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  1. Well, after a weekend of work I finally got the body readyfor paint. I think I did a pretty fair job considering what it was like before.
  2. rolltide

    32 ford

    Picked it up at a yard sale for $1.50 just straight out of box with some flocking. (Hood fitment is better than in the pick, I just didn'y put it on well for the pic)
  3. rolltide

    VW beetle

    So, I decided to pull this one out and make it look a little more complete. This is just a mix of old parts, but is without a doubt the most fun I have ever had in model building. I put in a duel exhaust and a winshield frame. I would like some more ideas for some more stuff I could do to this little fella.
  4. So, I found this at a yard sale for free so I thought I would see what I could do with it. The problems: 1. The body itself was in terrible shape, someone had brushe painted the entire thing with about 3 coats of different paint. The bady was covered in a glue substance and everything was misfitted. 2. Interior was jjust in rough shape, it was painted silver with paint that looked like it may have been to thin. 3. The chasis and engine were totally shot, I managed to piece the chasis back together, and will probably just build this model curbside with a glued hood. The first item of business was the body after ALOT of sanding, scraping, puttying, and cursing. It is ready for the primer. I'll try to keep updates coming.
  5. Sure am glad for global warming, imagine how bad this would be without it.
  6. This is just a basic one week build, one of the best fitting kits ever. This kit was really just a joy to work on and i am very pleased with the results. Color is fabric tan and Root beer.
  7. That looks nice, going to paint mine white then add some mud and dirt.
  8. The engine directions are just sorta weird. I'll work it out, want sort of a dirty off road look.
  9. Wow, that lindberg F-150 kit is already a pain.
  10. Picked up a F-150 today, I'll see what I can do with it.
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