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  1. hacker joe added a post in a topic Rebel Road   

    this show made me throw up in my mouth
  2. hacker joe added a post in a topic Let's hear it ILLINOIS modelers   

    Hate to be the bearer of awful news but.......heard today that Als hobbys is biting the dust tomorrow (5-3) went there tonight but they closed early. Im gonna try to stop by tomorrow (was told they will be open 9:30-5:30)
  3. hacker joe added a post in a topic So What does Revell Have up Their Sleeves?   

    I belive the red vette was made off the D&M Corvette gasser- not sure what decals it will come with but I do know Revell did measure and document the car a few years ago
  4. hacker joe added a post in a topic Chicago Modelers, how dry is your plastic today?   

    we had to pump out our basement all night to keep it down to a couple inches but it could have been much worse.

    Wow you never realize how close people are - I work in LaGrange at Custom Cars Unlimited but live in Palos Hills
  5. hacker joe added a post in a topic Let's hear it ILLINOIS modelers   

    I'm from Palos Hills. I had always wondered about the Lake Michigan club, can you give me any details?
  6. hacker joe added a post in a topic Urethane Clears   

    first off, I paint 1:1 cars for a living and have been for many years. urethanes are great products and I wouldnt use anything else.

    please buy the intended reducer for the clear you are using, I know that other stuff works but is it worth taking a chance ruining something you spent all that time and money on for the cheapest component in the process?

    shopline is a great clear, cheap & easy to use, and looks great. I highly recomend it.

    clean up using lacquer thinner for airbrush or spray guns