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  1. I have been attending since 2001, but sadly will miss this year’s event.( Attending my Nephew’s wedding) Hope everyone has a great time...wouldn’t miss it otherwise. Brian
  2. I have this kit, and can't believe what you have done with it Jeff. I am really knocked out by the interior. Simply beautiful work. Thank you for posting it. Brian.
  3. Really nice Howard...love the foil work. Thanks for posting.
  4. Hi Greg, Great show...thanks for posting the pics. Brian Makosky
  5. Hi Howard, Really good photos, thank you for posting. Great seeing you at the show. Brian Makosky
  6. Hi Tim, Great shots of a really nice show. I had a wonderful time and met lots of great builders. Thanks for posting these, along with builder info. Brian Makosky
  7. Hi Tom, That is beautiful...love everything about it. Thanks for posting. Brian
  8. Harry, Man, that is pretty! Thanks for posting, it is a feast for the eyes. Brian
  9. Hi Steve, Dang, that is so crisp and clean...beautiful. Thanks for posting. Brian
  10. Hi James, That is pretty! Brian
  11. Jim, That is just so clean and pretty. Nicely done...thanks for posting it. Brian
  12. Hi Keke, I really like the look. Can I ask you how you did/what you used for the satin bumpers?...Looks really good against the gloss red. Thanks for posting it, Brian
  13. Hi Gregg, I'm posting my conversion of the Scion Xb dashboard to left-hand drive. I'm also posting a shot of the back which shows some of the work/changes behind. The conversion isn't perfect (or finished) but will get me past my aversion to right hand drive. (with the exception of replicating race cars.) Would enjoy seeing more conversions, as there must be more out there. Brian
  14. Hi Tom, I love the builds, well done. I especially love the under-hood slant-six...so glad you didn't glue the hood closed. My first car was a Dart with that same mighty mill, and it kinda' looked just like that. Thanks for posting, Brian.
  15. Hi Harry, Exquisite builds, and so pretty to look at. Thank you for sharing them. Brian
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