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  1. Wow! Just beautiful! I love it when builders seemingly make tiny masterpieces of each and every piece - then they put it together for an epic build! Thanks for challenging the rest of us!
  2. Wow! I really like how this is going! That chassis is fantastic. Is there a tutorial on how to do that? I have been away - A Scrapbooking plotter?! Great Idea!
  3. All your builds are nice and clean but I really like that Sweet little roadster in the last pic. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Great build! Thanks for sharing. Was the kit a Fujimi Enthusiast Series kit?
  5. I did a double take on the first picture! Suspended disbelief is the goal- you nailed it!
  6. Jewelry has less attention to detail than your parts. Its like you are viewing each part and subassembly like its own finished model for display. Truly inspirational! Thank you for sharing!
  7. I agree with the Monogram kit endorsement. The MPC kits have the common BFG T/A Radials popular at the time. The tires in the Monogram kits are either Good Year Gatorbacks or Eagle GS-A tires on the later models. Hope this helps.
  8. Way cool out-of-the-box build! A few years ago there was a dude in New Jersey that was dragging a Carrera4S. Wheel standing 9 second in the quarter.
  9. Nice build! Great save! Now if I could only start on my original glue bomb Grumpy's toy 70 Camaro!
  10. Rusty Flugelhorn!? I see what you did there! That takes some brass! Love the build. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I would SO drive that Camaro! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Wow. Just WOW! Love those drag cars!
  13. The custom Olds and Chevy pickup are spot-on! Stance is perfect!
  14. That black 'Cuda with Challenger stripes is mean looking. Where'd you get the flares? Thanks for sharing!
  15. That turned out great! Thanks for sharing!
  16. Take a video when you fire this up for the first time, please. Good work!
  17. You are building the Aston that "Q" kept for himself! Sweet build- looking forward to seeing it finished!
  18. That is a very liberal use of the word "FIT"! Nice piece- thanks for sharing!
  19. Very nice! Clean and very realistic! Did they actually have a totally flat floor in the interior?
  20. Stellar build! Thanks for sharing all the great pictures.
  21. Great idea and execution. Thanks for sharing.
  22. NOW I know what to do with my wife's minivan! It'll cut her commute time in half! Great build! definately reminds me of the Ford Supervans. Thanks for sharing!
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