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  1. It’s an Australian brochure, so there is a difference. I like the smooth, hole free look on the steel wheels.
  2. I got excited, well, as excited as one gets about decal paper. But inkjet paper appears to be out of stock. I think it was like that last I tried to refill. Have you ordered from them lately?
  3. I haven't noticed a huge difference in most of the decal papers. I used to use papillon (not available anymore that i know of), Bare Metal Foil brand, Testors, and one other i can't remember. It seems the white is a little thicker generally. To seal, I use Deft clear gloss lacquer. I had some paper that was old and the ink just pooled up on it, so I don't know if it goes bad or not, or it was just not good paper. Most of mine are for interior fabric, so you could clear with a semi or flat also, depending on application.
  4. Really great work. My kind of car, turd brown and whitewalls.
  5. You can coat decal film with clear lacquer - water based coatings will cause the ink to diffuse into the coating and adjacent paper. I would think clear lacquer would work similar on photo paper.
  6. Yeah, kind of weird. Original kits aren’t even what I would call rare or valuable. Maybe they found a crate of old kits that never made it to market...
  7. Finding the tires will be the hard part. 3Dscaleparts has some, no idea if they interchange with the steel wheels - and as you can see, won’t be cheap:
  8. That’s nice, but for $50 you could have bought one piece of wood and then saved up for the rest and built it yourself in ten years. But really, that’s a score.
  9. That’s really the ticket, Doug. Do what you’re comfortable with and what works best for you. eBay and its opportunities and ills are a recurring theme on probably any board, this one included. Fortunately, many of us are lucky to have the choices we do.
  10. I’ve been fortunate and never had something returned - I am not high volume but have sold 1000 or more items (I bought a large collection once). Regression to the mean will probably catch me before too long. One part of eBay I miss, but don’t miss the hassle, was international shipping. It used to be interesting to me just to see where my models went - I sold a lot to Russia, Brazil, Italy, Finland - even one to El Salvador. It’s way too much work anymore and ebay’s international program seems very expensive for buyers.
  11. Ah, so on low cost stuff the shipping gets you. That’s why I would stay away from selling small stuff or easy to find models. Could do some quick math and see where the breakpoint is. Agree about the shipping fee, but they had to get all the .01 plus 45.00 shipping sellers. The 8.25% tax would actually be a savings for me!
  12. Yes. I know what my completion rate is and I know how many kits I have. Ne’er the two shall meet. Borges has a quote about books, of which I have the same problem, the gist is “we buy more books thinking we are buying the time to read them”. Same for models.
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