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  1. modelercarl added a post in a topic Does anyone here make decals?   

    Contact Thomas Logan at  He has printed quite a few decals for me, all custom and in white and gold along with most of the usual colors.  You can work with him on custom designs until he gets what you want.  He has a day job so it might take a week or two but his decals are worth the wait.  Reasonable prices also.
  2. modelercarl added a post in a topic Jack Reacher Fans   

    Lee Child sold out to the highest bidder.  Cruise bought the rights to the Jack Reacher series, I hoped it would flop but apparently Cruise is getting enough return on his investment to continue "playing" Reacher, probably the worst casting I can remember!
  3. modelercarl added a post in a topic ? for Ebay experts   

    In the past two weeks I have listed 16 kits on ebay to cut down the stash to something more manageable.  I am very happy with the results, I got a little over $800 for them, a little more for some and what I was asking for the rest.  Every buyer paid right away or the nexr day (very impressive) and paypal transferred the money to my bank within 2 days (a couple of times the next day).  Several of the buyers even commented about how fair they thought the pricing was.  I have been buying and selling on ebay for 11 years and have had only one problem in all that time and it was settled fairly by ebay.
  4. modelercarl added a post in a topic Moebius 1961 Pontiac Ventura   

    Excellent build!  I was discharged from the Army in August '64 and the first thing I did when I got home is to buy one of these (in white) that I found at a used car lot.  Drove it for about 3 years.  This really brings back some good memories.  I have 2 of these in my stash, got the bug to move one of them up in the schedule after seeing your fantastic build.
  5. modelercarl added a post in a topic Will Slow Down of Cottage Industry Slow the Hobby?   

    If my personal experience is any indicator of what is in store for this hobby, it is becoming a hobby for old people exclusively.  I have 4 grandsons (ages 14, 15, 18 & 20) and they have so many activities to occupy their time that, to them, are far more enjoyable than building models.  All of them are dual sport players.  The 14 y.o. hockey & baseball, the 15 y.o. lacrosse & soccer, the 18 y.o. junior hockey & lacrosse, the 20 y.o. college hockey & pickup baseball.  But in addition to the sports they ALL have a wide variety of apps on their computers and cell phones and then there are the girls!  Plus the 18 y.o. & 20 y.o. work part-time for gas money for their cars and the other two are not far behind.
    When each one of these guys were around 10-11 years old I took them to a hobby shop and after searching through the stock, I bought each of them the kit of their choice and we built it together.  We started with prepping for paint, painted them (each learned how to use an air brush and rattle cans, assembling them and polishing them.  They proudly display their built models with all of their trophies but that is all any of them have ever done with the hobby.  Zero interest in ever building another....none of their many friends have any interest in the hobby.
    I picked up the model building hobby shortly after TV became available and was terrible to watch, we had land line party line phone service and nobody had a second car at home so you played ball, played hockey rode your bike, or something else that today's youth would consider mind numbing.  The technological advances I have seen give today's youth things to do that are more quickly gratifying and offer a diverse panorama of mental activity.  I don't think today's youth even have the attention span required for model building.
  6. modelercarl added a post in a topic Model Car World paint   

    The MCW paint business was bought by Wings, Wheels & Waves.  Their contact info is, 125 Erie St N, Massillion, Oh., 44646 or phone 330-830-7755.  He accepts paypal.  I have ordered from him using the order form and mailing it in and received the paint in about 2 1/2 weeks.
  7. modelercarl added a post in a topic For those who buy and sell on the net. What's the best way to ship?   

    I see that you are in Michigan so I will offer this for consideration.  I have downsized my stash twice in the past few years, getting rid of kits that were/are not particularly hard to find or expensive such as you describe in your post.  I took them to Dean Sillis at Dean's Hobby Stop in Owosso, MI and he was excellent to deal with.  He offered a fair price and wrote me a check on the spot for everything I took there.  I felt that I was treated very well, avoided the hassle of listing, packing and shipping individual kits.
    In addition I enjoyed interacting with Dean, he is a nice guy, very knowledgeable of the model car/truck hobby...just a very pleasant experience.  You should contact him before making a final decision...he may even visit with whoever has the kits and offer you a solution on the spot.  You can contact him at or 989-720-2137.
  8. modelercarl added a post in a topic Ford F-350 Duallie Pickup   

    Nice looking build.  I have one of these that I started and seeing this build makes me move it up on the todo list.  Are those the kit wheels or did you use some from somewhere else?
  9. modelercarl added a post in a topic Question for Guys 60+   

    I am 75 and restarted model building about 15 years ago, had built models when I was a teenager many, many years ago.  In the last couple of years I have found that when gluing/assembling pieces that don't locate by pin-in-hole method I have to take special care, often needing to have both hands resting on something solid.....not a show stopper but I need to be aware of this.  I am also experiencing the "the now where did I put that piece?" syndrome, and I am forced to work around it until it magically reappears. I can perform all of the tasks required for model building from preparing models for priming, spray paint them, assemble them, polish them, etc. but I find that as I age it takes a little longer to do so.
    Even though I worked as an engineer all my adult life, which can be a somewhat sedentary job, I was pretty much "hands on" and closely followed projects often getting involved in the build, tryout and service of projects.  In addition, I got involved in the hobbies and sports of my 3 kids which kept me very active.  I have been a gym member for the last 10 years and go about 3 days a week, park as far as I can from the door when shopping and walk frequently when not doing something else.
    I have learned that all of the attention put on exercise by health care professionals is valid.  I have friends from my childhood (just had one visit yesterday) who retired in the true sense of the word and to witness their physical and mental deterioration is disturbing.
    All of this is to convince you "kids" who might read this missive to establish  some sort of exercise program and stick to doesn't have to be time a consuming regimen, make it something that you feel comfortable doing....... after 4-6 months it will become habit and you will be amazed at how well you will feel.
  10. modelercarl added a post in a topic Evil Trucker   

    This is a MODEL CAR FORUM......
  11. modelercarl added a post in a topic Fireball Modelworks!   

    I just got (6) Goodyear Wrangler MT/R tires from him for a MENG F350 I am building with Scenes Unlimited dually fenders.  I am astonished at the quality, never seen model tires so authentic.  The order was here 3 days after placed with him.  Planning on more purchases.
  12. modelercarl added a post in a topic Latest MCM issue?   

    Got mine today.  Paid for 9 issues of the mag assuming that would be one year's worth of publication.  At the present rate of receiving this mag, one issue every 7 months I guess my subscription is good for about the next 4 years?
  13. modelercarl added a post in a topic An apology   

    I don't see anything wrong with the way you display your models.  Besides it is up to the modeler how to display his/her work.  For those who have voiced their displeasure I would ignore their petty complaining (it is probably more jealousy than anything).  Besides with all of the other non-model BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH on this forum which many of us try to ignore, it is refreshing to see a nice model displayed in such a manner.  Just wish I was capable of doing the same.
  14. modelercarl added a post in a topic Custom Decal Printing: Who Still Does It   

    Check with Thomas Logan at  I have used him several times for custom decals for some of my builds and he does excellent work and is very reasonable.  He has a day job which requires travel so he does his printing on weekends but so far I have never waited more than a week and a half for my decals.  Excellent communication also.
  15. modelercarl added a post in a topic Is a 'Sealer' necessary under MCW Paint?   

    I have been using MCW paint over Plasti-Cote T-235 primer and Pledge floor care acrylic over the finished model (with decals) for about 10 years now and have never experienced any problems.  That includes a couple of red styrene models.