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  1. worse one I ever had was opening up my thumb with one of those curved blades. Man, those curves ones really do cut deeper, it was pretty bad! I dont use those curved blades any more
  2. wow...for results like that, i'll put 6 hours in. if it's gonna take 6 hours...sit in front of the tube instead. I just may give that a shot!
  3. I'll stick with DupliColor...lately my cans of Plastikote have been clogging on me to the point where it's useless.And those are happening with cans that have been restocked in the last few weeks
  4. Before your next trip to Sudbury, give Graham at Hobby Depot a call...ask if he has what you need. He'll put it aside for you. If not ask if he can order it for ya. He's a good guy, he'll do what he can for ya and Welcome! oh BTW...if you have a Princess Auto there...they should sell airbrushes..the price is usually $30-$40 bucks...what you really want though is a Paashe H series though. I havent touch my Badgers since I bought mine.
  5. Yes, the first time I saw them it was a white unit..now they're black..and yes..it really does work well. http://www.robart.co...s/paint-shakers The bands stretch enough that you can also shake cans as well. I havent tried it yet but thats what I was told when I bought it
  6. I dont usually get impressed over the hobby tools that I buy..but this thing is incredible..well worth the $50 I spent on it. I thought for sure I had a few hundred dollars worth of paint that had gone bad...5 minutes on this babyt and it's like new again. The caps that I could not open because the paint had sealed them were also worked loose by the vibration. Highly Recommended!
  7. I love that Streaker Vette...it's one of the first kits I ever built..i remember buying that one along with Night Stalker. I bought them both off of eBay a few years back....I dont want to open them though! Eventually I'll crack'em open and build'em. Until then, I'll just admire the box art!! hehe
  8. Passing up..ummm...'quality time' with my girlfriend because i finally found the motivation to paint...
  9. I wonder if there's any reason why Donn doesnt want us to see his eyes? hehe
  10. I've used TD as well...their customer service was fantastic...got all my parts to build my new comp within 3 days as well..cant go wrong there!
  11. I bought a Fujifilm FinePix S2950, for the price it's a fantastic camera...It's like having a highend camera that only cost $200 bucks...
  12. I understand that the Bulk rates are really expensive. thats why it costs more up here
  13. Istarted on that this evening..pulled the bathroom fan out of my present booth..the pace will slip right in there. It'll stick out 4-5 inches but big deal. At least I wont have the mess to clean that i usually do. And what a mess there was..the bathroom fan was caked with dried paint, the wall behind was black....horrible mess.
  14. Got my Pace in today..ordered on Monday...came in this morning..not bad for shipping up to Canada
  15. This was on page 3 of the general section..close enough to the beginning. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=52702
  16. It's not hokum...not at all.....many people get depressed during the winter due to lack of sunlight. I'm one of them. and yes winters are the worse..imagine getting into the office just before the sun comes up...and leaving for home at 4:30 after it has already gone down. Not good. I rarely see sunight during the winter. But this helps! A little pricey but...
  17. Just ordered a 24 inch Super Mini yesterday morning. Hopefully it<s going out today, as he mentioned he had 5 others ready to ship for tomorrow. Can`t wait!!
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