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  1. '65 Plymouth A990 questions

    ok, so the link only gets you so far, when you get to the page, on the left side, click on "finished cars", then click on the 65 Plymouth picture. that will bring you to a 65 Plymouth build at the top of the page. Bob Tyler's factory race hemi "Goldfinger" there are more builds down the page, but I figured this would be the best one.
  2. '65 Plymouth A990 questions

    EDIT - see the next post also, the link only takes you so far.... I know its not the car you are looking for, but if you want correct A990 reference shots. go here... http://www.moparsbymosher.com/main.htm Moshers restores old race cars to a tee. it will not get you S and M's race car, but it may help out in other areas. some of the pictures are not showing up for me, hope they do for you. and I hope it helps even a little bit.
  3. Name That Tune....

    WOW... haven't been here in years.... thought it may have died off.... Cold wind blowsThe Gods look down in anger,On this poor child
  4. possibly the AMT (?) 71 road runner. kind of hard to find. I may have what you are looking for, not 100% sure, haven't opened up that kit in years. I will see what I have. oh, maybe the monogram 71 GTX, but that is at 1/24th scale.
  5. really strange question, I use a Dremel with a flex shaft. if anyone else uses this setup, where in tarnation do you put the Dremel? I have mine on my bench and I end up dragging it all over the place, or it vibrated off. if I hang it, its either too high to turn on. if I hang it lower, it gets in the way. plus, at certain angles, the flex shaft stops turning. what to do.... what am I doing wrong? signed, depressed Dremel.
  6. pro street willys chassis

    that would be very cool. I appreciate it Dr Kerry. sorry for the slow reply, work is killing me. no time for squat!!
  7. pro street willys chassis

    looking for a pro street willys chassis, 4 link and front suspension minimum. not an urgency, just trying to save the last one I have. will take a few if you can spare them. plenty to trade. thanks in advance.
  8. 48 ford body chrome

    sorry, the new police one from revel. I do not need the police stuff.
  9. 48 ford body chrome

    of low importance, way too many projects on the bench, but I am looking for the body chrome, hood and any misc body parts for the 1948 ford. have stuff to trade. thanks in advance.
  10. stuff I am Looking for

    hey Dave, lots of interesting stuff there. I may have the Daytona (the pro modeler version), I don't have anything else on your list. Are you looking for anything else?
  11. 1969 Coronet

    something like this would be nice. if you go day 2, you should dump the big ol air cleaner. they were considered big and bulky. put an aftermarket one on and you need headers with header mufflers cut at the axles...... just my 2 cents.
  12. Camaro Convertible Question

    I find that a lot Dan, you will get 10 times the reads as you will the replies. anyways, I may be here to frustrate you a little more. I know of a model club friend that had an up top on a 67/68 Camaro, but he doesn't remember where it came from. so, good news is I have seen one, bad news is I have no leads. sorry. and as far as 104 reads on your post, maybe if you find this up top, there are 104 people out there that will buy it if you cast it.
  13. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    nice one Bill.... great catch....
  14. Early 60s Mopar Dog Dish Hubcaps

    man, I did not know those caps were in that kit. looks like Steve has cornered the market. those dog dish caps have been a hot item, model wise, as well as 1:1. good luck with the selling of the house and the move Bill.... and if you come of with more than 2 sets, send the rest my way!! hehe...
  15. AMT 60 Starliner wheels.

    pm sent