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  1. modelercarl added a post in a topic Ford F-350 Duallie Pickup   

    Nice looking build.  I have one of these that I started and seeing this build makes me move it up on the todo list.  Are those the kit wheels or did you use some from somewhere else?
  2. modelercarl added a post in a topic Question for Guys 60+   

    I am 75 and restarted model building about 15 years ago, had built models when I was a teenager many, many years ago.  In the last couple of years I have found that when gluing/assembling pieces that don't locate by pin-in-hole method I have to take special care, often needing to have both hands resting on something solid.....not a show stopper but I need to be aware of this.  I am also experiencing the "the now where did I put that piece?" syndrome, and I am forced to work around it until it magically reappears. I can perform all of the tasks required for model building from preparing models for priming, spray paint them, assemble them, polish them, etc. but I find that as I age it takes a little longer to do so.
    Even though I worked as an engineer all my adult life, which can be a somewhat sedentary job, I was pretty much "hands on" and closely followed projects often getting involved in the build, tryout and service of projects.  In addition, I got involved in the hobbies and sports of my 3 kids which kept me very active.  I have been a gym member for the last 10 years and go about 3 days a week, park as far as I can from the door when shopping and walk frequently when not doing something else.
    I have learned that all of the attention put on exercise by health care professionals is valid.  I have friends from my childhood (just had one visit yesterday) who retired in the true sense of the word and to witness their physical and mental deterioration is disturbing.
    All of this is to convince you "kids" who might read this missive to establish  some sort of exercise program and stick to doesn't have to be time a consuming regimen, make it something that you feel comfortable doing....... after 4-6 months it will become habit and you will be amazed at how well you will feel.
  3. modelercarl added a post in a topic Evil Trucker   

    This is a MODEL CAR FORUM......
  4. modelercarl added a post in a topic Fireball Modelworks!   

    I just got (6) Goodyear Wrangler MT/R tires from him for a MENG F350 I am building with Scenes Unlimited dually fenders.  I am astonished at the quality, never seen model tires so authentic.  The order was here 3 days after placed with him.  Planning on more purchases.
  5. modelercarl added a post in a topic Latest MCM issue?   

    Got mine today.  Paid for 9 issues of the mag assuming that would be one year's worth of publication.  At the present rate of receiving this mag, one issue every 7 months I guess my subscription is good for about the next 4 years?
  6. modelercarl added a post in a topic An apology   

    I don't see anything wrong with the way you display your models.  Besides it is up to the modeler how to display his/her work.  For those who have voiced their displeasure I would ignore their petty complaining (it is probably more jealousy than anything).  Besides with all of the other non-model BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH on this forum which many of us try to ignore, it is refreshing to see a nice model displayed in such a manner.  Just wish I was capable of doing the same.
  7. modelercarl added a post in a topic Custom Decal Printing: Who Still Does It   

    Check with Thomas Logan at  I have used him several times for custom decals for some of my builds and he does excellent work and is very reasonable.  He has a day job which requires travel so he does his printing on weekends but so far I have never waited more than a week and a half for my decals.  Excellent communication also.
  8. modelercarl added a post in a topic Is a 'Sealer' necessary under MCW Paint?   

    I have been using MCW paint over Plasti-Cote T-235 primer and Pledge floor care acrylic over the finished model (with decals) for about 10 years now and have never experienced any problems.  That includes a couple of red styrene models.
  9. modelercarl added a post in a topic Auto Transport   

    Nick,  Here are a couple of pictures of the rigs in their display cases that I made out of 1/4" acrylic stock.  As you can see they are pretty long when hooked up to a tractor.....32" to 34" long.

  10. modelercarl added a post in a topic Auto Transport   

    I have built 3 of these so far for displaying my built cars and they do build up into a nice kit.  The fussiest part of the build is the mounting for the fenders, other than that the rest of the build is good.
    Carl Gowan
  11. modelercarl added a post in a topic Started a new Garage   

    Interesting choice of material for the walls!  I haven't seen/heard anyone call drywall sheetrock in many years.  My dad and most of my uncles were carpenters and they called it sheetrock all their lives.  I think that most people nowadays would not even know what sheetrock is.
    Over the years I have thought about using it for building a diorama but I did not think it would hold up for long with one side stripped of the paper.  The block walls look very authentic carved into the exposed side walls.  Are you planning on sealing them with something?
    Carl Gowan
  12. modelercarl added a post in a topic Galaxie Car Hauler   

    The Galaxie 21 foot tag-along trailer has optional parts to build either the 2 door swing open or the single fold down ramp door at least my kit has that feature.
  13. modelercarl added a post in a topic Ford F350 Dually & Auto Hauler FINALLY a decent update August 19, 2016   

    Some info for you...I built one of these MENG F-350's a couple of years ago.  It went together great except for the fit of the side windows. You have to trim about 1/16' off the bottom of the windows so that the interior tub fits up into the cab right.  I just positioned the windows in place and held them with one hand while I used a panel scribe to mark the proper profile on the glass then cut it off with a razor saw.
    This is a great kit to build and I always wanted to build another one but didn't know how to do something different to justify it.  With dually setup and fifth wheel for a trailer idea you have given me what I needed, thanks.  Will follow your build closely.
    One other thing that I am sure you would pick up but I will mention anyway.  You have to file the taillight lens at a 45 degree angle on the backside so that they fit "into" the fender tighter, not stick out on top.
  14. modelercarl added a post in a topic Newbie: Food Dehydrators & Paint Dryers Question   

    I use the same method as Art outlined above,  never have had any problems.
  15. modelercarl added a post in a topic need a car carrier trailer   

    This trailer has been used extensively in the US.  I believe it was introduced in the 60's or 70's and you can still see it used by many independent car carriers.  I see them  here in SE Michigan quite often, mostly by used car dealers.