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  1. Thanks, all, for commenting. I'm looking for the original issue from the 1971 released T114 or equivalent. As far as I know, they are the stock chrome exhaust tips from that kit. I wanted it to be exact so I could shoot color photos of the model and refer to my build article in the January 1972 issue of Model Car Science magazine on pages 19-22. My fallback is to use the pair of exhaust tips from the Revell 1968 Dodge Charger R/T that look virtually the same (and I would never build that kit with a stock exhaust). I'm too cheap to buy the new-issue '71 Mustang just for the tips since I would probably never build the car or want its parts.
  2. This is a survivor that I built when the kit was new but one exhaust tip has gone missing. Have you got a spare one for me?
  3. My subscription issue 211 just arrived in ZIP 917-- in southern California. It looks like another great one. The survivors articles, an update on that goofy Renwal build (fascinating even though I'd never buy/build one from that series) and a bunch of new/reissue kit reviews with plenty of background history look fine. Kudos to all for getting MCM back to a regular publishing schedule with excellent content.
  4. 210 just arrived today, Nov. 9, in ZIP 917-- east of Los Angeles, CA. A quick glance through it looks good. I'd never be interested in the old Renwal kit but it was good to see what the parts look like. The other things look like a good mix of new tools, new kits and show coverage. Gregg and his crew have really done a nice job. I hope that future issues are as good as this and issue 209. Keep up the good work!
  5. My subscription #209 just arrived in perfect condition in ZIP 917--. A quick flip through it shows a magazine that everyone involved with it can be proud of. The photo reproduction (including some with black backgrounds), printing/paper quality, wide variety of article topics and informative ads are all excellent. It's heartening to see that Gregg, with the help of the talented staff, is achieving his dream. Keep up the good work!
  6. That's a big 'flake but it's great for a drag car! You might want to mask and spray the side panels flowing into the door "scoops" like the Dick Landy car. Instead of solid red like Landy's, a candy color of your choice could really make this pop.
  7. Here's my only attempt, circa 1969. The cars are 1/25 scale. The pavement is an old weathered beat-up wood plank that I painted black and added white striping to. The fence is a thin piece of wood painted flat black with images cut from car magazines glued on and the crowd is from a magazine centerfold photo of a dragster at the strip. Unfortunately, the Christmas tree is a crude-looking homemade one that I built that actually functioned — the green lights are on in the photo.
  8. Thanks! To spray fades on only the top or only the sides, one could add "wings" to the cardboard drive-through mask to limit overspray.
  9. The "D" set was finally restocked -- mine came from Burbank's House of Hobbies. Wowee! It's a transparent blue, red-bronze and gray set. I recommend it. It even sticks well to "chrome." Thanks, 935K3.
  10. Mine arrived on Saturday in ZIP 917-- in southern California. Looks good!
  11. This is my only Iceman purchase. As received. After drilling a fuel line hole in each bowl and spraying one coat of silver.
  12. I have a Maisto 1950 Chevy 5100 truck i would like to repaint. How hard are the bodies to get off ?

    1. Xingu


      You might get more/better response if you were to post this question in the General section of the forum.

    2. chepp


      If it's the Maisto 1/25, the chassis should come off by unscrewing it. The smaller pieces are either a snap fit or heat sealed so they would require some gently work with a small flat screwdriver and/or hobby knife.


  13. Cool! The New Mexico...Roswell connection...license plate is a great touch. In case you want to add it to a diorama with sound here's a song that I like although it names California desert locations instead of New Mexico.
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