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  1. Seventies Land Yachts?

    I have one of these in my "todo" pile. Bought it from Dave at the Toledo NNL several years ago and have the body cleaned up and primed, chrome redone. it is a very nice kit. I bought one of these a couple years after I got out of the army in '64 and absolutely loved driving it, very comfortable and great handling car.
  2. Think this has ever been offroad?

    Umm, it doesn't. But when you are 77 years old and just typing out some comment to go along with pictures you just posted, anything is liable to pop into your mind....
  3. Think this has ever been offroad?

    I have two questions......think there is much road noise? How much does one of these wheels weigh (with proper inflation)?
  4. Pet peeve of mine!

    Richard, you HIT the NAIL the right on the HEAD!!!!!!
  5. Revell Bronco

    That is a spectacular build, and photography to match!!! Best Bronco build to date.
  6. Anyone make a resin 1 ton dump bed

    The weather has FINALLY warmed up here in Michigan so painting can be done. Got most of the painting done on my build of the Monogram F-350 with the bcs-trading 1 ton dump bed and did a mockup to see how everything looks. I like the way it is coming together. Now to get the "detail" stuff done and mounted. Ordered decals for it also.....more news later.
  7. Anyone make a resin 1 ton dump bed

    No issues at all. Someone mentioned in a prior post about clean up on the cut edges on the dump bed, but I didn't find that much to be a factor.....a really nice piece of work and in my opinion the fit with the Monogram dually is perfect. I had to add 4 strips across the rear frame rails to provide a level "platform" for the bed. I used the crossmember supports that would normally go on the bottom of the pickup bed (in step 27).
  8. Sorry, Not in my book

    The obvious pick is GOOD and CHEAP, but how do you get good product if the people are "skill free"?
  9. Old AMT Kit Instruction Sheets

    I respectfully disagree.....in 1969 I was and apprentice engineer and the company I worked for insisted that as such, I had to work for 2 years actually drawing various machine designs on bond, linen, or mylar, and "detailing" each component usually in 3 views with all the dimensioning and tolerancing so that a competent machinist could make it. I almost always had to explain what a draftsman did and sometimes I would use a blueprint for this. Most people were learning something new to them. As for kids nowadays, with the advent of a wide variety of computer software available for sketching or developing drawings in just about any architecture it is used quite extensively. My 4 grandsons have all had drafting classes in high school using computer software, it is a popular elective. One grandson works part time for a local landscaping contractor and prepares computer generated drawings for quotation and installation purposes.
  10. Old AMT Kit Instruction Sheets

    We have copy shops nearby that have the capability of copying "roll size" drawings (36" wide by however long the sheet is, within reason). The copy will be black and white and as legible as the original is, printed on white bond paper. I don't think they are unique to this area so maybe you can pursue that. They are not scanners but blueprint machines that use a "zerox" type roll stock.
  11. Anyone make a resin 1 ton dump bed

    Received the bcs-trading 1 ton dump bed and am in the process of building a landscape company version with the Monogram F-350 Dually pickup. Got everything primed and did a mockup to double check how it will look for compatibility.......
  12. Steve Kohler Star Models

    I tend to agree with this comment.....everything posted above makes sense if you just leave off "point".
  13. Steve Kohler Star Models

    I appreciate the info but the article's "factual accuracy is disputed". Noted in the header....
  14. Steve Kohler Star Models

    What's a price point?
  15. Loadstar Brush Truck

    Been following this build and have been in complete awe as each step in the process gets more impressive....building to a stunning finished model! You obviously make a plan and stick to that plan while completing a project. I can't find a word that adequately describes this model, it is without a doubt the most impressive model I have ever seen. Kudos to you sir!