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  1. this takes a little work, but what I have done in the past is go to hobby lobby, michaels, pat catans... get yourself some of those googily eyes that you see on stuffed animals, you can get a pack of different sizes for a few bucks. you drill the chrome headlight out, find the right size googily eye, cur the flat part off, keep the clear part. glue it in place IN BACK of the light. this will be the part behind the lense. paint it silver, then go to your parts box and find some clear plastic head light lenses, glue them in place and voilĂ !!! clear head lamps. sorry, I do not have any picts of the few that I did. it will take some pracrice. I have cut out a little more plastic than I should have a few times. good thing I had extra grills.
  2. What did you get today?

    very cool Bill, especially the 68 runner. where did they come from?
  3. '68 road runner....My first car.

    very nice build Walter, love the 1:1 also. my first muscle car was also a 68 runner I picked up after graduation in 78. had a grenaded 383 4 speed that i paid $400 for. we limped it home and replaced it with a 440. oh, those were the days. getting back to your build and the Keith Marked decals. i don't see your pie tin air cleaner, so i was wondering, I have a set of 68-70 road runner Keith Marks decals. it does not have the "383 road runner" pie tin nor the rear tail panel decal on it. is there a separate 1968 runner decal set? did you sand down the rear tail lights to make everything even? sorry for the late questions and conversation. haven't been here for a while and just saw the post. ps - my dream car is an A12 runner. would love to follow your build. waaaay back in 1988, sold a 69 hemi runner for the chance to buy a green ex/black int 440 6 bbl runner, the deal fell thru and i ended up getting my pro street runner, big financial loss, but happy with the pro street car.
  4. ProTouring '70 Roadrunner Revell

    really nice work. big mopar fan. like the directions so far, curious to see what you do with the motor. is that the revel kit (1/24 or a resin body?
  5. anyone heard from Mr Buick?

    thanks Kevin, I am not pulling the plug just yet. we had some good conversations and I know life gets in the way fo model building all the time. thanks again for the heads up.
  6. anyone heard from Mr Buick?

    me too, I didn't send him much, 2 or 3 sets of rims. hmmmm, this could be the first time I don't get a package back.
  7. Mr Buick (Colby Moritz), has not been on for a few weeks. anyone talk to him lately?
  8. thanks Steve. really nice jog on that stripe. I thought it came out of the kit that way. a viper motor would fit in there real nice, Steve....and you need to get that 65 out again... I know.. sorry for drifting the thread. id that a resin body? sorry.
  9. looking good Steve. like that stripe. is that one in the Dirty Donn kit? also, had reserves about the shaker, once done and painted, it looks really nice. like the side by side shot. .. and what's the deal with the 65 in the background?
  10. Your advice needed for this OMNI project

    good job, see, opened my mouth when you knew exactly what was going on. I have a few of those chassis, maybe I will look into it. keep us posted. when I start mine, I will post up, a few too many projects ahead of it. 56, only age better is any number less than 56. you weren't born in November, where you?
  11. Your advice needed for this OMNI project

    hey!! watch it. I'm only 56. just getting to the prime of my life. that is looking really cool. I am a bet old school when it comes to bodies, instead of "bowing" the body. trim the wheel wells to match the curve of the body and maybe cut down the rear axle to fit those meats in or cut any flange that stops the rear wheel from sliding over the axle. this will let the tire slide further down the axle to fit inside the body properly. absolutely love that dual plug hemi in there.
  12. Your advice needed for this OMNI project

    great band, great album (yea, I said album) looking like a cool build. doing something similar but mine will be a pro street car. looking forward to your build.
  13. 66 nova outlaw..finished 2/15/17

    great stuff as usual Joe. killer details. haven't been here in a while to look, but it would be very helpful is someone would do a small tutorial on the electronics that go in these cars. would help a lot. and as for the color, gunmetal gray on top and black sides with a black scoop.... just saying.
  14. AMT's '68 Road Runner

    really nice build. gotta love them mopars!!
  15. Rooster's 40 Ford

    looking good James. just beautiful. well, I wouldn't travel 100 miles on a cold night.