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  1. was at michaels store today

    Thats too bad. I may be wrong, but they hobby seems to be as strong as it ever was, retailers are just not carrying the products any more. Our LHS closed down a few years ago after the owner had a heart attack. His son didnt want to keep the store open, he said it's a dead hobby. Meanwhile there were always customers and i know it was making money. A few months ago an RC shop opened up, they carry models but their prices start at $50 for a kit. At those prices, I'll be shopping online more.
  2. was at michaels store today

    Wait..Michaels isnt going to be selling kits any more?
  3. Drilling holes in styrene rod

    I've always wanted to make my own aluminum rims.hmm
  4. Drilling holes in styrene rod

    Like the picture above, nestling lengths of styrene or aluminum rod would probably be the best way to do it. Any idea of the size from smallest to largest I'd need to achieve this? If my LHS was still open all I'd have to do is take a walk down there and slide the smallest piece of rod into the next size and so on. But these days I have to order online, and since I'm bad with sizes that are displayed with the numbers on the right hand size of the decimal point I'll need a little guidance. It may save me from ordering a bunch of stock I just dont need.
  5. Drilling holes in styrene rod

    It's ok, I was genuinely amused. Spending all that money just to drill a hole in a .75 cent piece of styrene
  6. Drilling holes in styrene rod

    BTW...I love your Sig. Hilarious!
  7. Drilling holes in styrene rod

    Yes I found this on youtube. Thanks but I'm going to be drilling the end of .080 hex rod so i can make my own A/N fittings.
  8. Drilling holes in styrene rod

    Thanks for the tips guys.
  9. Drilling holes in styrene rod

    Interesting. Thanks for looking that up! Much appreciated
  10. Does anyone have a technique for drilling perfectly centered holes in styrene hex rod?
  11. Paint Booth ?

    Works just as well with spray cans. Acrylic, Enamel, Lacquer. No one outside the room you're painting in will smell anything
  12. Paint Booth ?

    I bought a Pace 24inch Super Mini a few years back, and as far as I'm concerned it's the best purchase I've made. I used to have a bathroom fan set in a large bedroom cabinet. My housemate always complained that he could smell everything from upstairs. After I got my Pace he couldn't smell anything. he though I stopped building for the longest time. It'll suck every fume and every bit of dust floating around out of that room. Best $300 ( price has gone up since my purchase) I've ever spent.
  13. Problem with Password

    Every single time I come to this forum, I have to request a new password because my previous one isnt recognised. No I'm not typing it in wrong. I use KeePass PasswordKeeper. It generates and saves password. I copy from the MCM entry i have saved to the database and paste it to the Password field. Each time it';s not recognised. Anyone else have this issue? --- Mike
  14. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Ordered this from Amazon, if it's passable I'll order the others 30AWG Flexible Wire