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  1. victorylane added a post in a topic 40 Ford Custom   

    Hi James,
    That is pretty!
  2. victorylane added a post in a topic 1961 Pontiac Ventura   

    That is just so clean and pretty.
    Nicely done...thanks for posting it.
  3. victorylane added a post in a topic 55 Chevy Nomad 1/25 AMT   

    Hi Keke,
    I really like the look.
    Can I ask you how you did/what you used for the satin bumpers?...Looks really good against the gloss red.
    Thanks for posting it,
  4. victorylane added a post in a topic Left-Hand Drive Dashboards   

    Hi Gregg,
    I'm posting my conversion of the Scion Xb dashboard to left-hand drive. I'm also posting a shot of the back which shows some of the work/changes behind.
    The conversion isn't perfect (or finished) but will get me past my aversion to right hand drive. (with the exception of replicating race cars.)
    Would enjoy seeing more conversions, as there must be more out there.

  5. victorylane added a post in a topic My Year In Models - 2015   

    Hi Tom,
    I love the builds, well done. I especially love the under-hood glad you didn't glue the hood closed. My first car was a Dart with that same mighty mill, and it kinda' looked just like that.
    Thanks for posting,
  6. victorylane added a post in a topic A pretty productive 2015 for me   

    Hi Harry,
    Exquisite builds, and so pretty to look at.
    Thank you for sharing them.
  7. victorylane added a post in a topic 62 Impala gasser (NEW PICS)   

    Hi James,
    Love the look, and the squeaky clean build too.
    Oh, and great angles with the photography...makes it really fun to view.
    Thanks for posting it James.
  8. victorylane added a post in a topic '41 Chevy Standard Coupe...late '60s traditional street rod   

    Hi Cliff,
    I love seeing your stuff, and this is no exception.
    Thanks so much for posting it.
  9. victorylane added a post in a topic 1937 Rolls Royce "shooting brake"   

    Hi Harry,
    That is a pretty build, but I am especially taken with the design and execution of the woodwork.
    But it is all so pretty really, and so crisp and clean!
    A pleasure to see, thanks for posting it Harry.
    ps I just have to tell you that I smile every time I read your Groucho quote.
  10. victorylane added a post in a topic 51 Chevy Belair custom   

    Hi Ferby,
    Now, that is nicely done!
    I really like the profile. I like the coves at each wheel. I like the paint and scallops...I like it all.
    Did I say I really like the profile?
    Nice build Ferby, thanks for posting it.
  11. victorylane added a post in a topic Blast From The Past - 1960 Ford Wagon Custom   

    Hi Tom,
    That is so cool. Didn't know that you were into that sort of thing, and I find that cool as well.
    I really enjoy your appreciation of the period materials,styling, craft, and couldn't be in more approving hands.
    Thanks for showing it Tom.
  12. victorylane added a post in a topic Jaguar XKSS   

    Hi Dann,
    That is a beautiful build, and I just love the under-hood makes me want to keep looking at it.
    I also like the look of the rivets, but I can't get my head around their installation.("photo etched parts from Model Car Garage that are placed on there individually.) Zounds.
    Really nicely done Dann, thanks for posting it.
  13. victorylane added a post in a topic A True Gluebomb Restoration 10/26 Finished   

    Hi Al, That is not only an amazing transformation, but a very pretty build. So glad I got to watch the process...thanks for posting. Really nice work Brian
  14. victorylane added a post in a topic Chopped Willys Custom-Finished for NNL Nationals   

    Hi Chris, Greg, and Danno,
    Thanks for your comments.
    Here is a shot of the car looking happy on the tables at the NNL Nationals...Great show, great people, great time.

  15. victorylane added a post in a topic 1926 Model T Sedan - SomesortaRod - Finally Done.. Only 2months late!   

    Hi Eric,
    So incredible to see your work in person at the NNL Nationals...thank you.
    Your work has been exciting to watch, every step of the way. All I can say is WOW.
    Thanks so much for sharing.