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  1. Kevorkian's VW van is currently in Las Vegas. It is on display at Zak Bagan's "Haunted Museum". I saw it back in November.
  2. Yes! NOT a cop car. It was used to chase airplanes. G
  3. Well, this is it. One completed automotive build for the entire year. Life has truly interrupted my hobby. That said, I have completed gathering all the necessary kits and AM accessories for my planned display at the 2021 IPMS Nationals here in Las Vegas. No cars were built in 2018 at all, so I consider this a win. G
  4. Of all of them, Roswell strikes me as being the incident most likely to be true in some fashion. This was the first time the government (the military) had to face a stark reality. It happened in a way that created the governments later response to all things deemed "secret". It has to be reviewed in the context of the time period. Immediately after WW II the US military (and government) was riding high on the wave of the recent victory. Now comes something unexplainable and the USAAF decides to let the world in on a secret. Certain powers that held sway back then shut the press release down, making the staff at Roswell AAF look like cretins which they were decidedly not. Better humiliate one major and his staff than allow a secret to come out. All the while this is happening in Texas, aircraft are taking whatever it was, to Ohio. Wright Patterson AFB is the true location of all things secret and reportedly alien. Area 51 is a place of secret testing for terrestrial aircraft. The mystique that surrounds the place takes the attention off Wright Patt. G
  5. I Live in southern Nevada about 155 miles in a straight line from Area 51. I am convinced that if we knew what they were up to, we could explain about 90% of all UFO's. It's that last 10% that keeps me looking up. G
  6. I believe this is a really good computer rendering of the actual car. Nevada HP always used the fleet trim in those days as well as basic interior colors. There was no specification for ivory steering wheels or spot light handles like the CHP. Interestingly, the "For Official Use Only" decal continues to this day. The cars now come from fleet with a decal on the windshield. It is a big blue state seal on a clear background stating "For Official Use Only". I found that interesting that when my brand new, unmarked, '15 Impala arrived, it had the big sticker on the windshield. It mysteriously fell off during the first night shift. Las Vegas heat don't you know. 1970-72, I cannot get one over on Danno ever!" G
  7. Don't have any photos of the entire stash, but here's a pic of my last order being delivered.
  8. Harry always loved the rusty mufflers on my armor models. Every time I paint one now I think of him. Happy Angel Birthday Harry. G
  9. Looks great! Late 1944 to1945 and post war, saw US Navy aircraft in overall Gloss Sea Blue. The gloss finish rapidly degraded leaving a semi gloss sheen. Yours is just right and a perfect tribute. G
  10. It was still the norm until 1974 with the appearance of power steering. G
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