered that it might just go together if you shake the box just right. Hope you guys like it.....
  4. This was more of an experiment to test the Color Shot Paints sold at The Home Depot. They have a pretty good selection of colors so take some time off and check them out. Can't promise they will be available at every Home Depot but I am positive that you will be able to acquire them on line. These are durable paints including the primer so go ahead and use them, I think you will like them. I used Testors Wet Look Clear but I am positive that they will work with the clear of your choice. As usual, make sure your foundation is clean and that you address any issues on the bare plastic first, 90% of the problems with some finishes are found there.....
  5. Thank you guys, I truly enjoyed this build, Joseph’s resin conversion and upgrade kit is really phenomenal and gives this truck a very realistic look...
  6. That is Testors flat black with just a tad of clear added to it....
  7. Yes, it's actually a decal supplied in the kit. Should've left it off but the real ones did have the defroster lines at the rear.....
  8. Nazz

    Happy birthday Marcos!

  9. Thank you Sam, yes, the hood was slightly warped but I had two other kits in which the hoods were fine and I used one of them.
  10. cruz

    John Wick Mustang

    Thank you, I had to buy this kit to be able to complete this build as close as possible to the one in the movie. Front clip is from the newly tooled 1969 Mustang 302. All the info is in the article.....
  11. Thanks, it's 1/25.....
  12. I added big and littles to this one just as the real one. If you use the tires in the kit, it will not be correct.
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