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  1. Carl, Bob, John, Hector, Chris, Mike, Mario and Al. Thanks much for the comments, really appreciate them!
  2. Al, That really brings back some memories. I had a buddy that inherited a 46-47 coupe from a relative in 1959. It was a dark grey that kind of showed its age, but we were 18 so it was OK as far as he was concerned. He lowered it and shaved the hood and trunk and shot light grey primer over the bondo. We ran wires from the latches to under the dash so he could open the hood and trunk. Shot light grey primer over the bondo. Added a set of Olds spinners. There was a local bump shop that would heat the front coils and rear leaf springs to lower a car which he had done. It really needed a complete paint job and looked a little rough after all this, but it was good enough for him. We had a lot of fun in that car.
  3. I have a Nesco dehydrator about 12" square with temperature control. You have more capacity over a round one and you can buy additional "shelves" to add even more capacity. I kept one "shelf" complete (didn't remove the webbing) and place that about halfway up to provide another shelf to place painted kit parts on which lets me double the number of painted parts being cured.
  4. Excellent build! Paint is definitely great choice.
  5. Just completed the latest Galaxie Chevrolet Kit, the 1947 Coupe. This is the third Galaxie kit I have built and it was as enjoyable as the first two. Chose '47 Chevy factory color Lakeside Green (MCW #351). Had a neighbor that bought one of these new and his was black which I thought about for this kit but glad I used the Green as it really shows off the great design features of these Chevrolets. Had the same problem with the hood fit. Tried the alteration to the underside front edge of the hood, shaving some material off to allow the hood to set back a little further, and it diminished the gap but not enough. Waiting for a new battery for my Dremel and have something else I might try to eliminate the gap.
  6. Didn't know that. Just checked and prices are comparable as well. I buy kits from Hobbylinc and the shipping is reasonable and quick. Thanks for the info Joe!
  7. Greg, the kit was molded in red. I painted it with MCW British Racing Green but the flash i needed to highlight the instructions and paints darkened the model body. It actually is a lighter green and the MCW paints polish up great which I have to do yet. BTW I primed the body with Tamiya grey surface primer which covered the red and I then "cured" that in a dehydrator at 105 degrees for about an hour. Didn't see any bleed through.
  8. I have both of the new Revell Jaguar kits. Looking through the instructions I was really impressed with the painting details they have noted. I visited the Revell site and made up my order based on their recommendations, 10 spray cans and 10 bottled paints. Revell indicated that delivery may take a couple of months due to the current shipping backlogs but I have plenty of other kits to work on while waiting. I ordered them on September 6th and package arrived in New Jersey customs Nov 13th, close to prediction. This will be my first effort at detailed component painting and looking forward to it.
  9. Absolutely stunning build! I have one of these and one of the coupe in my WIP, plus one more each in my stash. During my 3 year army stint in Germany in the early 60's I had several opportunities to drive these cars and still have great memories of that. I have ordered the Revell paints specified in the instructions in an attempt to build an accurate rendition. Saved pics of your build as a further guide to building this excellent kit, thanks for sharing!
  10. It never ceases to amaze me some of the postings seen here on this forum dedicated to "modeling". Lately though they seem to be much more immature and soon become caustic, spoiling it for the majority of members. I really feel sorry for the moderators who deal with BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH on a daily basis.
  11. Received the new Revell Jaguar E-Type Roadster kit today. The body pieces are molded in a terrible green and the *tan* for interior and top pieces is not much better. Those can be fixed with prime and MCW paint. The real problem is the same as with the coupe kit, the bonnet fenders are bowed out and will require some heat and reshaping to fit as intended. The kit is packed into the flat box that Revell uses quite a bit and if it is not shipped to you in a more substantial box I think there will be damaged parts. Luckily mine was shipped from England in a rigid box that appeared to be made for the Revell type box. I have the new Revell coupe kit as well and am looking forward to beginning the build process. These appear to be very detailed and should be impressive models when built. I was stationed in Germany from Feb '62 to Aug '64 and had the opportunity to drive both models of this car and have always wanted to build models of them but never saw one with the detail of these two until now.
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