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  1. I just saw this on revells website, listed as new...Feb 2012...has this been released yetÉ http://www.revell.com/model-kits/cars/85-1224.html
  2. I sprayed that on the previous coat of Diamond Dust...which was layed over a coat of my typical Plasti-coat primer
  3. Hey Hey!! I thought you didnt share those custom colors hmm? hehe Well since you've started sharing ratios...how about the recipe for that orange WIllys hmm? hehe now THATS a very nice color!
  4. Yep...it's a necessity, not a recommendation,no matter what you're painting with, acrylics included. Some of the old schoolers will tell ya that they wished they used'em back in the day, because they're suffering for it now.
  5. Tried again today...looks a hell of alot better. Again warmed both body and can in dehumidifier, shook the can really well and did a couple of light mist coats before applying one final wet coat. Mist coats were fine...but during the wet coat a few chunks did appear. I did notice though, the chunk wasnt there after i applied the paint...it appeared a few seconds after, like a slowly rising bubble. it wasnt dust in the air either, that I can be sure of. but whatever, I'm satisfied...i'll just knock down the few rough areas there are and reapply in those areas. Now, if only i can force myself, to take the time to learn how to use my camera so i can take better pictures!
  6. yes, I've seen blue, candy apple red and what looked like a solid red...could have just been the picture, but that was the only one i saw with a solid red
  7. Looking good, I started this one months ago...finally got the candy apple red to look good , then it ended up with a nice big gouge in the paint..ahh well...gonna try again soon..
  8. thats a good question, I'm gonna call Testors Corp tomorrow and see if anyone else has reported this. Wouldnt be moisture as the room itself is dry, and the body was in my dehydrator up until I painted.
  9. It could be the nozzle, I can replace that. I always remove my nozzles before I toss an empty can. It could be my prep..but I doubt that, after I smoothed out that rough parts I washed it really well, then put the body into the dehydrator with the can. I gave up on it last year, but I really like the color. I'm gonna have that body painted in diamond dust if i have to use the whole darned can up on touch ups hehe
  10. yes, 2 totally different cans...maybe from the same lot but I highly doublt it, he's run out and restocked afew times during the course of that year. I did sit the body and can in the dehydrator for a good 40 minutes earlier, shook the can for 3 minutes exactly, sprayed the hood and it came out perfect. I went to do the body...it started nicely, then about 3/4 through it started chunking up again....and I shook the can really well between passes. It isnt so bad thius time though, I'll pass the snading cloth over the rough spots and re-shoot.
  11. Regularly..all the others go one like they're supposed to. Smooth and shiny in one coat. it has to be the flake sticking together. I'll shake for 2-3 minutes, and spray a few seconds before I paint that body again
  12. It's actually WORSE without the dehydrator lol I have...this is the second time I've tried it, first time was last year. Just bought this can last week. Graham, my LHS owner said he's never seen that before either. It's gotta be me...maybe the flake sticks to itself,and I just need to shake it up longer. I'll try it out later on. Doc..You're right...it would make a really nice base for a rust job!
  13. I've tried using this One Coat colour in the past, but it always came out chunky....textured. Is this the way it's supposed to look?? I just tried a new can, warmed it up in my dehydrator for a good half hour, sprayed, and it came out very rough again. Does this happen to anyone else, or is it just me! Just to give ya an idea of how it lays down for me --- Mike
  14. Yes...i have that one....avert your eyes if ever you come across it!!
  15. Too bad that concept died out. They were a blast! Spent many evenings there...dont remember ever watching an entire movie though. DOWN IN FRONT!!!
  16. Yes! That was I who had asked that question! Thanks! I was holding off on that purchase but now, I may pick up a can this weekend!
  17. I think, i may be wrong, that the technique is called Forced perspecive http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=54019 that may be the thread
  18. Buddy...I keep coming back to check this build out. I love it. I've said it before i know but the wiring is incredible! Very Romell-esq! hehe I've only ever done basic wiring on these things. Did you use the usual schematics to wire this?
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