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  1. A Tiger in the desert.

    Thank you. I used Mig pigments and some oil paints. The wheels are strictly pigments and I layered the oils on the hull. G
  2. A Tiger in the desert.

    This is the Rye Field kit I built earlier this year. I dug up the commander from my spares box. I painted her to look like Tiger #142 in Tunisia early in 1943. This tank met her fate by being blown up by the US Army. The real #142. The end. Actual color photos that appeared in Life magazine. G
  3. The original issue "A Team" van had those hub caps included. I'm thinking the AMT "Chevy Rescue Van" kit might have them as well. G
  4. Happy Birthday USMC

    Good night Chesty wherever you are. Semper Fidelis G
  5. New & Interesting 1/24 Mechanic Figures...

    I would think this was the inspiration. High heels included.
  6. question for military guys

    If you are speaking of the Trumpeter kit, that's a modern vehicle. That said, it would be used to transport any large armored vehicle be it tracked or with wheels. If your talking the WWII L 900, then I'd say anything that they could get up onto that bed could be carried. G
  7. May here. Most likely at The Orleans. DSC is a possibility for me. G
  8. You are quite welcome kind sir. G
  9. Harbor freight airbrush will not spray

    Question for the OP. How are you thinning your paint? What is your ratio of paint to thinner? Did you clean the AB before using it? G
  10. 1929 Ford Model A roadster

    I don't think any of us would have recognized a stock '29! Good job sir. G
  11. 1970. Unit number on the left front and right rear. The Chevy behind it is a Metro car from the mid 90's. Same basic emblem, just says "Metropolitan Police" instead of "City of Las Vegas Police" Clark County Sheriffs and LV City merged in 1973 to become the LV Metropolitan Police. G
  12. Horseman WIP..... Finished! 10/3/17

    NICE! G
  13. What has this world become?

    Thank you sir, all of us appreciate your sentiments. G
  14. I'm close to the American people

    Thank you sir! G