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  1. Looks outstanding. I love these big Buicks!
  2. Its crazy the cost of these new kits nowadays. Back in the day a kit would run you about $1.69. I wait until they appear at Hobby Lobby then use a 40% off coupon.
  3. Terrific job here, car looks great!
  4. Another gem, looks beautiful. I really like your Tamiya window tint technique, I'm gonna try that out soon.
  5. Great resto, turned out great! Modelhaus must have been busy churning out parts for the '64 GP......I just received parts for mine.....your's looks so nice I'm going to try and replicate your paint job.
  6. They'll probably re-open in early summer. Then there will be another surge, probably huge and they will have to suspend again. They must be dealing with a backlog of hundreds of orders......I never realized there were still so many people interested in model cars!
  7. I just recently received a rather large order I placed back in October.....many others probably just like me who have been procrastinating on getting the parts to restore their old promos and kits completely forgetting that these fine people would eventually retire....now the rush to order is on. Lucky for me I now have almost everything I need to complete stuff that has been sitting in my stash for decades. I've got one more wrap-up order planned for the Fall.
  8. Very true, also the bubblegum roof flasher is still used. Beautiful build, very authentic...looks great!
  9. Beautiful! One of the greatest drivers of all time, excellent work thus far.
  10. Beautiful work...another masterpiece in the making. I've bookmarked your FW14B for reference once I start mine.
  11. Super nice job! Great color, paint turned out real nice. Now I'm tempted to open mine.
  12. Very nice! That LeSabre was always one of my favorite concept cars.
  13. +1 I'd be happy with the 4-door version. Really nice work, true craftsmanship and modeling skill on display. Look forward to the completed combo, one of my favorite movies back in the day.
  14. Excellent restoration. Those hubcaps are spot on!
  15. Crusader101

    62' Buick

    Good to know, thanks.
  16. Stellar build, looks great, love that color.
  17. Same here, I recently ordered some Modelhaus parts for mine. Gotta get these parts for stashed projects before they close the doors!
  18. Crusader101

    62' Buick

    I like this color so much that I'm going to try my hand at mixing your same acrylics. Looks classy on the Buick and is era correct. Did you airbrush the Future?
  19. Crusader101

    62' Buick

    Great color, beautiful job! It seems that using Future gives the car a more period correct shine as opposed to the high gloss sheen of a regular clear coat.
  20. Oh boy, I'll be watching this one. I like the Sandlewood, it will look good with your painting/polishing ability compared to the current plastic finish. I have this same kit, recently received some Modelhaus parts for it.
  21. Stunning model, details are spot on. True museum quality with this one.
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