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  1. Hobbylinc is my goto for models, Revell spray and acrylic bottle paints. Prices are usually better than anyone else. Like others mentioned above it takes a few days to get stuff "out of the warehouse" but then shipment is usually just a matter of days.
  2. I have a model of the GMC Motorhome as pictured. It was done as a Hess Training Van (1/25 or 1/24) as shown in attached pics. There are many available on eBay in a wide price range. A big problem with this model is that it is depicted with rear wheel drive, the actual GMC Motorhome is front wheel drive utilizing an Oldsmobile engine. Early in my engineering career I worked for a company that bought one of these for use in customer entertainment activity and was able to use it often, even for family vacations. A great handling vehicle on the highways. There is a post on this site from several years ago "GMC Motorhome (Hess)" that shows extensive modifications and updates to one of these Hess models. The author cut the model open, removed the Hess training interior, and built and installed replicas of the standard interior components found on the GMC iteration of a motorhome (dinette, kitchen, table and couches, shower, bed, etc.). A very impressive finished project!
  3. Bill, Like you I am also missing the '68 and '69 Impala models, have the '70 ready for build (I owned one that I bought new). A casual search for the 2 missing kits seems to show that these two might be very hard to find.
  4. I am 81 and often feel like it. But still have the desire to build kits, just have to take a little more time and concentrate more on the fiddly stuff. Posted my most recent build the new International Transtar a little while ago and I am now gathering and prepping Chevy Impala kits for the years 1958 thru 1966 to take me through the rest of this year. Pretty ambitious project for me.
  5. Helmut, that is a good looking build of that kit! I have had one of the IMC kits for about 20 years. I got it for a couple of dollars when a local hobby shop closed, and I never got the ambition to build it. I did build a couple of 48 Ford convertible kits for friends who had them during high school, but I used kits from AMT or Revell. Every time I open the IMC box I end up closing it and putting it back in the stash. Now that I see your impressive build, I might just build mine. The Mercury in the background looks like another impressive build.
  6. This is a very impressive build! I have looked at the pics several times and every time I do I see something else that just makes me go WOW! The detail level ranks right at the top. Great paint job!
  7. I appreciate the comments, thanks for taking the time to post them!
  8. Finally finished up this build. I have not built a big rig for at least 10 years, and I found this kit to be challenging but really enjoyable to work on. Very little flash, good fits and very detailed throughout. I bought 2 of them and glad I did. I think I will get all of the painting done on the 2nd one while the good weather is here and then build it at a leisurely pace during the winter. The only modification I did on this one is to shorten the frame 1". As others have stated I thought the concept of a cabover was to get a shorter OAL so that a longer trailer (payload) would be possible. During my 35 year career as a special machine designer I had several opportunities to work on high production transfer machines for Detroit Diesel (Mostly for their Series 60 engine) so I couldn't really paint this engine any color except Detroit Diesel green. Even though I have been retired for over 20 years the loyalty is still there.
  9. Brian and Dave. Thanks for your quick responses! These are 2 methods that I can try without too much challenge and will not permanently damage the parts. I knew a reasonable method was available but my 81 year old mind sometimes makes me hesitant to try solving a problem I have not experienced in previous builds. Thanks again!
  10. Dave, That is a great looking build! The paint job is outstanding. I am building one of these as well and am almost finished but I am having a problem with doing the black background on the "International" trim pieces. I tried using Detailer black wash but after several attempts I am just not happy with the results. I am thinking of maybe painting the black with acrylic or lacquer and then painstakingly removing the paint from the lettering with solvent. Yours is very sharp so I know it can be done somehow. Care to share what method you used? Thanks in advance.
  11. Some info for builders who might not be familiar with MCW paints. They publish a 115 page catalog listing their standard paints available. It was $10 when I bought it in 2009. It lists standard factory paint by their number, color (whether metallic or not) and shade (light, medium, dark). The listed contents are for American Motors 1949-1978, Chrysler 1949-1978, Ford 1928-1978, General Motors 1949-1978, Volkswagen 1952-1975. There are approximately 80 colors on each page. There is some duplication, for instance in the GM section you will see some of the same colors listed for Oldsmobile-Pontiac or Chevrolet-Buick as an example. Same for Ford and Chrysler product. With the number of colors available I would think that there are enough options available to custom mix your preference if a standard is not available. I have contacted Mike at MCW and he has mixed colors for me when I can give him a manufacturer's color code. Phone number: 330-830-7755
  12. Dusty, I don't think you will regret it. The truck kit goes together great, excellent fit and some clever locating assists, not much to clean up on it either. I will probably be mounting the PE in a couple of days, really looking forward to it.
  13. Got my order today. These are some really impressive detail enhancement items! Got my kit primed and will start final paint and some assembly work this week.
  14. Received my order of Czech Truck Model (CTM) photoetched parts for upgrading the AMT International Transtar CO-4070A. Some really nice looking stuff, 31 different items for interior and exterior. I have the kit primed and will be starting final paint and assembly soon. Sorry for the picture quality, they have a bronze tint, they are actually chrome in appearance.
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