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  1. Agent G added a post in a topic 1958 Chevy Delray - Ann Arbor Police   

    Very, very nice!
  2. Agent G added a post in a topic Revell Honda/Acura   

    Good stuff !
  3. Agent G added a post in a topic Opel Blitz "DAK" style   

    Almost forgot, there's a pistol in there, really there is.

  4. Agent G added a post in a topic Opel Blitz "DAK" style   

    Thank you all!
    Ok, here's a photo from the interweb of the set I purchased. 

    Here's the guy in bib overalls as of today.

    He has a holstered pistole, P08.....

    And a new cap got some detail. The cap, feldmutze, courtesy of a 1/24th scale Hasegawa SS trooper. 

    The Gestapo guy is next......
  5. Agent G added a post in a topic Vespa 50 S / TAMIYA / 1:24   

    Stunning work sir, simply stunning.
  6. Agent G added a post in a topic Opel Blitz "DAK" style   

    The figures are in the making. 
    Stay tuned.
  7. Agent G added a post in a topic British desert Sherman II   


    Value gear stowage, all painted in acrylic with enamel washes.

  8. Agent G added a post in a topic Is There Anything Worse than.......   

    Oh hell yes.
    Models I can order online, the food, not so much.
    BTW, MrsG is a good Chicago Polish Princess. 
    Ex #3 was Polish, but a complete psycho........

  9. Agent G added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    I saw snow in the mountains yesterday.......................
  10. Agent G added a post in a topic Is There Anything Worse than.......   

    Back n St Louis I had access to them year round. Here in Vegas, well let's just say you have to look real hard. 
  11. Agent G added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    In short, yes.
    Most of my experience is with police package cars, but I have driven these extensively over the course of my career.  
    The '91-'97 versions were nimble and light around town but not very stable at speed on the open road. Lots of high rpm horsepower no real low end grunt. They were the right size and handled good for an urban cop car. They just got started accelerating about the time you were back on the brakes for the next intersection though. Frustrating. 
    '98 saw the Watts link rear end make it's debut on the CV. Remapped engine management saw more low end torque. My first negative experience was responding to a hot call in moderately heavy traffic. I performed a right - left - right manuver at about 30mph and realized the rear end was trying to pass the front. The car remained perfectly flat and gave no warning. The rear end just let go on bone dry pavement. Not too bad in the acceleration department.  
    Fast forward to the R & P steering in '03.  Ford seemed to have finally exorcised all the demons. We didn't drive Fords after this model year so I have no experience with the car after that.
    The car was never, arguably, "fast".  Remember the Ford Police Package was introduced at the same time Chevrolet's legendary 9C1was being sold. Any early Caprice with the 5.8 was quicker. A '94-'96 Chevy with the LT1 was not even in the same league.
    I hid my '93 9C1 from Fleet Services for a year so I didn't have to give her up. 
    I still have my '05 Town Car though, it's a beauty and handles well for a land yacht.  The speed sensitive steering takes a bit of "getting used to" but after 10+ years I am ok with it. 

  12. Agent G added a post in a topic Is There Anything Worse than.......   

    If they were available 24/7/365 I'd be heavier than I am now. In fact, I be starring in "My 600 pound Life". 
  13. Agent G added a post in a topic The continued benefits of technology...   

  14. Agent G added a post in a topic Check this out.....   

    Trust me on this, use the carbide drill bits as finger drills. They work wonders but  are very, very fragile. 
  15. Agent G added a post in a topic X-Files: Your opinions on the premiere episode?   

    In the context of this thread, I will submit the "black triangle" flap of January 5, 2000 over southern Illinois. Many of the officers working on our side of the Mississippi saw the same thing.
    Later that morning all the nightwatch officers who were on duty at the time were treated to a litany of threats by various command rank should they decide to divulge publicly what they saw.
    I was not working that night, but had seen the infamous black triangle previously over south eastern Missouri while at a scout camp with my son. I have seen it again since moving here to southern Nevada. I saw the same triangular shaped flying object over Lake Mead one evening while en route to a call. 
    One night shortly thereafter I was on our office parking lot with two co-workers when what appeared to be the same darn thing flew over. It was very very quiet and moved very fluidly through the air. Interestingly enough it was quite low and heading east. across the valley. It then made a flat turn and headed north in the direction of Nellis AFB.
    Weeks later the Air Force went public with a photo of a drone known as the "Beast of Kandahar". It was named for the area in which it conducted operations against insurgents. They flew from Creech AFB here just north of Las Vegas to hunt  terrorists in Afghanistan. The beast looked remarkably like the infamous black triangle I saw.
    Having lived here for almost 10 years, I can state that if we knew a fraction of what was being tested out in the barren desert we could explain about 90% of all UFO's.