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  1. That's true. I think that if I was going in that direction I'd make a phantom '66 2DW. Here's a link to a real one for sale: http://www.2040-cars.com/Chevrolet/Chevelle/1966-chevrolet-chevelle-2-door-wagon-w-454-fresh-engine-400-turbo-trans-427566/ I'm guessing that it was made from an El Camino.
  2. Thanks for posting this. The Dean's Garage website has lots of good stuff. I was five years old when a neighbor across the street got a new '58 Olds in metallic gold. I don't recall which model or body style it was but it was probably a four-door hardtop. That thing was the gaudiest car on our street but I don't recall anybody commenting on it -- but I was just a little kid. In comparison, these were the cars at nearby homes at the time: 1. '55-'56 Ford wagon, '55-57 Chevy stepside pickup. 2. '55-'56 Ford wagon, '58-'59 Ford Thunderbird. 3. '51 Ford, '55 Buick (my parents). 4. Two '55-'57 Oldsmobiles. 5. Circa '54 Mercury, can't remember the other. 6. '57 Chevy, can't remember the other. I'm not much of a fan of the Harley Earl era styling although there were some outstanding ones here and there -- I much preferred the Bill Mitchell era designs. The purple on the wagon posted above reminds me of the same color on a '58 Buick of a family that I knew. Their house was lavender, too, as was their name.
  3. But it's a more-door. It's nice to see what others have done with this and it's nice that it's being re-released. But it's a more-door. It would have been so cool if it had been tooled as the two-door wagon.
  4. Wowee! Those realistic gray tones and polished metal look especially good.
  5. Doh! You're right. Thanks for the correction -- it was new to me.
  6. Man, it's good that you didn't say which year!* Here's one I dreamt up in about 2015 and did a little work on it then let it rest for a couple of years. Earlier this year I got back to it but then stopped to work on others. See pix of its progress here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/131480986@N08/albums/72157706546512444 The '66 Riv has the body narrowed but the four fenders are more-or-less in their original locations. EDIT: * I just saw that the newest deadline will be June 30, 2019 — two days from now.
  7. I've used their model railroad colors and like it. I've ONLY used their thinner when needed for airbrushing. It's supposed to be ready for airbrushing and it usually is but as it ages the thinner disappears and you need to add a little. From what I've read on model railroad forums DO NOT thin it with acetone even though that apparently is part of its content. For airbrush clean-up I use a tiny bit of their thinner to get the color out then use cheap lacquer thinner to be sure.
  8. Yes, you're right. But it has a lot of "American" in it as a foreign car: Opel was owned by GM and about 70,000 of the 103,000 produced were sold in the U.S. at Buick dealers. "American designers Clare MacKichan (a legend and the designer of the iconic ’55 Chevy) and Chuck Jordan were transplanted from GM’s home office to Opel’s Russelsheim headquarters to shape the GT’s body alongside Opel stylist Erhard Schnell. " Source: https://drivezing.com/opel-gt-german-corvette-sold-buick/ 1963 is a very good choice of year. In addition to the first C3, I like these: Buick Riviera -- first year Pontiac Grand Prix -- first year Dodge and Plymouth factory super stock versions Ford Galaxie -- 1963-1/2 fastback roof Studebaker Avanti -- first year (I'm not too keen on the styling but it's a significant car that deserves mention)
  9. Since the OP asked for one year, I'll choose 1968 only. It doesn't seem a popular choice among the other posters, though, but I don't know why. I'll agree with this: 1972coronet MCM Ohana Members 3,098 posts Location:Murrieta 92562 , Ca Full Name:John Shoe Posted May 17 1968 and 1970 ; to wit : 1968 : - Road Runner / Super Bee - Charger - Hurst / Hemi Dart - 340 Dart / Barracuda - G.M.'s A-bodies ( not a bad one in the bunch ! ) - Javelin - Mustang 428 Cobra Jet *Coupe* - Cougar I'll add these, too: Corvette (first year of the Mako Shark II inspired body) Opel GT Mustang GT California Special (and Rocky Mountain Special) Ford Torino Cobra Jet American Motors AMX (I'd pick this over the Javelin)
  10. Based on this thread I ordered the set of three micro chisels from UMM-USA. They arrived yesterday and I quickly tried them out on some ejector pin flash on the underside of a body. They work great! I can see using them for a bunch of tasks, especially in tight places. Thanks to all for bringing this up and providing the vendor info.
  11. It might have been Dennis Doty's Jaguar XKE. Mark Gustavson announced at GSL that it would be placed in the International Model Car Builders Museum.
  12. chepp

    Gregg's Status

    I spoke with him briefly while he was photographing models at GSL in Salt Lake City this past Saturday. He said that his back was still painful but he seemed to be in good spirits.
  13. chepp

    3D printing

    An alternative to buying your own 3D printer is joining a local maker space and using theirs. It's a learning experience and they need to have a printer that is good enough that the layers it "prints" are fine enough for your needs. I belong to one in Upland, CA. Their finest printer is a little too coarse for my taste but I think that they will be getting a resin printer that should be well-suited for making 1/25 parts.
  14. That's a nice custom -- I like the clean, simplified look as well as the expertly applied beautiful color.
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