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  1. chepp added a post in a topic When spray paint evaporates before landing on the model   

    That brings to mind the old poem:
    Spring has sprung,
    Fall has fell,
    Summer's here,
    and it's hotter than....
    It's only 94 degrees F and 28% where I'm at in southern California -- and that's too hot for my liking.
  2. chepp added a post in a topic Here's one for Gregg   

    Here's one of the earliest posts in this thread. It only received one response at the time. It's worth bringing it back to the top for all to enjoy. I like the clean and simple appearance.
  3. chepp added a post in a topic '58 Fairlane 500 Semi-Custom! New, Optically Flat Windows & a Cowl Vent! 8.20.17.   

    The revised front bumper/grille, the hood scoop and the taillights all look really good. Ford should have styled it that way!
  4. chepp added a post in a topic 57 Chrysler 300   

    Nice! The gold engine parts look especially good with that body color.
  5. chepp added a post in a topic blown straight 6   

    That looks good -- it's great to see something different yet believable. Instead of the looped radiator hose, you might want to just make block-off plates to cover the "openings."
  6. chepp added a post in a topic What are your projects either on your bench or slated for it.   

    Gee, I've only got two:
    1. Pontiac hot rod -- Club de Mer body narrowed, shortened and simplified (already done) put on a mostly scratchbuilt hod rod chassis with an exposed Pontiac V8 and rear axle. It would be as if it was commissioned by Pontiac in the early '60s as a show car to appeal to the youth market.
    2. '66 Riviera radical custom -- Imagine the four fenders cut off, the remaining body narrowed about a foot (already done), then the four fenders "floating" in their original positions. It would be sort of like a car from the '30s but much lower and sleeker.
  7. chepp added a post in a topic Moebius ' 65 Satellite box art build. . . . with a twist. Update 08/01 and pictures fixed   

    I never would have thought that those two interior colors would look good together but they do! The way they complement the body color and the very nice assembly and detailing really make it all come together.
  8. chepp added a post in a topic '61 Ranchero (Old 60's Custom Rescue)   

    Here's another "vote" for the '59 Chevy headlights and tube grille — it really makes it look good as well as different. I think that the seats are the first ones that I've seen that have backs that are shorter than the cushions. Some headrests will help that out. Keep us posted.
  9. chepp added a post in a topic 69 Charger Custom   

    Nice save! It's rare, and good, to see a mild custom build of a late '60s car.
  10. chepp added a post in a topic 49 MERC WAGON   

    Yes, that blue color really works on this car. That, the really clean build and the beautiful wood appearance all come together.
  11. chepp added a post in a topic Rapid Transit System " paint code cuda "   

    Wow! Having the passenger-only roll bar is the goofy kind of detail that I like. All that masking and multi-color paint looks great. ...and that half-vinyl top on the driver's side is also a fun detail. Keep up the good work.
  12. chepp added a post in a topic Survivor Resto: Original First-Issue Monkeemobile   

    Nice save! I think that you did just the right amount of improvement to make it look good while still preserving the original.
  13. chepp added a post in a topic 3-wheeled Ford for 2017 GSL   

    Thanks, all, for the positive comments and especially to Russell C for the inspiration* and for posting the award pix. Sorry for the late reply but I've just gotten home from GSL (my wife and I visited five national parks and Hoover Dam in the six days after the event in Salt Lake City).
    The award is from the Metroplex Car Modelers Association in the Dallas, TX area and was presented by member Len Woodruff. I couldn't find the criteria for the award, but it's essentially the club's choice of the GSL entry that was the most "out of this world." Thanks, guys!
    In searching for the criteria, I came across this advice on how to win at GSL: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/category/shows/ .  It's by Jairus Watson from the July 2007 issue of Model Cars Magazine. He suggests "if you are looking for a relatively easy class win, then look to enter in something a little less populated... Other awards generally not concentrated on by other competitors are the Klingon Cruiser Award." Also, "it should be sharp and brightly colored in order to be noticed...", "Build something different and make it unique..." and "One way to get your car noticed is so obvious that many guys forget to do this, and that is to put your car on the edge of the table. YES, really!" By coincidence I did these things but this entry was not a serious attempt at building something that would be a winner in a real GSL class.
    *Actually, I had built the body in 2011. Later, learning of Russell's entries at GSL events I figured, hey, I already have a three-wheeled Ford so I'll just re-paint it yellow and build a chassis for it.
  14. chepp added a topic in Under Glass   

    3-wheeled Ford for 2017 GSL

    Here's an AMT 1960 Ford Starliner with a Revell Roth Beatnik Bandit bubble top and interior.

    To me it's sorta goofy and sorta interesting but I haven't made up my mind about it. It has some significant shortcomings in design and workmanship. Even though it's a "20 footer," we'll see if it attracts any attention at GSL XXVI. Feel free to make comments, positive, negative or otherwise.
    See the build thread at http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/121481-3-wheeled-ford-for-2017-gsl/ .

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  15. chepp added a post in a topic 3-wheeled Ford for 2017 GSL   

    What, me worry? There are still a couple of more days...
    So far, the paint is:
    white primer — Tamiya Fine, spray can
    solid yellow base — Testors 1214 Gloss Yellow (with "baking" overnight), spray can
    pearl — Createx Pearlized, airbrush
    silver flakes in clear (body sides only) — unknown brands (probably Pegasus flakes and MM Acryl clear gloss), airbrush
    Paint is not finished yet. See the spoon tests earlier in this thread to see what I was testing.
    This will probably be my last post in this thread. The completed model should appear with the same subject line in the "Under Glass" forum in a day or two.