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  1. Thank you my friend. This is an ever changing hobby and I myself like trying new things all the time. Keeps the motivation going. I've pretty much kept the basics like the wet sanding process as a regular routine but have changed a few little things here and there. I also like to try new paints and clears as well as diverse products which means that some methods and habits change but again, the basics are still there. You are welcomed to send me e mails on anything you might need help on, it's the reason why we are here. (model.master1@gmail.com)
  2. Very cool, not to mention cleanly executed.....
  3. Here is something I am sure I would've never build for myself but it is a future review model for Finescale. Can't give out too many details but pictures I can definitely show. Didn't have a lot of fun putting this one together being that it is an AMT kit but here it goes....
  4. I am not a truck builder but went out and purchased one at 75 dollars. Went to my club meeting last week and one of our model vendors had one for 50 and yes, I purchased it. They are very nice. Now if only I can have a million pictures of the 1/1 engine, it would make me very happy. Even ordered a nice P/E Detail Set for it.....
  5. Thank you guys, really had a blast putting this one together. It is an excellent kit!!!!
  6. Hi there fellas, long time don't see. This is a build of the Tamiya Datsun 240ZG. Paint is Scalefinishes Persimmon Red (factory color) with Testors Wet Look Clear. Plumbed and wired engine and a few other details here and there. Had a lot of fun building this one, very impressive and complete kit. Hope you guys like it!!!
  7. cruz

    Revell 2009 ZR1

    Thanks, it is 1/25.......
  8. cruz

    Revell 2009 ZR1

    Thanks, yes they are....
  9. cruz

    Revell 2009 ZR1

    Yes, from Scalemotorsports....
  10. Got this baby done yesterday. Color is Scalefinishes Lexus Liquid Glue. Carbon fiber decals by Scalemotorsports as well as rims and tires. Just had to do very little altering of suspension to get it to look like this. Fun build!
  11. cruz

    2020 lineup....

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