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  1. Agent G added a post in a topic 1953 Studebaker Finished!   

    Very classy. 
    You did a excellent job replicating a beautiful car. That paint is exceptional.
  2. Agent G added a post in a topic Curbside models in competition   

    My understanding of the term "curb side" means what you can see of the car from the curb. I would hazard a guess an engine is not required.
  3. Agent G added a post in a topic What it's like to be an engineer dealing with "normal" people...   

    It's scary really, if you substitute "police manager" for "engineer" in the above, you have a close approximation to my world.
  4. Agent G added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    Now that's a nice one Ken.
  5. Agent G added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    Thank you sir, It will definitely $#!^ and get. 
  6. Agent G added a post in a topic Lot that needs to go!   

    This sounds like our old friend "DrDevil72" aka "Moon Shine And Chrome" aka Michael Ball or Dennis Ray Ball.
    Mr Ball is the same scammer we called out on a topic from March of 2016. In this thread, he lists his "home" as a city in Ohio. This time it's 200 miles or so NORTH of Cincinnati.  
    Beware gents, this isn't kosher.
  7. Agent G added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    Rained yesterday, so I took these today. 

  8. Agent G added a post in a topic 92 Crown Victoria - 8-29-17 wheels, interior and antenna   

    The build is seriously looking good. I'm glad to see this again.
    Using oils for a wash.
    Enamel tutorial
  9. Agent G added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    After twelve years and 152,000+ miles, I finally said goodbye to my beloved Lincoln Town Car. Quite sad really, the Town Car and my beloved beagle "Shorty" were the two remaining items from my last life in St Louis. Shorty passed 4/20/17 and today I traded the Lincoln. I will say that big azzed boat was the best car I ever owned. Not only that but the current MrsG and I were married in the car at The Little White Wedding Chapel in '09.
    In my opinion Ford really screwed the pooch when it discontinued the Panther platform and built the new Continental on the  MKZ.
    In what some would consider a radical change, I purchased a new Nissan Altima 3.5SL. She's a lil' red rocket ship and after 8 hours of ownership, I can say I'm becoming quite fond of her. 
    I'll post photos tomorrow. 
  10. Agent G added a post in a topic Dubai police lambo   

    The cops need these to even begin to catch the current crop of young sheiks and princes in their own supercars.  
  11. Agent G added a post in a topic How much have you spent on a build?   

    So, where do I begin?
    I bought the kit and the Arctic Blue/German Silver paint specifically for this one. Everything else is painted with colors from my stash of spray cans and bottles. 
    The light bar is a modified piece I've had lying around for a long time. The radio, siren box, shotgun rack, microphone and push bumpers are scratchbuilt from bits and pieces lying around. The spotlights are resin that I cast myself long ago. The antennae and various cords, are scraps of wire. Decals were from Danno. 

    I call it a "labor of love", something I have wanted to build for quite some time. Simply looking at it three years later still gives me great satisfaction. 
    Please enlighten me how I can possibly tabulate the cost of this one model car.
  12. Agent G added a post in a topic Lindberg and Revell Snap Tite Police Cars - Same Model?!?!   

    We had full wheel covers on our CV's from '95-'02.
  13. Agent G added a post in a topic My Chrysler A 318 poly head engine 3d printed at home   

    As prices of hardware get lower and lower, I see a great After Market potential in software. I really think that we will be able to buy the printers and the material needed to print, then purchase files to print specific's as needed.
    It is no different than what we do now. We obtain the tools, paint and glue and have them ready for the next kit purchase. In a few years we will have the PC, the printer and the material waiting for the next file to come out that we can print. 
    Make no mistake, this is aftermarket I refer to. I really do not think the injection molded kit will be supplemented any time soon. 
  14. Agent G added a post in a topic Nonsense.   

    That's on the St Louis riverfront. I'd recognize those cobblestones anywhere. Not to mention the Gateway Arch in the background.
  15. Agent G added a post in a topic pets.....   

    This guy passed over the rainbow bridge back in April. 4/20 to be exact, a fitting date for this mellow fellow.