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  1. Yeah, if you can find the OLD detail master stuff (yellow was actually yellow) you get more feet...I think it was 5, then 3, and now it’s down to 2...so I don’t buy the new stuff.
  2. Fourth, how does it stay up there? Look at those little tie down straps. Looks like North Dakota plates too...hope he wasn’t hauling it far...
  3. I use Future. It does not make the powder glossy. I like the Future because it dries slow and levels off very well. Paint the part same or similar color below or, as I have done, do two layers of powder (apply one, let dry, pour/blow off excess, reapply Future and powder). I did the whole back area of my Revell Bronco in one swoop - no need to do smaller sections with slow drying medium...
  4. I’m not an expert, but I’m pretty sure no, you cannot spray lacquer over enamel.
  5. This has been mentioned before, but I ignored the advice and found out for myself (what’s the saying, idiots learn from their own mistakes, wise people from other’s..) Duplicolor Sandable primer, my go to for many years, is too hot for new Revell and Hasegawa models (probably others, all I’ve, uh, tested) I had some very funky outcomes recently on both brands with different cans of Duplicolor Sandable primer. Lots of etching (I guess?) on unnoticeable seems - like very faint swirls in he plastic and odd color changing, plastic changing things. I just bought 4 cans of Tamiya...
  6. Nice looking model. I like the addition of the strips for the bed, kind of wish Revell would have molded the passenger area as the steel instead of carpet. Great choice of color! Oh, better get your brake system finished - no master cylinder.
  7. Wondering about that too...Italeri didn’t have that previously, did they? (The Fiat?) A Fujimi share?
  8. It's a great place to visit. I was in Helsinki in the summer of 2017 and found a great mix of older cars all over...not many full size trucks though...even saw a 90s Impala decked out like a US police cruiser, lowered, piloted by a guy holding a bottle of vodka out the window (in Tampere).
  9. Those are neat little kits. I have one that may someday be built like the moving “truck” from Miyazaki’s “My Neighbor Totoro” movie...
  10. “Ok” is a slight understatement. That is a beautiful model. The color seems to “match” the flow of the car’s design brilliantly.
  11. “What I built in 2018” Might be quicker to list kits you didn’t build. Hehe. Great collection Jonathan. Nice work through the year.
  12. “California Pickup”???? Not sure stars and bars were ever real popular there...
  13. Any idea what’s happening here? Dude in short cut offs flipping a chubby mechanic a coin...makes me want to buy it.
  14. So you’re building box art version of the Monogram kits but using the Revell kit? That’s a cool idea The old Monogram kit makes me nauseous...so if I’m wrong and you’re actually building the Monogram kits...
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