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  1. Excellent subject and beautiful paint! I enjoy working with diecasts myself, they really add another dimension to modeling!
  2. Outstanding! I never came close to building a model that well when I was 6!
  3. I remember when this car was listed on eBay. It was such an interesting car and listing as the seller had many photos showcasing various details and close-ups of the car, such as the original two-way radio. I'm really looking forward to your build.
  4. Beautiful work thus far. I too will be following your progress as I have the same kit and have yet to work up the courage to dive into it.
  5. Impressive is an understatement....stupendous is more appropriate.
  6. Beautiful Toleman...I still have my Betamax video recording of that '84 race.
  7. All the drivers today are generic as well; they look alike, sound alike and have about as much personality as a vanilla ice cream cone. Many also perceive themselves as "personalities": John Force with a 'reality' tv show, Castroneves on 'Dancing with the Stars', Jeff Gordon filling in for Regis.....can you imagine a Prudhomme, Allison or Foyt stooping to such lows?
  8. I had a retired police Crown Vic/retired cab a while back with 246,000 miles and with 4 Goodyear Ultra Grips it was actually the best handling winter car I ever had. With a couple bags of sand in the trunk it was like a little tank when it came to snow and maneuverability.
  9. This is a beautiful build and has rekindled my interest in funny cars; my last funny car build was probably 35 years ago. Now to start shopping...
  10. This is certainly turning out beautiful. Did you paint the body with the Tamiya straight from the can or did you use an airbrush? Also, would you mind sharing your polishing process.
  11. I think it looks great. Remember, this is an original 50 year old promo. It has character that a new replica cannot duplicate. I have many promos from this era with varying degrees of warp. I polish them out, re-plate where necessary and put them on display. Unless its a melted blob, it will continue to appreciate in value.
  12. Thank you for the replies. Sounds great and I will definitely plan on attending the next meeting!
  13. I have recently returned to modeling and would appreciate any info as to how I would go about joining this club and where meetings are held. Thanks!!
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