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  1. I went with a van I saw at work back in the day. There is an entire array of gear inside, but I currently have no photos of that. G
  2. I got this. Seems very simple, so I might just build the first one as the Supernatural car. G
  3. LA Confidential. I can relate to so much of that movie it's scary. G
  4. Thank you sir! With more that one offspring I am looking forward to additional releases. "Variants" of the same theme so to speak. G
  5. California did that as well. Nevada, well we're still stuck in the stone age. At least I could register the new bike online. G
  6. This lil squirt arrived 11/16/2020. This is why I'm moving back. G
  7. Las Vegas "re invents itself" every 5 years or so. I do not like the post Covid Las Vegas one little bit. In 13 years here I went through a divorce, married the love of my life and then lost her to cancer back in August. Way too many bittersweet memories. I have a grand child on the way and I do not intend to miss any moment of his life. G
  8. Grandbaby due any day now. Time to retire and head back to Missouri wine country, just south of Salem, MO. I put a contract on a 10 acre spread. I'll be close enough, but not too close LOL. G
  9. Boxes, lots and lots of boxes. I'm packing up my stuff. Moving 1500 miles east, almost back to where it all began. I close on the new place 2/1/21. G
  10. First white police cars were the '56 Chevy. In '57 the department stayed with the new color and Chevrolet. White until about 1960, then all white again in 1990. All GM fleet between '82 and '95.
  11. The factory painted the plain doped fabric using green paint. They chose a streaking effect, done with a brush, for camo. G
  12. I found this orphan sitting quietly in a dealership. I sign the adoption papers Tuesday. G
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