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  1. Astounding build sir! CHP specified "ivory" colored steering wheels and spotlight handles for decades. When the now common "padded" wheel made it's debut, the highway patrol dropped the spec from it's orders. When you purchase 1500 cars twice or three times a year, every year, for decades, you get what you want. G
  2. Why are you waiting weeks between coats? That seems to defy the entire reason to use lacquers. G
  3. And that's why it shall remain a "dream car". G
  4. Now that is special. Keep it up! G
  5. Nice, very nice! G
  6. Beautiful work. Are the resin bits part of an upgrade set, or did you cast them yourself? I spy torpedo tubes, deck guns and Carley floats! G
  7. Actually the white lines were, originally anyway, medical tape. They were placed over the seam lines to prevent fuel spatter on the windshield. The fuel tank is directly in front of the pilot. Between ham fisted aircrew and seepage, fuel collected in the seals and ultimately blew onto the windscreen. It was yet another annoyance fixed by innovative ground personnel. 70+ years later restored birds have the lines painted on in homage to those iconic pieces of tape from yesteryear. G
  8. Luc, The F4 is proof positive that even a brick can fly with wings and enough power. G
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