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  1. Nice looking kit, look forward to your progress. Did you purchase the detail set directly from Acu Stion?
  2. Thank you for the reply. I will have to continue my efforts to track down that Acu Stion stencil. Every time I check with hlj.com it's listed as non-available. I've always liked the airbrushed lettering. And were you able to get those new tire sticker decals from indycals? (the stickers that are always on the face of a brand new tire). Really an incredible build, thank you for writing such a detailed post and pics, will certainly aid my efforts when I finally embark on my FW14B.
  3. This is a masterpiece of a build...stunning to say the least. Just a quick question....where were you able to source the tire sticker decals?
  4. Looks very impressive thus far, nice work.
  5. Same here, now I want to build one again.. Very nice build, congratulations on the ribbon.
  6. Beautiful build, looks just like the movie car.
  7. I do this with a lot of paint I have around here, even Rustoleum....let them sit upside down for extended storage periods then shake before I spray or stir.
  8. As am I! Have the unbuilt, sealed kit in my stash, untouched for many years now (just realized its still stored underneath my bed).
  9. Well Happy Birthday! My 'day' is October 12. I went through some of my Modelhaus stash and found some T-Bird parts I purchased from them at Toledo 25 years ago!
  10. Is this the October 10 show? I haven't been there in years but I will go this year.
  11. Beautiful work. I have had this kit in my stash since 1994, still unopened. I hope to up my modeling skills significantly before I tackle it (been saying that for the last 20 years). Thanks for the in-depth post.
  12. As everyone says, WELL worth the wait. Very honest, trustworthy and capable people.
  13. Beautiful reproductions. I own a '73 Buick Gran Sport, 89,000 original miles.
  14. That's a masterpiece, well done!
  15. I believe that those are the correct hubcaps for '59....I built that Skip's version back in the 80's as well and it had the Olds hubcaps....years ago picked up a set of the correct hubcaps and have yet to install them. And indeed the OP's model is very nice....love the color combo. I did the same thing back in the '60's when I first built this kit....couldn't get it right back then so I burned it LOL!
  16. Beautiful build, very nice photography as well.
  17. Crusader101

    69 Galaxie

    Looks great, nice job! I have the kit sitting right here next to me at my desk and you replicated the color of the box art model spot on.
  18. That is a beaut....very nice job Al. I'm going to have to save my pennies for this kit, did not know it was available.
  19. Another beaut Al....I have this kit and I'll need to pick up a can of Tamiya Yellow for it...looks great in that color.
  20. I prefer the 13 inch myself but then again I've been a huge F1 fan since the 60's and the 18 inch looks too 'modern' for my tastes.
  21. Beautiful work....always enjoy your photos of the completed restorations.
  22. Beautiful model, love the colors. This has inspired me to add a '59 Bonneville kit to my Modelhaus shopping list!
  23. Indeed, I figured that given the enormity of their family tragedy that perhaps their retirement would be immediate. Such decent people, I admire them for their strength in continuing on.
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