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  1. This is my movie car. Vanishing point Dodge Challenger '70 with the driver Mr. Kowalski.
  2. Very well done. All the little details look so real. Wow!
  3. Thanks everybody! Oneescalante asked about the rear tires, here is a photo underneath they are 13 mm wide each. The front runners are 5 mm wide.
  4. Hello! This time I introduse to you this VW Beetle. I built it by using only the parts that are in the original box. The turbo, exhaust and intake pipes are made of the part frames (or what are they called?) I bent them with a candle. Also the wheels and tires are from the same box ( Union Memorial Collections) including also 426 Hemi engine, big wheels etc. The blue decals came elsewhere (some plumming company van) I cut them in pieces so they could be placed better over the round shaped body. Thanks for looking!
  5. Thanks everybody! Spencer 1984 asked for some interior shots. Here is one. Nothing special, just those drink holders and the wall are scratch built. The cargo area has a new floor too. One photo of the engine also. I made that diesel style intake manifold from Evergreen plastic.
  6. Thanks everybody! Good thinking, alexix! Frozen Fish could very well be that, but Isse is my nickname, Isse's Fish. The water in the lobster bucket is clear glue.
  7. I've had this Van in the cabin for many years without any idea, what to do with it. Then I had two cases of fishes made for some reason. So I figured to put them, the Van and the fishes, together. The engine is pretending to be a 6.2 diesel, with self made intake and exhaust manifolds. I left the air cleaner off, so something can be seen under the small hood. The Interior is guite stock, but I added some drink holders on the dash. The cargo area has a new floor and I added a wall between the cockpit and the trunk with a small round window. The man with the blue coat is the Fisherman himself, the other guy is fixing the market table. There are two lobsters in the white bucket. Hope you like it, feel free to comment. Thanks for looking!
  8. Thanks everybody! I think those wheels and tyres came from a pos. Chevy Van, that had some wierd battery operated chassis, that could go up and down like it had hydraulics in it. I tested it a few times and then the battery went dead everytime. Those cracks in the leather seats was really just pure luck, too many coats of paint too soon after ea h other and thats the lucky result.
  9. There is no model kit for this Mitsubishi Lancer mk.2 so I had to take a Aoshima 1:24 Toyota Corolla 1600 GT and do some modifications to it. This is no way a perfect model of the famous 2000 Turbo Mitsubishi. I had some issues when measuring the body on the pc screen and it got slightly too high. The enginebay is all scratch built. As I recall the only original untouched part is the skin of the top, everything else is modified or self built, even the wheels. The interior has Toyotas seats but modified, and the dash is scratch built.
  10. This Caddy is a quick build after seeing some videos of full size cars with full size wheels in Youtube. The interior was light brown when I bought this project model, then I painted it black. It didnt look good, so before the paint had dried well, I sprayed some matte white on the seats and managed to get lots of wrinkles. Now it looks like the leather has some tears and is dried under the sun. I added some chrome trims here and there and also those nasty sidepipes to left and right.
  11. Thanks again everybody ! I forget to say, that the rust is real rust on Charger. I put some black stuff from a jar to the Charger body and then another liquid that made it to rust. I dont have that jar anymore, so cant say exactly what it was, but it was meant for that purpose in model weathering. 
  12. This is just the way it should be. Perrrfect!
  13. Thank you everybody! I really enjoyed building this Charger. I think the Pickup was the first model I have made. It suited well as a tow vehicle.
  14. A barn find Hemi Charger is getting rescued. This should have some gravel and the barn behind it, but I dont have the space to store that kind of dio anymore... too many built models in my cabins. But anyway, the Charger has been hit sometime, and there must be some issue with the engine too, since the left side head is sitting on the fender. The belts are missing, and the battery needs to be replaced too... missing some plugs on top. Chevy has a dead battery too, maybe the winch ate too much power.
  15. Ok my bad. It's a rusted '63. Thanks everybody!
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