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  1. Welcome, Chris. We're never too old to have a happy childhood. Consider getting a magnifier. I've had my Optivisor since I was in my 30s and wouldn't build without it. There are other brands and styles of magnifiers, too.
  2. 1914 Metz -- the car driven to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back. Read about it and see more pix at https://www.nps.gov/articles/metzcar.htm .
  3. Mine arrived today, Wednesday, in ZIP 917xx east of Los Angeles, CA. It was great to see a pic of my model at the lower left corner of P. 56.
  4. I hope that someone would have said "that's cool" if they were seeing this in the early 1960s: Today, I dunno. It's sort-of sleek and traditional but it's kind of goofy, too.
  5. I'm not sure if he could be described as a concept artist, but Steve Swaja designed a lot of streamlined dragsters and Tex Smith's XR-6. See https://www.hotrod.com/articles/drag-racings-twilight-zone-streamline-dragsters/ . Read more about him at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Swaja
  6. If it wasn't a more-door, I could get interested in the '62 Dodge Dart but not the Lancer.
  7. A little OT, but earlier posters praising the Revell Cadillac engine caused me to search one out. It just arrived and looks great! Seeing the old Revell tooling with the internal engine parts showing is nice. For $10.50 including shipping and tax from a seller on that famous auction site, it's a fair deal. The package is a Revell-Monogram with a 1998 copyright date. I've been building since a kid in the '60s but I never paid much attention to the parts packs then. I could barely afford a $1.49 kit and a can of $0.69 spray paint at the time. Sometimes I'd get kits as gifts and might rarely splurge on a $2 kit. Those $2 kits would usually include a separate engine and enough parts to spiff up a $1.49 kit if I wanted something different. As a current-day builder, I don't care about whether an out-of-catalog item gets re-released so I have no interest in trying to persuade a company to do that. There are so many on the secondary market that it just doesn't matter to me.
  8. GSL = Greater Salt Lake (short for the big model car convention; originally annual, lately bi-annual and the next, final, one will be in three years). UFO = UnFinished Object SBC = Small Block Chevrolet (engine) BBC = Big Block Chevrolet (engine) SBF = Small Block Ford (engine) MEK = Methyl Ethyl Ketone (nasty solvent that is a very good styrene liquid cement but is/can be hazardous) AMT = Aluminum Model Toys, Authentic Model Turnpike, or? ET = (drag racing) Elapsed Time
  9. That's true. I think that if I was going in that direction I'd make a phantom '66 2DW. Here's a link to a real one for sale: http://www.2040-cars.com/Chevrolet/Chevelle/1966-chevrolet-chevelle-2-door-wagon-w-454-fresh-engine-400-turbo-trans-427566/ I'm guessing that it was made from an El Camino.
  10. Thanks for posting this. The Dean's Garage website has lots of good stuff. I was five years old when a neighbor across the street got a new '58 Olds in metallic gold. I don't recall which model or body style it was but it was probably a four-door hardtop. That thing was the gaudiest car on our street but I don't recall anybody commenting on it -- but I was just a little kid. In comparison, these were the cars at nearby homes at the time: 1. '55-'56 Ford wagon, '55-57 Chevy stepside pickup. 2. '55-'56 Ford wagon, '58-'59 Ford Thunderbird. 3. '51 Ford, '55 Buick (my parents). 4. Two '55-'57 Oldsmobiles. 5. Circa '54 Mercury, can't remember the other. 6. '57 Chevy, can't remember the other. I'm not much of a fan of the Harley Earl era styling although there were some outstanding ones here and there -- I much preferred the Bill Mitchell era designs. The purple on the wagon posted above reminds me of the same color on a '58 Buick of a family that I knew. Their house was lavender, too, as was their name.
  11. But it's a more-door. It's nice to see what others have done with this and it's nice that it's being re-released. But it's a more-door. It would have been so cool if it had been tooled as the two-door wagon.
  12. Wowee! Those realistic gray tones and polished metal look especially good.
  13. Doh! You're right. Thanks for the correction -- it was new to me.
  14. Man, it's good that you didn't say which year!* Here's one I dreamt up in about 2015 and did a little work on it then let it rest for a couple of years. Earlier this year I got back to it but then stopped to work on others. See pix of its progress here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/131480986@N08/albums/72157706546512444 The '66 Riv has the body narrowed but the four fenders are more-or-less in their original locations. EDIT: * I just saw that the newest deadline will be June 30, 2019 — two days from now.
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