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  1. Alan, Roadster doors were quite a good fit after cutting the original doors out with cotton. only had to sand a couple of spots of the resin inserts that overlapped behind the rear quarter panel to make the outside flush. Rober
  2. Lee. body mould was sanded off. Lower rockers were rounded by sanding as well. Wheel arches enlarged with a Dremel to accept resin flares. Doors and tailgate were removed using the old cotton saw method. Robert
  3. As you can see by the pic next to my out of the box yellow Bronco, this blue beast is anything but stock. Purchased items for the modifications include- Olson Brothers – Roadster doors and flares Fireball Modelworks- Weighted Mud King XT Tyres, Five slot mags, 3.5” suspension lift kit and 9600LB winch kit. Some scratch-built mods include – 2” body lift, body mould removed, tailgate removed, steering linkages and dash converted to RHD, front and rear bars made from brass, roll cage and sliders also brass. And donated from a 2014 Mustang kit are the seats, air cleaner, radiator and fans, Coyote engine and transmission. I couldn’t decide on leaving it clean or mudding it up, so I compromised with a little bit of dirt down the left-hand side as if it was driven with two wheels off the edge of the road along the soft muddy shoulder.
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