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  1. modelercarl added a post in a topic Bake that Paint !   

    Been using a Nesco Food Dehydrator for several years now without incident.  It's square (can get more model parts in it) and I cut the lattice shelves out just leaving the outer frame.  I can get a whole car kit in there at one time with ease and most of a big rig kit.  It has an adjustable thermostat but I leave at 105 degrees.  About $50 on amazon.
  2. modelercarl added a post in a topic Patriots Steal Another Superbowl   

    Andy you are right on with your comment.  Unfortunately people that report "hearing about" the Patriots filming and stealing signals in "at least 40 games" and have "indisputable evidence" of championship or playoff games being affected by stealing signals still like to sling their mud, will never change.
  3. modelercarl added a post in a topic Patriots Steal Another Superbowl   

    I have read these articles and like most other articles about the Patriots "cheating" they are filled with "claims" without evidence, innuendo and hearsay.  The articles do acknowledge that Bellichek is a smart devious coach which is exactly what you want if you really want win.  They outline all the extra steps taken by many teams to "protect" themselves from the "cheating" Patriots but NEVER catch them and get their butts handed to them by the Patriots as demonstrated by the Patriots winning percentage over the last 10 years.  It is called the psychological factor....something Bellichek (and Brady) are good at.
  4. modelercarl added a post in a topic Patriots Steal Another Superbowl   

    Interesting disclosures that the "finding" claiming Brady knew all and directed the improper inflation of footballs was paid for by the commissioner's office, about $3 million to a friend of his, and that the NFL (commissioner's office) leaked to ESPN improper and untrue inflation levels supposedly discovered when the Patriot's footballs were inspected.  Also interesting that several different gauges were used by different people in the checking of the suspect footballs....even some of the Colts footballs "appeared" to be improperly inflated.  The court had ALL of the pertinent information and ruled that there was no case against Brady.  Just an interesting fact:  when all of the game footballs were properly inflated to the satisfaction of all concerned, the Patriots blew out the Colts and won with a lopsided score.  Just one other comment...I would not turn over my cellphone to anyone either, and I don't have any conversations with people that might relate to other legal proceedings (real estate, endorsement contracts, personal and family travel plans, etc).
    This whole thing was a farce from the beginning and now that the FACTS are out Goodell (and many others) still can't see what a fool he is.
  5. modelercarl added a post in a topic Want to see EXCESSIVE?   

    I have done quite a bit of bidding on EBay and never understood sellers setting a "reserve" price.  If a seller has a set price they want for an item why not cut out all of the useless bidding by making their "reserve" the staring price?
  6. modelercarl added a post in a topic My first diorama build (resto and custom shop)   

    Great first effort, has a "real" look to it.  I built a 3 bay garage diorama several years ago and I think you will always be finding stuff to add to yours or replace older stuff with newer finds.  My only comment would be that you probably would not find a drive shaft still attached to a rear end/axle or a complete chromed front end, they would be in pieces.  Yours makes a perfect photo stage for all your future builds.
  7. modelercarl added a topic in General   

    New Model Master (Testors) Semi-Gloss Black
    Has anyone tried airbrushing the new Model Master Acryl semi-gloss black #FS27038.  For about the past 5-6 years I have been airbrushing frames, floor pans, wheel wells, etc. with Model Master Acryl semi-gloss black #4700 with great looking results.  When I start spraying this new formula it isn't long before it starts clogging up the spray tip and eventually I have to stop.
    When I recently ordered a couple of bottles of this product and it arrived with new labeling and product number and I didn't think anything about it.  I thinned it the same as I always have and have not been able to get the same results I was getting in the past.  I did find some vendors referring to a "new formulation" but nothing else about it.
    I have emailed Testors but have not received a reply yet, so I wonder if anyone else has experienced this problem.
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  8. modelercarl added a post in a topic Paasche Compressor Life.   

    Mike, it is an oilless diaphragm style.  So I think I will pull the head off and see what it looks like....thanks for the info.
  9. modelercarl added a topic in General   

    Paasche Compressor Life.
    I have been using a Paasche D3000R compressor for about 5 years now and have painted about 50 cars and pickups, 9 big rigs (tractors) and 4 Revell auto transport trailers.  I airbrush everything....bodies, interiors, motors, chassis, etc.
    This past week I have noticed that it has become really slow to re-charge the pressure while doing large surfaces or extended airbrushing of complex parts (frames, bodies), sometimes not even able to get back to my 20 PSI spray goal.
    I know compressors have an expected life cycle before requiring rebuild or replacing.  Have I reached that point or might there be some other problem?
    I would appreciate hearing about others experience with this model compressor.
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  10. modelercarl added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    PINK Pickup......
    Whenever my 5 year old granddaughter visits she makes sure to check out my hobby/office room to see what she might be able to talk me out of to take home.  She used to ask for one of my built models but after explaining to her several times that they were on display for viewing and I wanted to keep them, they weren't for playing with she has quit asking and now settles for clamps, brushes, spare parts, etc. to take home.
    I built this Lindberg F-150 Flareside and painted it pink, which is the only color she recognizes, and plan on having it sitting on my workbench when she visits next time.  Should be interesting to see her reaction when she sees it and notices her name on the door and when I tell her it is hers to take home.  I bought a Lindberg display case for it also.

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  11. modelercarl added a post in a topic 1970 American-LaFrance Series 1000 Pumper - Complete   

    Excellent build, very realistic looking rig. I have one of these in my stash, even bought some Model Car World ALF red paint for it but have been reluctant to start it as felt that I would not do it justice.

    After reviewing your very informative post and seeing the WIP pictures I am going to tackle this project and hope it turns out close to your build.....thanks for posting this.
  12. modelercarl added a post in a topic Revell's Del Rio   

    Very, very nice!! For a kit with 740 posts over 38 pages this looks great.
  13. modelercarl added a post in a topic Revell Auto Transport Trailer   

    I have 3 built up for displaying built cars and just measured one... it is 4 3/4" high over the highest point, 4 7/8" over the widest part, and 23 3/8" long.
  14. modelercarl added a post in a topic First Detailed Look and Kit Commentary - new Moebius '65 Plymouth Satellite   


    Excellent review!!! This looks like another big win for Moebius and I share your enthusiasm for what they are doing for the model building hobby. I am building the '54 Hudson and another Chrysler 300 (my 6th & 7th Moebius kits) along with a Revell Grand Prix model of a 1:1 I owned. I realized yesterday the significant difference between building a Moebius kit and any kit from someone else.....they have really raised the bar for everyone.
  15. modelercarl added a post in a topic Where to buy or how to make a tow hitch & ball ?   

    Scenes Unlimited has a resin 1/25 scale bumper mount trailer hitch.