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  1. Mountaineer added a topic in On The Workbench   

    71 Mustang
    I took about a 6yr rest from modeling. This is my first car back since then. It was built box stock except for the Bare Metal Foil and the Ken’s Custom Fuzzy Fur. It’s still missing a few things, the hoods not attached. No rear bumper or wing. Plus I had a hard time figuring out the new camera so the pics are not the best so please go easy.

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  2. Mountaineer added a post in a topic Snow day   

    So i can get out of my house. I am starting to get cabin fever.LOL
  3. Mountaineer added a post in a topic Snow day   

    That has been done before. The flag you see is a green at the Stoney Lick Golf Course. Plus I still have not seen a snow plow. I will have to hike a half mile thru the snow to the main road tomarow. A buddy going to pick me up for work.
  4. Mountaineer added a topic in General   

    Snow day
    We just got 30in of snow in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. Anyone else getting to enjoy this? It hasn’t snowed in a day and I still haven’t seen a plow. Hope I attached the pic right.

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  5. Mountaineer added a post in a topic Primer   

    Donn thanks’ for the reply
  6. Mountaineer added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Is a can of flat black or white the same as black or white primer! Thanks for the help

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  7. Mountaineer added a post in a topic What model kit(s) are on your Santa list ?   

    I want the revell 36 ford convertible 2 in 1.

    George Booth
  8. Mountaineer added a post in a topic Starting a Model Car Club   

    Thanks for the advice.
  9. Mountaineer added a post in a topic "new" Revell 36 Ford convertible   

    I would to see a build-up on one of these.

  10. Mountaineer added a post in a topic Revell '36 Ford 2n1 Convertible?   

    Thanks for the help; I will be checking out hobby lobby. I am thinking of building it in the convertible version. I won’t know exactly until I see the kit.

  11. Mountaineer added a topic in General   

    Revell '36 Ford 2n1 Convertible?
    I was just wondering if any one has any pics of a build up of Revell '36 Ford 2n1 Convertible. I am just curious about the quality of the kit and if it worth the money or not. Thanks in advanced

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  12. Mountaineer added a post in a topic What's the worst, or lousiest kit you've ever built?   

    I have only built two kits since coming off my 5yr break. The first kit I built after my break was the 71 Mustang by Linberg. Not a whole lot of detail, the engine was terrible and body had a lot of sink marks and divots. It did not want to stand on its wheels. Maybe I had a bad kit, or I was just having a case of ring rust. The kit I am working on now is the revel 69 nova 2 n 1 ss. It’s going good and has a lot of out of the box detail. Overall I think the Mustang was a good comeback kit, it caused me to remember some old things and learn a lot of new techniques.

    George Booth
  13. Mountaineer added a topic in Model Club News and Announcements   

    Starting a Model Car Club
    I am looking for ideas on how to start a model car club, there are no clubs in my local area nor have I ever been part of a club. I have done some light research on the internet. Any help with ideas and things I need to known would be much appreciated.

    Thanks George Booth
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