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  1. tubbs added a post in a topic Your advice needed for this OMNI project   

    great band, great album (yea, I said album) looking like a cool build. doing something similar but mine will be a pro street car. looking forward to your build.
  2. tubbs added a post in a topic 66 nova outlaw..update 5/19/16..   

    great stuff as usual Joe. killer details. haven't been here in a while to look, but it would be very helpful is someone would do a small tutorial on the electronics that go in these cars. would help a lot. and as for the color, gunmetal gray on top and black sides with a black scoop.... just saying.
  3. tubbs added a post in a topic AMT's '68 Road Runner   

    really nice build. gotta love them mopars!!
  4. tubbs added a post in a topic Shaking up my Model kit collection!   

    pm sent
  5. tubbs added a post in a topic Monster kits for car kits   

    pm sent
  6. tubbs added a post in a topic Rooster's 40 Ford   

    looking good James. just beautiful. well, I wouldn't travel 100 miles on a cold night.
  7. tubbs added a post in a topic Rooster's 40 Ford   

    as usual, nice work James. will be another killer build. missed your mug at the meeting, hope you are getting the concrete poured in this nasty weather. do you have plans on making the next one, I will bring the 59?
  8. tubbs added a post in a topic 70 hemi cuda Feb 18 pretty much donešŸ‘   

    hehe... he said "strokes"!!Ā  I agree 100% bought a 69 runner way back. had slapper bars on it. the only condition was that he took those silly things off before I came to pick it up.
    great looking build Fred as always.
  9. tubbs added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    head swap on Gibson engines
    I have a Ford hemi from Ross Gibson, I would like to convert it to a Semi Hemi motor. are the heads the only difference on these motors and are they interchangeable? I only have the ford engine, if they are swappable, I may be looking for the semi hemi heads. I realize that may be a tall task.
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  10. tubbs added a post in a topic 6 pack scoop   

    cool Rocky, they are on their way... soon.
  11. tubbs added a post in a topic '69 Plymouth GTX; Hood Striping   

    well, I'd say if that is the hood you have, there is no problem using it. I don't thin I have ever seen a 69 runner/GTX with a 68 hood. I know from the factory that the air grabber was an option (standard on the hemi). if you got that, the slats o the top were perforated to let the air in and they were painted orange. if you did notĀ get the air grabber, you had ribbed metal inserts that were panted a flat or satin black. they did introduce the 69 1/2 440+6 road runner mid year and that had a fiberglass lift-off hood. also remember that the 68 hemi models had the big round chrome air cleaner and the 383's had a small round black air cleaner. no air grabber was available in 68. in 69, they went to the orange oval air cleaners but still had the small black round ones for the non air grabber cars.
    sorry for the babble.... build on!! and you will love that paint stand. just make sure it is on tight to the base. I had it slip off a fewĀ times....
  12. tubbs added a post in a topic 67 dodge coronet r/t   

    looking good Steve. looks like that t-bird chassis didn't take too much modification, did it. gonna be another killer build buddy.
  13. tubbs added a post in a topic 68 Roadrunner W.I.P.(Complete)   

    really nice build. turned out clean. nice carb, where is it from, may I ask? and about those tail lights, missing link has ones that are correct. they are all red, have to do some bare metal foiling on them, but they look 100 times better than the kit ones. again, real nice build.
  14. tubbs added a post in a topic '69 Plymouth GTX; Hood Striping   

    so, I got curious, I looked at 4 different versions of the 69 GTZX (the original issue, the second issue, the pro street and the convertible) and they all have the proper hood except for the original issue (which is the one Kevin pictures) which hasĀ the 68 hood. the engraving on the proper hood has something to be desired also. maybe a Johan resin piece is in order.
  15. tubbs added a post in a topic '69 Plymouth GTX; Hood Striping   

    best looking musclecar out there (and the roadĀ  runner of course). had quite a few of them in my time. hey, if your looking for a hood.... just saying..... I may know someone who has one, or 2, or 6... hehe. GOTTA LOVE THEM MOPARS!!!