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  1. Received the new Revell Jaguar E-Type Roadster kit today. The body pieces are molded in a terrible green and the *tan* for interior and top pieces is not much better. Those can be fixed with prime and MCW paint. The real problem is the same as with the coupe kit, the bonnet fenders are bowed out and will require some heat and reshaping to fit as intended. The kit is packed into the flat box that Revell uses quite a bit and if it is not shipped to you in a more substantial box I think there will be damaged parts. Luckily mine was shipped from England in a rigid box that appeared to be made for the Revell type box. I have the new Revell coupe kit as well and am looking forward to beginning the build process. These appear to be very detailed and should be impressive models when built. I was stationed in Germany from Feb '62 to Aug '64 and had the opportunity to drive both models of this car and have always wanted to build models of them but never saw one with the detail of these two until now.
  2. Just received mine from Amazon and tried it out with 1 oz. MCW without mixing ball(s). It was amazingly quick completely mixing the paint that had completely separated. Probably been stored for 5+ years. No more sore 80 year old arm! Tried it out on a bottle of MCW metallic and it mixed the separated paint but not the metallic flakes after 2 minutes, but it was easier mixing the flakes by hand than it used to be. Will try leaving metallic in the mixer for longer period of time at a later date.
  3. I have used Bare Metal Foil Black Chrome the same way I use their chrome and aluminum for moldings around windows or body trim. Burnish it in place and trim with a fresh #11 blade. It works great for me.
  4. As Roy has stated in his post I thought the service bed should have been kitted on a F-250 chassis with dually wheels. I think the 2D representations on the box art don't really demonstrate just how undersized an F-150 chassis is for this kit. Would have been nice to have an overhead rack included in the kit as well. I would think that there could many variations of service trucks built using a basic F-250 model.
  5. If anyone is interested the kit numbers starting at the top and progressing down to the last entry are: 1234,1235, 1233, 1236, 1232, 1239, 1227, 1228, 1230, 1208, 1220. Kits 1235, 1233, 1227 and 1228 are Model King releases, the rest are Moebius releases. I have all of these kits except for the '67 Service truck issue. Didn't buy it because I was disappointed with the '65 Model.
  6. Dan, FYI I forwarded your request to A&N Resin for a Dodge RAM TRX model and they let me know that after doing some research they have entered it into their schedule.
  7. FYI on missing parts. I discovered 2 missing parts that caused me to stop working on the frame and on November 20 I emailed Andrey at A&N Resin to request replacements. I have had this happen on Revell and Moebius kits in the past and they usually charge a nominal fee for replacements. I offered to pay for replacements but they insisted that there would be no cost to me and they would get them in the mail right away. They mailed them 2 days later and I just received them today and they are excellent quality. as usual. Unfortunately my left hand was damaged in an accident on Nov. 26 and I have been going to therapy since then. The doctor thinks another 3-4 weeks and I should be as good as new. I have most major components built and painted except for the frame waiting for these parts. Looking forward to getting back at it.
  8. Tom, He did mention that they were doing Euro big rigs and the last one before the Ford Raptor is a Aussie/American Freightliner Argosy Cabover.
  9. David, He did not offer any specifics but the next time I talk to him I will ask and post his response.
  10. In conversation with one of the owners of A&N Resin about an issue with their Dodge Ram kit, I mentioned they should offer a Kit of the Ford Raptor pickup. He informed me that they have that in their schedule. They are developing 6 kits of big rigs right now and then they are doing the Ford Raptor. He anticipates having the Ford kit ready for release in August-September 2021. In addition he mentioned that they are planning to offer various styles of each US pickup kit in the future including the Dodge and Ford releases.
  11. Dan, I checked my frame against the instructions and it agrees with the picture. I even had a Son-in-law check it (he is an engineer who uses Graphics and 3D modelling in his job) and he agrees that it agrees with the instructions which explains why you built it that way. I will continue building at my slow pace and when I get to the problem with the exhaust I will address it. Thanks again for the notice.
  12. Dan, thanks for the info. I think I have changed them a couple of times already. Some of their graphics leave a little to be desired. Francis, When I emailed A&N one of the owners (Andrey) responded that they would make a mold and cast new pieces right away. It sounds like they are prepared to make things right ASAP.. Thanks on the color, it's Model Car World Candy Apple Red #6630
  13. I started building A&N Resin's Dodge Power Wagon a couple of weeks ago. Not showing a whole lot of progress yet as I have found this kit to be challenging for my 79 year old skills and I started with the frame assembly first per the instructions. Washed and primed all the pieces after removing minimal amount of flash, hard to believe this a resin cast product due to the quality of every piece. I got to step 15 on the frame assembly and discovered that the 2 parts needed for this step were missing. I emailed A&N Resin explaining the problem. They offered apologies and responded that they would get replacement parts made and sent to me as quick as possible. With this, I started looking at the possibility of building other sub-assemblies so I am working on the engine and interior and will start the suspension/axle sub-assemblies. I will receive the resin tires from Scenes Unlimited Saturday that I ordered. In addition to the T-30's that I told Dan (Mopar-D) about I also ordered a set of T-17's. Anxious to do some kind of mock up to to get an idea of just how impressive this model is.
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