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  1. clearlyscale@gmail.com He can probably send you a list of items.
  2. You can see who else is bidding on the item. Sometimes there will be a bidder with a large number of retracted bids, or lots of bids and very few, if any, purchases. These can be signs of shill bidding by either the seller or an accomplice - or not. Sometimes there are people that are just not good people and bid on items and then don’t pay. Then the seller is forced to relist the item. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.instructables.com/Introduction-Detecting-Shill-Bidding-on-EBay/%3famp_page=true
  3. Sad thing is, some people would probably rave about how good that chrome looks. People have different standards. Some are very low.
  4. I really appreciate all the feedback and critical eye on this subject. I am not at all familiar with the 550, so being able to see some of things through other eyes is great. Looking over the USCP product closer, it definitely has some funky lines. Some angles make them much more evident - I am thinking it is the rear fenders and the slope of the "trunk" lid. The very rear of the kit also appears to be a little too abrupt. As seen in some of Randy's photos above, it comes close at some angles. I will build it as is and try to focus the photographs of the better angles of the kit. That Fernando Pinto kit looks very well proportioned.
  5. I don’t think so. I’m not questioning any accuracy or proportions, I’m just asking about finished quality. I have resin and 3D printed parts and they do not look like the parts in the photos above. Here is a resin engine kit from USCP, as delivered (photo of actual item): and a 3D printed engine from Mad Mike’s: I will let the parts speak for themselves.
  6. Can anybody post photos of items they actually have and not reposts of eBay listings? I have looked at his items on eBay but decided against them because of the amount of pinholes, layers, and general uncleanliness readily apparent in the photos. Here are a few direct from listings:
  7. Few more: There are two PE cards this is the smaller of the two and is a little bit of a gold hue, which it appears the real cars had/have? nice little instruction book
  8. As received. There are a couple spots (the holes for rear engine vents) that need some delicate clean up from resin over flow or something. The dash/firewall assembly will need to be installed then body smoothed - in the photos it’s sitting loose and too high. You can see a little debris in panel lines. There is one very thin spot in the resin body - you can see the light through the front fender on driver side. The wheels and tires and brake drums are very nice. They could probably sell them separately.
  9. Plan is to use Future for Porsche and Spyder scripts. The engine vents hopefully will contour well enough to also use Future. We will see. I have a lot of research to do...
  10. I just received my Porsche from USCP today. It is a great looking kit. Overall casting is very nice. There is a little clean up on the panel lines and usual stuff like flash but appears no major work. Shipping from Ukraine March 1 and arrived March 8. I'll post a couple photos when I get the kit down to the hobby room.
  11. Are you looking for actual nuts and bolts or just a representation of nuts and bolts? If you're just looking for things that look like nuts and bolts but don't actually hold anything together, the best bang for your buck are from ModelClub https://www.modelbuilderswh.com/collections/detail-parts/products/bolt-head-on-a-washer-7mm-all-scales
  12. I get to drive a lot of rural roads, and I seem to always spy an old car or two or three. Today I was cruising through Emida, ID (Google map that) and spotted this old Mopar sitting by a barn. I’d love to know the stories behind so many of the cars I see. The “What did see ON the road thread” sometimes gets these cars thrown in, so let’s just leave this to cars that ain’t seen the road in some time.
  13. That turned into a beautiful model. Great work!
  14. They should have waited until everybody bought the convertible.
  15. I would be very wary. There are a lot of companies that have “in stock” items that really means if you buy it they will buy it from some place else and ship it to you, maybe. Plus free shipping from Taiwan? If it’s real and it’s free, that’s going to be a long slow boat ride. Down in the Community build section, Cannonball thread, a member ordered from a similar type company and it didn’t work out.
  16. Have you seen this thread?: I don’t remember that kit being somewhere in the 43 pages, but it’s (or before PB deal, was) a cool thread.
  17. That looks strange. People just dumped cars on the curb like that? Cool photos.
  18. I’ve worked in the “woods” for over 30 years and I am always surprised where I find old cars - wish I had photos of all of them over the years. What is amazing is what parts actually hold up to years of exposure. I found a 1940s Dodge at the bottom of an old road fill and the gauges were intact and as clear as new. I’ve found 1930s cars with chrome bumpers still plated and shiny. One I did photograph (locked in Bucket world):
  19. If anybody has one of the old Monogram kits and needs over 300 photos of an all original, extremely low mile Blazer: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1975-chevrolet-blazer-8/?utm_source=dm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2021-02-25
  20. Yup, the stuff Peter posted right above.
  21. Those bubbles will form in Tamiya paint when your wet coat is applied to thick. Tamiya works best with 3 light coats, or more (I actually do multiple light coats over high spots with an airbrush first). Follow with wet coats. Tamiya paint is actually very forgiving and shrinks quite a bit while drying, but still has its limits. I think the bubbles are gasses in the paint that are trapped due to the thick application, which could be caused by: 1. Painting too close to model 2. Painting too slowly over model Watch some YouTube videos if you can and see how far away to paint and about the speed you want to pass the paint can over the model. Practice helps, but it’s tough to practice when spraying a $8 dollar can of paint. You should be able to easily paint an entire model with one can of Tamiya.
  22. Nice - was it that three car auction on eBay? I was watching that one, actually sold for a decent price considering it looked like one was painted but otherwise unmolested. That gen Falcon has been selling for pretty good money lately.
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