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  1. Cato added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

  2. Cato added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

    Any results from selling kits on-line?
  3. Cato added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

    Of course it's appropriate; you're the main mod here, the guy that kicks ass and takes names! And we want it to STAY THAT WAY.
    I'm sure it does all of us much good to hear directly from you, especially given this encouraging news. We don't need thanks; we need good news from your end. The part about your wonderful family is especially good. I'm also sure your docs don't BS around when they tell you they are encouraged and you will beat this. But the hard work is up to you. That you sleep better and eat well is a great condition to be in.
    Ebay has sent a letter to headquarters saying there has been a radical drop-off in the number of 1/16 scale brass era and classic cars sold of late.  So don't lounge around  - get with the program; you have plenty of building to catch up with.
    And guys, think of donations as Harry's lifeline. Any of those money-raising schemes like selling off old stash stuff is most effective and relatively painless.. Also spreading the word (or actually the link) among non-modeler friends is a great way to expand the base of donations.
    Because they're not gonna give Harry free treatments anytime soon. Keep 'em coming.

  4. Cato added a post in a topic Big ol' 1/8 '32 Roadster, Channeled: moving along, Sept. 25   

    Ya nailed it good Bill.
  5. Cato added a post in a topic Pocher Rolls Sedanca   

    Turning the corner...
    Body in color at last. Both colors are in raw paint, not color sanded or polished yet. Only doors and trunk are in final finish and polish state. Much handling of the main coach yet to come before finishing steps.
    Seen here, some bits are just hung on for a look-see, The wheel, chromed windshield frame and door are just placed and the running board is clipped from below. I can now finally see what my vision turned out. The lowness of the roof compared to stock Pocher is readily apparent. Contributing to the streamlined look are the Bugatti color sweep, sectioned, sloped and lowered trunk and the ~7mm trimmed rocker panel under the doors. The roof covering fabric is seen in the foreground for color compatibility. The lowered, streamlined effect is heightened when the fenders are attached but they're protected in storage for now as they too are in final polished state.
    So here you have it my friends - love it or hate it but I don't think many will yawn. For many this is sacrilege to afflict to a stately RR. But I did get closer to my vision than I expected. Rolls and Royce may be spinning in their graves but maybe George Barris is not. In fact he may think I didn't go far enough.
    Go ahead gang, pass judgement - I'm a big boy...

  6. Cato added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

    Sincere thanks to Bill and James.
    Great way James found to contribute without sacrifice and Bill's point about continuing need is spot on. It's just lousy to realize that our Harry will not be out of the woods just because we donate.
    But we can do something to ease the anguish he lives with about cost and red tape. You guys all have come up with some great ideas to raise money.
    No thanks for me please; I much rather we never had to create this thread...
  7. Cato added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

    Nice idea Michael. Very nice of you to spend it for a vital cause and the bonus is you're not out-of-pocket to do so.
    This could work well for those who really want to help but for whom things are tight right now.
  8. Cato added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

    A really nice idea from James. Makes perfect sense and is virtually painless. All those that appreciate Harry's work here can make a significant improvement in his treatment. The costs of those treatments with marginal insurance coverage is as painful as the disease itself.
    Try to remember that every single day, Harry lives with physical pain and mental anguish about dwindling resources. Our contributions will give at least small relief. Please do what you can now...
  9. Cato added a post in a topic HELP HARRY   

    Not sure Angelo. Go to the link and see if there is card information available. And thanks on behalf of Harry to all of you that care.
    EDIT: They have an 'Ask Gofundme' a question box on the bottom of the page.
  10. Cato added a post in a topic HELP HARRY   

    Considering you're half a world away  from Illinois, I commend you for your thought and generosity. Thank you Gaute.
  11. Cato added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

    Bob makes great points. It's bad enough to hear of a friend's  turmoil when something like this happens. But it's frighteningly worse when YOU are the guy at the sharp-pointed end of the disease. This advanced disease is truly life-threatening; at best, it's a life-altering situation.   And not in a good way. You just cannot stop thinking about it and trying to stay one step ahead of the advancing disease. Compound that with knowing that your own resources are not nearly enough to get you through it. Indeed, beyond the terrible clinical burden, Harry is struggling to get the needed treatment with the inferior heath insurance he's been saddled with. Additionally, the loss of income from his business has been a cruel event to deal with.
    There's a sad fact of life with advanced disease such as this. It  is that the same procedures and medications the medical world gives you to fight the disease are as debilitating as the unchecked disease itself. They are designed to STOP the advancing disease; in doing so there is inevitable collateral damage. Think bombing a city to destroy the enemy, you may do so but the city is virtually destroyed in the process. So there's no win / win here - you're battling all the way. I know this first hand from my own family's brushes with serious disease.
    I think part of the problem is that many of the forum members in general do not come to 'The Lounge' and so are not aware of our friend's plight. I'd love to see this in the 'General' forum up front but that is against the rules. So again, I thank all of you who have contributed to Harry's Fund but ask you to go a step further.
    Contact your site buddies by email or PM, ask if they know about this and spread the word of this pressing need. Give them the link to the Fund that you used to contribute. Maybe even word-of-mouth to your non-modeling friends and associates; generosity can come from many sources. So far, the Fund has achieved only 10% of the anticipated financial need. 
    We've all marveled at Harry's model work and countless of us have learned a huge amount of modeling skills from it. He's so popular for that reason. Let's pay back that generous input we've gotten from him over the years.
  12. Cato added a post in a topic My worst fears realized   

    A reminder; good wishes are wonderful but the best possible way to support Harry is to contribute to his fund.
    Not only is he battling this most serious disease, but he's also battling staggering costs and a health care system that is not worthy of the name. Red tape and huge costs everywhere he turns.
    Help all you can.
  13. Cato added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

    PM sent.
  14. Cato added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

    To the four members who've contributed to Harry's Fund, sincere thanks on his behalf.  But as of now that leaves 91 others who have viewed this thread and not contributed. C'mon guys.
    It was very difficult for him to get up here and reveal the plight he's in. As web pals of his, I think we can assist the courage he's shown in a material way.
    Many of you have whole rooms stacked with stashed models  - quite an expense over time. We're talkin' the price of a kit - from a SnapTite to a Pocher which can help Harry fight his disease and the red tape 'the system' puts him through. Anything you can or will spare is vital. He's not putting a hot tub in his backyard with this Fund...
    Many of you have your own medical issues, I get that. Me too. But maybe you can spread this needy work by contacting fellow forum members you're pals with and give them the Fund link. Think of all the years and all the guys Harry has helped out. I for one, want him around here  only another whole lifetime.
    PM me with what ever you can spare.
  15. Cato added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Our Harry needs help
    Some of you may have seen his earlier thread; Harry P. has been diagnosed with a serious disease. He is having difficulty with not only the disease but with getting affordable treatment. And time is of the essence.
    Since Harry has helped countless numbers of us with model related ideas and methods, let's also remember that he has been the nuts and bolts guy on this site on a daily basis. His work has been inspirational every time he posts. Being an 'extended family' of Harry's, we can help and support him in this time of serious need.
    Any of you interested in materially helping Harry to fight this disease, please send me a PM here and I will provide contact information that may be crucial to Harry's well-being. Let's return the favor of all the work and entertainment he has provided. 
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