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  1. So I've been out of building for a few years. I just found out that Testors has discontinued ther Metalizers! Thats so stupid. Anyway, is there an alternative to the Metalizers? Aside from Alclad that is. Mike
  2. Thats just wicked. Your builds never cease to impress. Question though. You don't have to answer but I've been dying to know for years. When it's all completed, how much money have you spent on the aluminum and after market details.
  3. It didnt come tearing out of there, but i probably would have lost it had i not used the bag.
  4. Sound silly but hell I'm gonna do it anyway! Thanks! I'll let ya know how it works out!
  5. My plunger has jammed. I haven't used it in a few years. So i'm going to disassemble it and clean it out. Maybe use a little needle juice on it. The question I have for anyone who's done this before is this. Part A-23A is holding back a spring. Is there so much tension on this little thing that it'll go shooting across the room? I'm a little hesitant because of this. lol I haven't touched anything model related ina few years, so i'm a little gun shy i guess Mike
  6. None of this work is mine. I didn't create anything within the Tutorials and Diagrams folders. I accumulated these over the years via Google Image Searches. The Brians Model Cars content I got from the BMC Forum , posted by B to keep the content available. Diagrams Tutorials Enjoy. --- Mike
  7. ...tires for the Revell 57 Chevy Pro Mod SB series? I moved 4 or so years ago and I'm just now getting back into it. Seems I've misplaced those tires. Or sold them when I sold 95% of my hobby. If anyone has a set of front and back I'd appreciate it. However you'd like to complete the transaction is up to you. I've never bought or sold online before. --- Mike
  8. Mike,

    I see you talked about the Thumper Chassis build. I have heard about this in the past and cannot find it on line. Do you have a link to it?




  9. I love my touch n flow...until i found this. https://www.greathobbies.com/productinfo/?prod_id=DXMAC11 I find it works a little better than the touch n flow.
  10. Have you found that chassis how to? It's by Thumper. I have it on my computer somewhere if you still need it
  11. Also dont pull the tape off vertically...pull it back on itself, more or less parallel to the body.
  12. The issue with the engines is the mating edge on part 2 is narrower at the front than it is at the rear. I'd rather replace it than work it and make it fit. --- Mike
  13. I just started building these kits, and noticed an issue with both engines. Does anyone know where I can get aftermarket engine replacements for these 2 kits?
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