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  1. The easiest way to remove any CA from any of those tips is to hold it in the flame of a Bic lighter or candle for 5 seconds. Burns right off cleanly then wipe with a bit of tissue to get the carbon residue off. No fumes, acetone or mess. Ready for more work.
  2. Me too. It's been lonely being the only big Rolls here for 2 1/2 years. Welcome back. You'll be done before I get a wheel on I'm sure...
  3. Dude, you rock! Cuttin' off the mufflers tonight and making a collector under the passenger running board !!
  4. Yikes PK, I didn't even know I made the first 'fab'! Harry, if nothing else, I hope it gave you a good laugh in this eventful time for you. I agree about the lighter top but in reality, in regular room light, it reads about the same value as the body dark red. The slightest change to flash or fluorescent / incandescent or open window light takes it from magenta to almost black. Just can't get an accurate color portrayal with camera on screen. It reads closely in person even though a different color. Mike - no pinstripes - just my usual conservative tribal flames...
  5. EDIT: All the images got compressed - don't know why. Click each for actual size.
  6. Coming (soon) attraction: This long delay has been eventful and here is a teaser of what's to come. The fabric top is well and truly underweigh. It consists of 3 parts; the main center section and both sides of the roof. All have been sized, cut, hemmed and the sides are now attached. The center's edges will overlap the side's top edges slightly. The critical part is cutting a single dart or slit at the compound curve on the roof top corners. Not for the faint of heart. Here is the fabric (scraps) just draped in place to give you the idea. The color in person is very close to the body's dark red but will photograph almost magenta in some shots due to the camera metering. But you'll get the idea:
  7. The 2mm white may help you more on smaller scales.
  8. Yes the yellow will give clean edges but the 3mm white gives beautiful curves. I used it here:
  9. YOU DA MAN Bill...Good ol' Faith. Saw 'This Island Earth' about 37 times...Exactly who and what I'm after for my cabin. Jean Harlow would do in a pinch.
  10. No stinkin' make-up on MY starlets...see the following...
  11. Yes Peter, I found that helpful; I sourced the carpet from such a supplier and was amazed at the extent of the accessories. Virtually all I found were 1/12 scale however. The carpet nap turned out perfect for 1/8 scale.
  12. You gotta press on Bill; precisely because it's big and you get the chance to do one of your fab period-correct paint jobs. Gotta see this in paint. And a little header heat...
  13. This cabin was designed for starlets, remember Harry? NOT librarians. So no reading lamps... I truly have thought of those elegant mini vases, one mounted on each side wall near the opening with two small roses within. But then I came to my (alleged) senses.
  14. OK now you need to scratch a 1/16 scale balloon. You already built the Sopwith bipe - how hard could it be?
  15. Sanding BELT. I have a Blacksmith License you know...
  16. OH GREAT ! Thanks Mike - no pressure right????
  17. A bit of good news today is that Harry had the port installed and it went very smoothly. I think he's largely pain-free.
  18. I think it's the Rosso 1/8 scale. Out of production if I'm right.
  19. Give us better pix Chris. Your work deserves it. This kit looks excellent to work with.
  20. Geeze, I hope you don't really have the flu too !!
  21. Harry, your update on treatment is welcomed. The port installation will be a factor that cuts down your discomfort in the long run. I know a dear woman friend survivor who had extensive chemo and praised the port which avoided injections. Dude, we're all behind you so keep us posted. C
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