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  1. chepp added a post in a topic GSL 2017...SIX MONTHS AHEAD...ARE YOU STILL PLANNING TO BE THERE?   

    My 3-wheel yellow Ford entry is coming along, although it's a semi-serious design. Transforming the floor/frame/suspension of a 4-wheeled car into a 3 is much more time consuming than I had counted on. However, it's a really good artistic/engineering challenge. I've sent in my GSL competitor registration. How many others here (that we haven't heard from yet) are planning to be there?
  2. chepp added a post in a topic HELP HARRY   

    Harry still needs our help with his medical expenses. I've just made another donation. Perhaps you could, too.
  3. chepp added a post in a topic Changes at Model Cars Magazine   

    Me, too. Gregg, I'm sure that you'll keep it going for both yourself and for your readers.
  4. chepp added a post in a topic '55 Buick Century sedan..... modified from Maisto police car   

    traditional, your improved models look really good. The wheels on the highway patrol version are supposed to be black.
    One thing to consider when making civilian versions of this die-cast is that body was only available to, as far as I know, the California Highway Patrol. It is a Special 2-door sedan body with a Century engine and front clip.
  5. chepp added a post in a topic $30+ kits - hows it affect you?   

    It doesn't matter to me. If I spend 40 hours on a $40 kit, that's a buck an hour (for the kit, not including paint glue, etc.). If it was a $30 kit, the hourly cost would be 75 cents. But then, I don't spend as much as many others do on other things. Zero on video games, smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc. My 10-year-old desk style computer works fine and so does my 15-year-old van. I could afford better but I don't. It's not really a miser thing — I just buy good to excellent quality stuff and keep it until it becomes unreliable.
  6. chepp added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    AMT '69 Corvair. It was available at a bargain price because it was missing a few parts (stock tires and stock exhaust). The car itself didn't attract me but I bought in case I want to build an entry for the 2017 GSL Group class.
    Here are the rules:
    This Class is intended to revive and celebrate vintage kits and building styles, and to celebrate the way models were built in the “good old days” by creating a low-key, fun and challenging forum for creative and enthusiastic building.
    For GSL-XXVI, the “Group” kit is the 1969 Chevy Corvair. Entries may be built from any original or reissue release of the Round 2/AMT kit, in any style, with the skills and craftsmanship you have today, but using only parts, materials and supplies (except current putties, adhesives and paints) available 35 years ago (1982 or earlier). Entrants may use the newly re-issued Round 2 Corvair engine kit (AMTPP010) if desired. There are just three additional limitations: no one-off machined or photo-etched parts not fabricated entirely by the entrant; no aftermarket products not available in 1982 or earlier; and no resin bodies or resin body parts (regardless of who made these resin parts). Bare Metal Foil may be used.
    Fourth through First Place Awards are selected by popular-vote ballot, and announced during the Awards Presentation on Sunday morning. No entry in this Class is eligible for any Master Award. A model entered here may not also be entered in another Class, but a builder may enter any number of 1956 Ford Victoria models in this Class.
    - - -
    What to do, what to do?
  7. chepp added a post in a topic GSL 2017...SIX MONTHS AHEAD...ARE YOU STILL PLANNING TO BE THERE?   

    I'll be at the GSL for my first time. I've been thinking about building/entering a yellow 3-wheel Ford as a tribute to your tradition. It could be funny if there were a bunch of yellow 3-wheel Ford models there from a variety of builders.
  8. chepp added a post in a topic WoooooHoooo! How About a '66 SUBURBAN !?!?!!!   

    And for those who were in the greater Los Angeles area at the time (like I was) there were also the famous Helms Bakery trucks using the panel truck version of this Suburban.

  9. chepp added a post in a topic MCM Issue #202   

    Mine arrived today in my distant suburb of Los Angeles. It's the first issue received for my sub.
    It's great to see so many different kinds of model vehicle building. It's especially fascinating to see new custom car styling and even new combinations of things such as the rat rod hauler. I'm looking forward to more issues and to more appearing on the updated Custom Clinic website when it's revamped.
  10. chepp added a post in a topic #201 rec'd in 91XXX or 92XXX ZIPs? http://www.customclinic.com/ contest results?   

    Thanks, Harry, for the update.
    Have any greater-Los Angeles subscribers received #201? I'm still waiting.
  11. chepp added a topic in General   

    #201 rec'd in 91XXX or 92XXX ZIPs? http://www.customclinic.com/ contest results?
    I'm looking forward to receiving #201 at home and/or work. Has anyone received theirs in the 91XXX or 92XXX ZIP codes?
    One thing I'm looking for is photos of the winners in the http://www.customclinic.com/ online custom car contest. One of them is mine but I don't know if pix of all will be published.
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  12. chepp added a post in a topic "Drag Strip" Logos-Window/Bumper Stickers   

    Here's a whole web page of them:
  13. chepp added a post in a topic Talk about horrible looking customizations....   

    Yes, beauty is subjective. Here are some photos from magazines showing real customs. I have no comment but just show these for their entertainment value.

  14. chepp added a post in a topic Let's See Some Survivors!   

    Here's my AMT '55 Nomad built in/about 1969. It has reverse-hinged doors from a Revell '57 Nomad and a front clip/engine from the MPC Mako Shark II concept car.

  15. chepp added a post in a topic Jo-Han 68 Cadillac DeVille   

    A clue that confirms the '80s production date may be the "Boss Man" name -- it's clearly a reference to the Boss Hogg character from the Dukes of Hazzard television show who drove a white Cadillac.