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  1. Cato added a post in a topic New Site/Forum Look   

    I just updated Firefox today and ever since, the homepage has a totally different look and operates much differently when selecting  forum categories or threads. Before that it was fine. Not liking at all...
  2. Cato added a post in a topic Pocher Rolls Sedanca   

    Then that action also instigated the depletion of your bank account which of course, you placed blame on me to your wife.
    I am already hated by enough women in THIS country, thank you...
  3. Cato added a post in a topic Pocher Rolls Sedanca   

    I see Harry; you use the link symbol with image info between text. I've been using the 'drag files / choose files' link. Only loads the files below all the text body.
  4. Cato added a post in a topic Pocher Rolls Sedanca   

    I figured your relative absence was the old adage; 'if you can't say anything nice...'
    Yep Scott, my work doesn't inspire like Harry's. Mine DISCOURAGES...
  5. Cato added a post in a topic Pocher Rolls Sedanca   

    No Scott, the beltline is a raised stamping or molding used by coachbuilders to conceal or finish off an edge of joined panels or seams. Many like mine were doubled or had a chromed or pinstriped spear within. The raised element adds interest and breaks up slab-sided areas. It was often used as a break area for two-tones. Courtesy Koo, below are examples.
    Yeah, I see that changing the WYSIWYG is a dead horse now. The old way made it much simpler to make understandable posts for viewers who may not be familiar with what you're trying to show.
    And there's NO slowing down Harry, even with chained arms and legs. The only one who can alter his building pace is obviously his better half...

  6. Cato added a post in a topic Pocher Rolls Sedanca   

    Turning a corner...
    I'm sorry I can't put text between shots to better explain; I just dunno how so I get the electronic dunce cap.
    Continuous work has finally got the doors sized and mounted. easier written than done. Numerous sessions with hinge placement (doors on and off) and heating the warps was tedious. There are so many compounds to the body curvature that the door must conform to it you want a smooth paint reflection. I got it better than OOB but probably not as perfect as I want it.
    With doors in their final place, I finalized a paper template of the maroon portion of the sweep with a beltline. The idea is a smooth flow of lines front to rear and blend into the trunk lines. So the trunk does not look like an afterthought.
    From this I will make a .010 styrene template with sharp edges and from that the actual cladding that will get fastened to the body. The cladding will be .020 thick, the raised beltline will be .030 atop that and the center line seen here will be .080 wide half-round. I may tweek or remove the arrow point on the front and possibly slightly adjust the bottom edge of the roof line.
    I'm relieved the design is finalized but anxious about getting a perfect, flat fit to the body. Stay tuned...

  7. Cato added a post in a topic Big Bugatti in the house!   

    Well, you could swap engines between the two and have a blown Shooting Brake. Now THAT'S unique. Did you have the shaft play in the diff?
  8. Cato added a post in a topic Big Bugatti in the house!   

    From Marvin's site, here is a model by Roger Antrobus. The rear glass is clearly smaller by Pocher. Would you correct that on yours?

  9. Cato added a post in a topic Big Bugatti in the house!   

    Uhhh, He told me he had that problem. I suggested that fix.
    It worked.
    I think these forums are to help and be helped. I try...
  10. Cato added a post in a topic Big Bugatti in the house!   

    I know a guy who bought a pristine early kit and when I gave him that tip it fixed his problem. Thought it might be helpful for you too.
  11. Cato added a post in a topic Big Bugatti in the house!   

    The shafts carrying the diff gears will have slop in the plastic journal saddles. Wrapping the shafts with a bit of teflon tape or BMF will remove the slop but allow them to turn easily.
    For when you're zooming it across the rug...
  12. Cato added a post in a topic Pocher Rolls Sedanca   

    Cool - flames instead will look bitchin'  
    Boy, with out masking and no wire wheels to build, this one will be done in a week.
  13. Cato added a post in a topic Pocher Rolls Sedanca   

    Thanks guys for taking time to register comment on my latest (and last) madness.
    On the point about the the 'curl' at the bottom of the sweep, I have anguished over that for quite some time.
    My feeling is that it works best for the Bugatti T-50; precisely for the reason that the Bug fenders / running boards are one piece. And they have a beautiful flow from one to the other front to back. That curl should be there (IMO) on the Bug because the rear fenders begin to sweep upward right at that junction. (Snob Bug owners may not agree - Scott...)
    My car has 'slashes', where the fronts end, the boards begin and end and the rear fenders start abruptly.
    So it seemed logical to me to terminate in a pronounced 'vee' at the rear fender leading edge. A joint that may be echoed by the roof / trunk lids intersection. Resembling the downward curve of the front fender was  primary to my eye. Here are some shots of the sweep in the actual cream color (painted, 2 thin coats) and with the running board  (not yet painted) attached. Hopefully that will make more sense.

  14. Cato added a post in a topic Pocher Rolls Sedanca   

    Love / hate relationship...
    Here's where I polarize the few of you I haven't already alienated with my tampering of a Pocher classic.
    With one door mounted and the second nearly so, I will reveal a styling change long in the planning stage and soon to be constructed. My goal for so long has been a low, long, elegant and jaunty sporting coupe in the Gurney Nutting coach style. All the modifications have been aimed that way.
    A hint was tendered a few posts back with the addition of Bugatti Type-50 tail lamps. Having rotated the rear fenders a bit to make them 'fly' and add to the streamline, I felt the lamps were the perfect addition to highlight that as they do on the Bug. They are also period correct. The concept came a year ago; the parts just a month or so ago.
    After looking at so many T-50 models back then an idea came to me; the color sweep. A two-tone demarcation which could add visual excitement and increase horizontal elements. I searched all my Rolls reference and found but one example of a P II that had been treated this way by its owner. Seen here in Gentile's book is 144 PY, a somewhat in-elegant combination of lines but the sweep is there.
    EDIIT; I'm sorry for the poor presentation as I don't know how to integrate the text between each photo.
    Color sweeps were not uncommon in the era especially good examples being Gable's Duesenberg Roadsters. Many custom coach builders used the device. So on firmer ground, I set to work integrating the device into the Sedanca design in a graceful way. Many paper templates followed along with many 'paint program' alterations of model Rolls photos. I found it's not as easy as it sounds. The 'speed' of the arc and its fit on the body work took much work to reconcile. Finally a pleasing to my eye design evolved. (You may now understand why this build has been taking so long; the prior modifications and this bright idea has caused many of you to yawn off into oblivion. I can't blame you; even I think I'm nuts going this deep off the gang plank).
    Anyway, this color illustration makes it very clear and fairly accurate. It's an actual photo of my model on its wheels, then colorized in a facsimile of the final colors. The modified trunk, cut top etc. is all actually the model with fenders attached and wheels. Only thing forgotten was the spare hanging off the back.The sweep design finalized from this and transferred to styrene.
    The influence can be seen in this superb T-50 built by David Cox. The sweep differs from mine because both bodies have different proportions but that was my task; to integrate that look onto the Sedanca 'canvas'. I tried to mimic the fender curves and integrate the roof lower edge in a harmonious way. You will judge if I succeeded or not.
    Lastly, here is the body side with door and sweep attached. This is a sheet of .010 styrene (purely to get the curvature right for the upper cladding) which will be used as a template to make the upper body cladding. That's right, the upper portion will be .020 thick styrene so there is a demarcation line just like the Bug - not just a masked paint line. The edge will create a subtle shadow at the color break. The coachline will run from the grille to the trunk, further 'lengthening' the lines. Another involved project to get just right. Not seen on the illustration but present in the last shots are the hinge and louver details which will be in the yellow lower portion.
    I may have a completely unique Pocher Rolls at the conclusion or chicken soup. I'm pressing on so I think I'm gonna like it. I welcome the few of you patient ones to continue on with me but truly understand if you feel I've gone to far and you've had enough.
    EDIT; I'm sorry for the poor presentation as I don't know how to integrate text between the photos. WYSIWYG in not a good editing tool and I HATE it. BRING BACK THE PREVIEW BUTTON!

  15. Cato added a post in a topic 1/8 scale woody   

    Harry Pristovnik - NOT just a pretty face.