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  1. modelercarl added a post in a topic The Road Weary Roadway Ford - Ok, it's actually done this time, I swear   

    Wow!  So realistic, very well done.......this build brings back bad memories for me.  For about 5 years I lived in Saline, MI. and we had a Roadway terminal a couple miles from town and they had a couple of these rigs for local deliveries.  I don't think they ever got over 25-30 MPH at ANY time, everybody hated being trapped behind one because the roads and traffic in the area prevented anyone from being able to pass and some areas had 45 MPH speed limits.  They could put you in a bad mood real quick.  They both looked just like your model!!!
  2. modelercarl added a post in a topic Revell Bronco.....   

    Very nice build, excellent attention to detail, great colors......best build of this kit yet.
  3. modelercarl added a post in a topic Displaying finished models   

    In a way I am fortunate that my slow building pace means that I don't have a large number of models for display.  I have models of the first 4 cars I ever owned that I display in a china cabinet in the dining room, the rest of my models are displayed in acrylic cases I built that have "interference" fit front covers to keep the dust out.  I do open them randomly for and hour or two to allow gases to escape.

  4. modelercarl added a post in a topic George Hernandez.. Anyone know if he is still around?   

    George IS still around and doing chroming.  I just got 2 sets of bumper and grilles ('56 Buick, '54 Mercury) chromed by him and as expected the results were outstanding.  It did take about 3 weeks and George explained that he was pretty busy, but well worth the wait.  The email listed above is good for him and it may take some time for him to respond.
  5. modelercarl added a post in a topic Toledo Toy Show and NNL is October 10th   

    Thanks for posting the show flyer...
  6. modelercarl added a post in a topic Toledo Toy Show and NNL is October 10th   

    What are the hours of the show?
  7. modelercarl added a post in a topic What it's like to be an engineer dealing with "normal" people...   

    Another post complaining about the capabilities of engineers from a pseudo engineer.  I spent 35 years in the engineering field (high production transfer machines for gas and diesel engine, drivetrain component production), staring as an apprentice "board rat" in a job shop in 1964.  I worked through all levels of engineering in many environments retiring as a Director of Engineering for the largest special machine builder in the world.
    I have worked with engineering groups with 12 to 75 engineers, at all levels of education and experience, all of the major automotive manufacturers (world wide) and the 4 major diesel engine manufacturers.  Granted there are/were some who did not perform at the desired level, just as in any other work environment, but I can guarantee that these individuals were an insignificant minority and were either terminated or moved to work functions that did not have responsibility of any sort.
    The video posted here is something dreamed up by COMEDY WRITERS (and not to go at it either), and has no relationship to the real world we live in.  Anyone who sees any relationship between this video and the real world is, in my opinion, suffering from low self esteem and grasping at anything to rationalize their own shortcomings.
  8. modelercarl added a topic in General   

    1/25 Scale Figures
    Just got these 1/24 scale figures from Shapeways.  Been looking for some figures for my diorama other than pit crew or pinup figures and discovered these.  3D printed and very good quality, they have the texture that when painted should look very lifelike.  They have about (70) figures in 1/24 scale in a wide variety of poses for $7.00 to $11.00, non-painted.  About a 2 week process from selection to delivery.

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  9. modelercarl added a post in a topic Moebius 1971 F-100 Custom   

    WOW!!  I am not into slammed models at all but I have to say this is perhaps one of the best examples of skills not usually seen on this forum.....even with the distorted pictures.  The detail and workmanship are just outstanding!  Would love to see some better pictures.
  10. modelercarl added a topic in General   

    Another Revell Ford Bronco
    I got this stuff today....another Revell Ford Bronco kit and several Fireball Modelworks components:  Set of 31' Gates XT tires, 15x8.5 steel wheels, Front and Rear fender flares, exterior décor set, incl 31' spare and Stroppe trailer hitch.
    Enjoyed building the first one so much that I had to get another one some extra goodies from Fireball Modelworks.....his stuff is absolutely the best and takes this kit to a whole new level.  Also made a short trip (about 15 miles) to Jeff's Bronco Graveyard in Brighton, MI to take some pics of Broncos they have in the showroom for inspiration.
    Now all I have to do is get this in the build schedule.....really looking forward to it.

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  11. modelercarl added a post in a topic Making Antennas   

    I just found this thread today and was blown away.. I never really thought about antennas but looking at these pictures I realized they do make a difference and checked my built models and only (3) of them have antennas, so I need about 20 more.
    I ordered the Grandt Line nuts #139 on ebay...(40) for $6.89 incl S&H.  I ordered .02 dia. music wire from Newegg..(25) pieces 36' long for $6.16 incle S&H.  I ordered 21 gauge stainless steel tubing and 22 gauge S.S.T. each 36' long (1) each from Amazon for $20.08 incl S&H.  I know I have enough material to make great looking antennae for all my existing builds and lots of future ones.
  12. modelercarl added a post in a topic decal help   

    Contact Thomas Logan at speedwaydecals@yahoo.com, he has done custom decals for big rigs and delivery sedans for me and does an excellent job at very reasonable costs.
    He has a day job so it will not be done overnight and depends on how much time it takes to get the designs you want him to do for you.  He has an Alps printer so he can print gold, he has printed gold for me.

  13. modelercarl added a post in a topic guidelines needed for forum use   

    With all of the nonsensical, irrelevant, ego postings on this forum I think the moderators do an admirable job and have not noticed any increase of postings being in the wrong section.  If members of the forum would take a few minutes and follow Michael's advice above even the few misplaced postings would be re-directed to the appropriate section.
  14. modelercarl added a post in a topic 1/24 Wespe GMC military 6X6, WW II era   

    You can google Wespe GMC 6x6 CCKW352 and find several reviews of the kit.....one even goes into detail about the resin quality and some of the work necessary to build a model.
  15. modelercarl added a post in a topic Revell 4 Quarter 2017   

    Steve Kohler at Star Models has a '56 Buick Hardtop resin kit.  I have one in my "future build" stash, a neighbor bought one new when I was a teenager and he used to let me drive it around the block...two tone red and white...loved that car!!!  Contact info for Steve....stevekohler@cox.net.