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  1. Plymouth Furies (eg Johan 68 four door) Pontiac Bonnevilles all the way through the 60s (65 is easy to find) Plenty of Cadillacs Chrysler Imperials (59 I think is only easy one to find) ...
  2. The Revell Balck Widow kit is the first kit I built (that I remember). I used a lot of glue. Here is a beautiful later rendition of the Revell kit:
  3. https://www.bbb.org/us/pa/mayfield/profile/wholesale-hobby-supplies/internet-hobbies-0241-235973355/complaints
  4. Kind of a legend in folk/country world. Sad to see him pass. He survived cancer and heart disease. Only 73. I saw him in concert about 27 years ago...
  5. The Rabbit would be cool, if Revell hadn’t rolled out a better, modern tooled one. The AMT kit was state of the art back then, though.
  6. Working on the taillight replacement. I dug out some spare red styrene. One piece from the Dodge Deora, one piece I think is from a Riviera, and one piece from AMT 1971 Charger. The Charger piece has nice flat back and small ribs, so...cutting, filing, and - tada! Better than the OG. I’ll foil the back to cover the old mounting hole. Notice the ribs even line up with the trim - just like the real car. Lucky.
  7. Jeez, can’t believe I had to crawl back 5 pages to find this model again. This thing should be pinned to the front as an example of craftsmanship. Really. I hadn’t realized how rare this kit is, also, and found this on eBay...empty box sold for $138.50!!! Again, fantastic work on this model, Steve. Worth visiting again.
  8. Late 90s Corvettes. Cheap and have LS engines. There are quite a few kits that include enough great stuff they’re worth buying just for parts. Rob (Jantrix) has a whole thread about the best kits to do so...if I can find it I’ll link it up. Here again:
  9. LS9 into a 66 Riviera. No issues at all. Engines are more or less similar in size. Transmission is 6 speed auto from 2010 Camaro. LS9 is from Revell Corvette ZR1.
  10. Yeah, that’s true. It’s weird how cheap you can get some of the old T-bird annuals. I love seeing great examples of these old kits. I can’t imagine how some of them have made it 50-60 years unbuilt, complete, and in good condition.
  11. That’s cool. I’ve never seen the show or any of these, YouTube time I guess. If you need any engine tidbits let me know - I have a project and have three extra parts AMT kits - I think I remember the Revell kit doesn’t have the coils on the back of the heads. Easy to scratch but the AMT kit has them if you need them, I’m only using one (each kit has two, one with six, one with four leads).
  12. Great work. That engine looks awesome tucked in there.
  13. This will be, more a less, a “topsider” model, and I’m not going to spend a great deal on the chassis, but the single exhaust won’t work with my plans. I didn’t want it to look super cheesy with an LS engine and silly single pipe, so I cut out the molded in junk and I’ll fill in with sheets then add my own exhaust. The body repair continues as well. The old plastic works well, but is brittle. Somebody thought side pipes looked cool, so now I have to remove their glue...
  14. Cool long board in there. Thanks for posting.
  15. The piece that snapped off the rear below the window broke in a most convenient way - it snuggled right back into place. I think I’ll reinforce the joint after the glue dries, but so far it looks like minimal clean up. The plastic seems to like Tamiya cement quite a bit.
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