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  1. What do you drive?

    Those alley shots remind me of when I lived on Wilmington and Livingston, across from St Stephens. Where was the Mustang show held?
  2. Heather Locklear busted.😧

    Amen. G
  3. New Tamiya Lacquers for Airbrushing?

    Gunze Sangyo's "Self Leveling Thinner" and "Mr Color Thinner" are superb when used with Tamiya X and XF acrylics. I see no reason that either wouldn't work just as well with these new lacquers. G
  4. Evil has once again Befallen...

    Remind me to brush you up on Polish, Yiddish and Hebrew phraseology next meeting. G
  5. What non-auto model did you get today?

    These came today. $12.99 on Amazon. Opened the package and immediately ordered another set for MrsG. They are that good. G
  6. Another deFoosed Caddy

    Looking good! G
  7. What was the best car or truck you ever owned?

    I've already driven the Altima to LA and back and thoroughly enjoyed the drive. The Maxima left me "less than impressed", not to mention it loses 30% of it's value at closing. Infinitis are great , but not for me. The CVT can take some adjustment, but I have no issues with it what so ever. I learned to roll on the gas as opposed to just mashing the pedal flat. The lil bugger will scoot then. G
  8. LAPD Ford Crow VIc

    Super clean and, as you already know, Spot On. G
  9. Where Belly Tankers Come From

    Paper P-51 drop tanks. Developed to prevent the enemy from obtaining a source of sheet aluminum. We were bombing the German war industry into submission and gave no quarter. We were getting spread thin as well. Definitely one time only. G
  10. What was the best car or truck you ever owned?

    My 2005 Lincoln Town Car was the best. Bought it new as a retirement present from me to me and just traded it last August. Most fun? Probably the Lincoln's replacement, a 2017 Nissan Altima 3.5SL. I have never been a car guy, most of my time /money was spent with motorcycles. G
  11. Looking really good. St Louis County PD used these as patrol cars and I drove one in the St Louis City PD Traffic Division. I remember it having a 400 ci engine with a weird air cleaner set up. The air cleaner had two horns onto which were attached hoses that for all the world looked like black dryer vent tubing. They ran to the grill and terminated into plastic square cone shaped fittings. All this channeled the air flow from either side of the mid headlights to the engine. Sounded like a F4 taking off when you punched it. G
  12. Evil has once again Befallen...

    No paczki goes unpunished in this household. G
  13. 1970 Ford Galaxie Police Car Update 2/10/18

    Looking real good. Mount that light bar farther back on the roof. Line up the B pillar with the rear edge of the rotators. In real life it gave more clearance for taller officers getting in and out of the car. Trust me on this, you get in and out a lot. G
  14. First Car in Space: a Tesla Roadster

  15. 2019 Ram

    I got this image off the web, but, this is what my '03 Ram 1500 looked like. Ex #2 took it in the divorce then wrecked it. I miss that truck. G