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  1. Great job, always enjoying glue bombs resurrected.
  2. Looks great! (Both the model and the Payday!)
  3. Beautiful save, looks great.
  4. Beautiful job and the color looks great. Great job on the foil as well. Did you spray from the can or decant? I think the soft top in black would go quite well.
  5. Cool to see this....I'm restoring a '68 Hot Wheels version.....maybe I'll pick up the kit to go along with it.
  6. Very nice work! And I love that subtle blue tint on the windshield, very '50s era appropriate.
  7. Beautiful restoration, a real gem. Looks great returned to stock.
  8. Beautiful build! And I love seeing it displayed with an original brochure along with that gorgeous, mint kit box!
  9. Indeed, very nice...the wheels turned out nice as well.
  10. I'll be checking out Kustom Khrome at Detroit NNL on Sunday.....good to hear that he is good, I'm finally digging into my stash and am planning for a bunch of parts to be re-plated.
  11. I'll be coming and plan on looking up Bob for some chrome plating of several promo restorations I have planned for the winter.
  12. That's turning out real nice...paint looks great. My family bought a new LTD from Bob Ford back in '68.
  13. Really nice work, top looks great and I think, better in black than in white.
  14. LOL! Real nice looking build. And thanks for mentioning the re-issue, I need to build one to display with my Get Smart lunchbox.
  15. Excellent review, I was on the fence about this kit, thanks to your nice video I have a kit on the way.
  16. Wow, great stuff here. I own a '73 Gran Sport, the only model of it thus far is the little Lindberg kit. I would love to have a 1/25 scale version that I could build to match.
  17. Same here, I've got to get that conversion. Where did you source the wheel covers?
  18. Very nice job, looks like the real thing. I think that those are the Fred Cady decals, pretty sure I have the same set stashed in my file cabinet.
  19. Beautiful restoration and the re-chrome with BMF looks great.
  20. Very impressive....you nailed the authentic MSP look.
  21. Beautiful! I would certainly purchase a resin copy. And I love the promo style....that's how I build my kits nowadays. I have a 'real' '87 LTD slicktop that I am slowly restoring, this would nicely complement it.
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