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  1. I truly believe that the scale automotive hobby will not entirely die. Enjoying miniatures will go on. But it will most likely be with whatever we leave them and a whole lot of scratchbuilding. I can't relate to 3D modeling - but it's really cool and I would think that as this process becomes more refined and cheaper - it will allow unlimited possibilities including original design. The internet is and will always be a very good source of sharing info. This will also keep modeling alive. It won't die - just shrink. I don't think modeling is uninteresting to youth due to subject matter - even those interested in cars respect the older stuff. Younger people are not inquizative about mechanical things. When I was a child I had mechanical toys like Take-apart-car. Legos. Erector-sets. As I got older - I took apart everything! Old hair driers, clock radios, etc. I used to go out to the garage and lift the hood on my mom's Mustang and just look at it. I wanted to know what it did inside. I read car magazines I bought with my allowance to feed my need for information. I still can't get enough automotive info or imagery. I love mechanical things. Today many of our youth are waiting to be told what to do. They are so distracted by media - internet, social sites, video games, music, and texting, etc. They aren't allowed to get bored enough to take things apart. They want easy. Being inquizative isn't easy. Building models to the level found on this forum is most definately not easy.
  2. Love those R32s! Great stance. Clean build. I would drive one of those!
  3. Sweet build! I always love how aggressive Autrailian racers look.
  4. Nice clean build. Great stance! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Cool build! Thanks for sharing. Your 1:1 Car's hood has a lace paint job? Cool.
  6. Very nice! For some reason I'm really lovin' the tuners right now. Guess its time to build one of my own.
  7. Does that mean he is an older - old man? Happy Birthday Donn!!
  8. Looks like it popped off the pages of Honk! magazine. Tre-vintage!
  9. Clean, sharp, great presentation. Love the sprint car injection and headers. I'd be proud to have that on my shelf!
  10. That thing sits just low enough. Love it!
  11. That is SO awesome! Please start taking him to car shows - he will remember them as some of the greatest time with you.Just remember the diapers, wipes and sunblock!
  12. I like rake. But only if the car is low enough to carry it off. Personnally - you can't shove the front wheels far enough into the wheelwells far enough. I like the rake you have in the last picture - but I would lower the car another 3-4 scale inches both front and rear.
  13. I thought Zen was finding joy and peace in the mundain, monotonous or taxing task or challenge. Oh well - I want to see what is in my head in 3D and solving problems to get it there.That and cultivating, maintaining or creating friendships.
  14. My first car was a '68 289 coupe. Your build is great - thanks for sharing.
  15. Very nice! Great color choice. Fantastic stance.
  16. seeker589

    datsun 510

    I really love these cars. I think they have the best proportions - and the racing heritage is pretty cool, too. Nice build
  17. Shakotan Rat. sweet. Where do you get those wheels / tires with the stretch? When I was in AirForce tech school in Biloxi Miss. in 1987 - there was a guy with a really bitchin' 1:1 510. built with a roll bar, flares, lowered and painted german desert camo with white, grey and black primer. It was so cool.
  18. Love it! Great build - great subject.
  19. Justified and Ancient! 3AM eternal! The build is awesome - the influence is great, too. i wonder if anyone ever built the Satellite on the Information Society album cover of Hack?
  20. What mixing ratio do you use. I painted a body with Tamiya acrylics thinned with alcohol some time ago and was very discouraged with the results. My next project will use Reverend Yost's method. Preach-on brother!
  21. Thank You everyone for your input. I have suspected that I could be going through a form of a creative depression. I'll gather some fight and sling some putty. I'll also try to visit this board a bit more often for inspiration.
  22. My work schedule changed drastically last fall. I leave the house for work at 6:30pm and am away from the house until about 7am the following day. I do this cycle from Monday evening to Friday morning. It might not sound like a big problem but being away from the house for over twelve hours is a bit taxing. I've grown accustomed to sleeping during the day. Being off from Friday morning to Monday evening might seem to be able to present some building time but motivation (or lack there-of) seems to creap its ugly head into the whole equasion. I really love this forum and have posted a bunch of times in the past - being an Ohana is pretty cool. How do you guys do it?
  23. Have you thought about writing an article or publishable paper displaying your skills? This is outstanding work! Thanks for sharing!
  24. I gotta say - this could happen to anyone. Anyone with questionable decision making skills. There was a similar situation with a work truck being driven into wet concrete. Problem was - he just helped pour it! Bone head moves happen. Not heeding the blocked off street and driving around those cones is just as dumb as someone texting and driving or making the decision to street race on a busy street. It was just a really bad decision. Oddly enough - I feel sorry for all of us that just wish we could own such a fine car. Is the outstanding engineering and execution of those exotics lost on those that can buy them without a second thought?
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