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  1. sweet build. looking great so far. this may help out a little. this was my johan superbird. there was a wedge taken out of the middle of the body to narrow it, a section taken out to shorten the body so it would fit on a pro mod chassis, real body bumps for tire clearance, custom made wing plus the spoiler out back. traded it off a few years ago. going top be a real nice build. i will be watching. sorry for dropping so many pictures, hope it helps with the build
  2. I am looking to make or buy a roof rack for the 49 merc. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance.
  3. I was wondering if this thread was still going... demolition man by manford mann Just like the story says, these boys are bad So keep out of shootin' range
  4. thank you. again, beautiful build!!
  5. that close, you cant miss it. little over 4 for me.
  6. great work and thanks for the little how-to's. build is coming along great. a while ago, I started building 62 thru 65 factory max wedge and hemi cars. kind of stalled out though. and yes, take lots of pictures!!! great show.. prices will be out the roof on everything!!
  7. another great build Tom, did you do any detailing to the interior? I know those johan interiors are the cats meow!!
  8. hey Tom, beautiful build! the only 1:1 runner I have never owned. do you have any pictures (or is there a W.I.P. thread) on this build?
  9. thanks Ron. will probably stick to styrene though, thank you for the info.
  10. thanks Mark. have a few of those kits. thanks.
  11. thanks bill, and as usual... ridiculous talent!! beautiful and thanks for the info.
  12. Scott does tremendous work on all his stuff. thanks Ron.
  13. that's great mike, thank you.
  14. thanks for the offer. those NASCAR kits have a lot of good stuff in them. let me think about it.
  15. hey mike. unfortunately no, I have not got that Cheez-wiz car built. kind of got taken off even the back burner. really want to get back on it, along with his 66 nova, just too much stuff in front of it right now.
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