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  1. mookie

    My Garage

    This is the first diorama I have ever built. Still trying to learn a few tips and tricks. I do plan on building a more realistic one, but for now this is what I have so far.
  2. Been working on this for a little while, my first big rig. The box art is white with blue, but I wanted blue with white. I have many kits that I am working on right now so this one might take a back seat for a bit.
  3. Really nice work, the two tone paintjob just makes it that much better.
  4. I am building one as well, I wanted to chop the roof but decided not to go through with it because i chopped it down into a single cab. After seeing the roof chop on yours it makes me regret my decision of not doing it. Keep it up it is looking dope.
  5. Haven't really built anything in a while, finally going to work on this. (sorry for the effects stole the pic off my instagram)
  6. Thanks guys. I really happy you guys like it.
  7. I just finished this one its been sitting on my shelves for a few months. Chopped the roof off and the windshield. Custom widebody, front and rear bumpers, and molded the cover onto the rear of the car. Swapped the engine for a 340 six pack, with custom center exit exhaust. I also did the suicide doors, although they do not fit 100% perfect I am happy with them because it was my first attempt at hinging doors, which was quite a while back. Here is a little bit of the work in progress. http://www.modelcars...topic=53623&hl=
  8. I am going to try and get on there and see what those guys have to say about my build. In the meanwhile here is an update. Turbo is looking a little better, I built some turbo fins, and painted in silver to make them pop a little more.
  9. Last update for the night. Doors tilt up and forward why not the hood.
  10. While I was waiting on the filler to dry I started on the engine. But it looked a little two plain, I already have a few cars with stock Hemis. So I thought I would try something new, I made (or try take make) a twin turbo set up. I need to clean it up and try to make them symmetrical. I am still going to be running the stock exhaust to make it look a little more cleaner. Let me know what you think.
  11. I really like stuff from the 50's, even though i havent really built many from that time period. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. I wish it was raining here in Cali, today it was like 102 degrees. If you want to trade places I would do it in a heartbeat.
  12. I think I have an account I dont really remember. Here is a quick update on the front end update.
  13. Thanks man I had to adjust and readjust them so many times I almost gave up on them, but I didn't. I am very happy that they work.
  14. There was a mix up and it turns out I have two profiles. I am very sorry for that. Well here is where I am at. Made my own Lambo doors, I had the idea when I was at my dads doctor appointment. Then slammed it on some wire wheels I had in my parts box. Going to try and update the front fascia, to the newer model headlights. Here is the hinge I made, it took some tweaking to make it clear the door panel and the dashboard, but it works.
  15. This is my primary profile. As you can see by the names.
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