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  1. Great Traders List

    take note people, you will probably never see another post like this one... I want to send out a public apology to Scott (Scott8950), in our trade mentioned above. he received a kit from me that I DID NOT inventory when I sent it out. it was missing wheels, tires and COMPLETE ENGINE... really. and I sent this out!! unacceptable. and Scots answer to this.. "I think I have a motor, but I don't have those wheels". he shouldn't have to do that and I am going to make it right. please do not hesitate trading, or dealing with Scott in any way. he is a great guy. and everyone else, please, PLEASE I N V E N T O R Y your kits before sending them out. it will save you time, money and embarrassment.
  2. Mopar Parts Lots

    ok, thanks.
  3. Great Traders List

    just completed a trade with Scott (Scott8950). totally satisfied. exactly what he described, kit was packaged well and in tack. highly recommend this young man. I hope I did as well as he did.
  4. Mopar Parts Lots

    if those darts don't go, I would be interested. possible others …. still looking.
  5. Kits For Trade..

    is the 1/25 dakota truck still up for grabs? PM sent.
  6. 1965 Plymouth A990

    that came out awesome Tom. very clean build. as much as a mopar guy that I am, I only have the Belvedere I. I have none of the race cars. hay have to get me one or 9 of them. one of my favorite mopars. look forward to seeing the others.
  7. 1965 Plymouth A990

    really a beautiful build going on here Tom. getting back to your header question, which headers to use? that depends,. the spaghetti looking ones came on the car along with 6 cylinder full exhaust when delivered. most racers yanked the exhaust off the car (of course) and most of them found the big long tube headers cumbersome while working under the car. a lot of them got rid of these also (that explains why those long headers are so rare) and replaced them with the more conventional headers while racing the cars. I did verify this, to the best of my ability with some old super stock and drag illustrated magazines from way back from my collection. so this is what I believed happened and how they ran these cars. so if you are building a racer, which it looks like you are, I would use the more common header. if you are building a car right off the floor, use the other ones. kind of a long way to get there, hope you get it. I would post some pictures, but I keep all my pictures on my computer and cant figure out how to post them. darn technology... one more note. doesn't matter, but I know they ran long collectors back then too. hope this helps, just one guys opinion. keep up the good work.
  8. ‘67 Chevelle Pro Street - WIP

    really looking good Hotrod. love the blue, its coming together nice. I have a few of these, never put one together. too busy robbing parts from them. 1 comment if I may, you should trim your parts of mold lines and extra flash. only takes a little time and it will make for a much better build. its really noticeable on the exhaust. sorry if I am stepping on any toes.
  9. Mini tubbed 55 Chevy

    hence the "511 nova" screen name.
  10. Mini tubbed 55 Chevy

    red one. the silver one is 69/70ish correct?
  11. Mini tubbed 55 Chevy

    very cool. I know that Camaro is really nice, but that Nova.... so sweet. cant wait to see the new pictures.
  12. Mini tubbed 55 Chevy

    thanks, this was green at one time. it stalled because I started to look at colors of 55's on the net. do you know how many 55's are on the net?! really want to do it black. we will see. gotta brush up on my skills a little more.
  13. Show them cuda's

    here is one of mine, started a while ago, maybe it will find its way back to the bench in 2019.
  14. Mini tubbed 55 Chevy

    hey Brian, glad I found you here, facebook is too hard for me to follow. the 55 is looking really nice, as usual. I see you posted up your 67 camaro, now you need to let people feast their eyes on that nova you built.