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  1. Thanks for looking! I got a parts lot off eBay with a bumper, so hopefully that will take care of the bumper need.
  2. I am looking for a rear bumper for an AMT 1963 Pontiac Bonneville. Will work with restorable parts, resin, etc. Trade or...? Thanks! Erik
  3. I think the Trumpeter Novas and the AMT 62-63 Novas are the only correct 6 cylinders in plastic. The old AMT kit is kind of basic and probably not worth the price you’d have to pay to get one. There was also a 4 cylinder available in the Nova - that I believe was based on the 6 - so you could cut 2 cylinders off... Ken Kitchen Table Top Resins has/had a straight 6 also, I believe, but I’m not sure he’s still up and selling? The Trumpeter is 1:24 but here it is in a 1:25 AMT wagon - so looks fine.
  4. Len - maybe you’ve seen this thread before, but in case you missed it... You can see how Shawn did the window trim on page two or so - which looks similar to where you’re heading.
  5. You did right...the poly glass version is the one to get. Has 12 tires, all the custom and stock parts.
  6. I’m glad to see this one is still alive! The new fan is awesome. Well, it all is.
  7. Fujimi recently reissued the Autobianchi. Will take a bit to ship as it seems not many stateside, but relatively cheap. There is also AMT and MPC Pacer models, released not too long ago.
  8. I kind of think of any kit that was made at the same time as the real car as an annual. A 1962 Tempest model that came out in 1962 is an annual. A 1960 Corvette model that came out in 2010 is not an annual.
  9. Yeah, as mentioned above, most are easy to come by. Even if they don’t show up on eBay a lot, when they do, they still don’t sell for much. The high priced ones that are on eBay are usually on eBay a long time - giving some impression of a high value. It seems most decent stashes have a few of these. Most completed shelves don’t! I think the, at the time, actual AMT kits of Barettas and such were nicer than the MPC - AMT was cranking out a ton of really nice kits of somewhat generic interest (Explorer, Baretta, Probe).
  10. Extended the state of emergency, not the Stay at home order. Two different things.
  11. Mister Santa got the wheels and tires ready:
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