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  1. I myself prefer Modelhaus redlines. Their website is back up and running and I plan on ordering some this week.
  2. This is certainly a gem! Really enjoying your progress. Did the wheelcovers come with the kit?
  3. Crusader101

    70 Cuda

    Looks good already. Will enjoy watching this build as I have been following 1:1 Mopar builds on the TV show Graveyard Carz.
  4. Truly stunning, beautiful work. I drool over your paint jobs.
  5. Looks like a million bucks! Terrific job.
  6. Looks great, nice job. Harkens back to Rowan and Martin's 'Laugh-In'.
  7. Looks to be an excellent build....even nicer than what I can accomplish over the course of a month much less a weekend!
  8. Both are fantastic builds. The use of the Ford insignia from the door sill plate of the era in the display is especially cool, as is the reference to Mir on the license plates. Nice work!
  9. Looks great in white, nice job.
  10. Very nice build...really like your lowering technique (also saw your Mustang) and the big tailpipes. Fine job!
  11. Beautiful work...that's a real gem! I have the Tameo Lotus Renault 97T super kit that I've yet to attempt, need to further hone my modeling skills first.
  12. Indeed, very nice. I'm certainly enjoying your glue bomb restos....they're motivating me to start on mine that I've hoarded over the past several years.....just pulled out my '66 Wildcat.
  13. Click on: Crazy Scale Auto parts (in his sig).
  14. Thanks for that link Tony! On that site, also discovered a nice side shot of Chief O'Hara's squad car with 'Gotham City Police' on the door, I'll print that out and build a period police car to go with the batmobile.
  15. Excellent job! How did you reproduce the 'Parachute Pickup Service' lettering?
  16. I'm looking forward to your build..as well as to the release of the kit. BTW, that's a beautiful Monte in your comparison pic!
  17. Geez, I only wish I had this kind of talent.....(I'd settle for even half!)
  18. Very nice build! Where did you source the decals?
  19. Crusader101


    I believe it does come with the figures. Great build!...can't wait for mine ...its due to arrive Tuesday!
  20. Senna didn't need rain tires!
  21. I'm looking forward to continued progress as well....my favorite car and favorite color!
  22. P70 is the designation for the taxi....I have a retired 2006 Crown Vic NYC taxi with 510,000 miles....runs like a top!
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