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  1. Stuff I've been waiting forever for Circus Wagon Depth Charger Fiat Double Dragster tin box Shayne
  2. Landspeed1

    32 Caddy

    This is my build of the old monogram 32 caddy Shayne
  3. Landspeed1

    Cop Out

    This is my build of the Tom Daniels Cop Out Shayne
  4. Just amazing All your builds have such incredible detail Great idea Shayne
  5. Don V I have posted photos of my Mysterion that I built after the Road Agent, It made the Road Agent look easy. I want to build the Beatnik bandit but am worried about the decals not working well and have not found any after market ones. Shayne
  6. Landspeed1


    Here is my Mysterion, and yes it was quite a challenge Hope you like Shayne
  7. Great color the engine looks awesome engine I love yellow, but every time I try and spray it can't get it to cover even. Shayne
  8. Here is my 95 Jeep YJ at the Bonneville Salt Flats Shayne
  9. Yes I used 5 min, epoxy on the rear frame, also I used zap kicker and ca glue on the rest. When dealing with small chrome parts I put a bit of kicker on one part and the ca glue on the other, put em together and its done. Make sure to test fit first. Shayne
  10. I'm building a 32 5 window coup and want some old school wheels like some Craigar 5 spokes with some big and littles, rear slicks Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Shayne
  11. on the bench 32 5 window,Hemi Under Glass, Red Barron,66 Nova,53 Stude

  12. Putting that frame together was pretty frustration, but I got through it. Shayne
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