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  1. Looks awesome 

    “ my name is harry canyon. I drive a cab. “

    ” hey you free?”

    ” Ya get in”

    ” where to pal”

    ” the UN building “

    ” UN building what a joke. They turned it into low rent housing. “

    ” ok sucker hand over your cash. Now!”


    * screams in agonizing pain “

    sigh “ stupid asshole, nobody touches harry canyon unless I want them to “

    I was 13 when i saw that first time in 81. Never saw cartoon sex before that movie. lol I’ve watched it literally 1000s of times since. Owned it on every format it’s been released on. I know every single line. It’s my favourite movie ever. 
    Excellent choice for a build 🤘

  2. 5 minutes ago, NOBLNG said:

    I haven’t taken mine apart, but if you are worried about it, try this. Once you have cracked the screw (A-23A) loose, put the airbrush and your hand onto a clear plastic bag (like a bread bag?) and secure it around your wrist with a rubber band. Then unscrew it completely and if it gets away it will stay inside the bag. Good luck.

    Sound silly but hell I'm gonna do it anyway! Thanks! I'll let ya know how it works out!

  3. My plunger has jammed. I haven't used it in a few years. So i'm going to disassemble it and clean it out. Maybe use a little needle juice on it. The question I have for anyone who's done this before is this. Part A-23A is holding back a spring. Is there so much tension on this little thing that it'll go shooting across the room? I'm a little hesitant because of this. lol  I haven't touched anything model related ina  few years, so i'm a little gun shy i  guess



  4. ...tires for the Revell 57 Chevy Pro Mod SB series? I moved 4 or so years ago and I'm just now getting back into it. Seems I've misplaced those tires. Or sold them when I sold 95% of my hobby. If anyone has a set of front and back I'd appreciate it. However you'd like to complete the transaction is up to you. I've never bought or sold online before.

    --- Mike

  5. Thats too bad. I may be wrong, but they hobby seems to be as strong as it ever was, retailers are just not carrying the products any more.  Our LHS closed down a few years ago after the owner had a heart attack. His son didnt want to keep the store open, he said it's a dead hobby. Meanwhile there were always customers and i know it was making money. A few months ago an RC shop opened up, they carry models but their prices start at $50 for a kit. At those prices, I'll be shopping online more.  

  6. 17 hours ago, BigTallDad said:

    A scaled down version (fewer pieces of tube) also works well for drilling distributor nipples. The holes for the wires are always centered.

    Like the picture above, nestling lengths of styrene or aluminum rod would probably be the best way to do it.  Any idea of the size from smallest to largest I'd need to achieve this?

    If my LHS was still open all I'd have to do is take a walk down there and slide the smallest piece of rod into the next size and so on. But these days I have to order online, and since I'm bad with sizes that are displayed with the numbers on the right hand size of the decimal point I'll need a little guidance. It may save me from ordering a bunch of stock I just dont need.

  7. 17 hours ago, Pete J. said:

    It was said in jest and I know that there are only a few of us with the budget for such things.  However, it still remains the best option for center drilling.  I can and have drilled our pieces with a #80 wire gage drill bit with walls as thin as .003" .  I will also say that once you have a lathe, you find all kinds of handy things to do with it.  I use mine frequently for repairs around the house and on cars.  Very handy tool. 

    It's ok, I was genuinely amused. Spending all that money just to drill a hole in a .75 cent piece of styrene

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