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  1. I would 100% look at Toyota 4Runner. If you want reliability and longevity and the ability to handle dirt roads, this is the vehicle to get. It’s still a truck chassis with an SUV body - one of the very few to still be configured with an actual frame. I would not recommend a Subaru - yes they are popular, yes every other person in the Northwest drives one - but if your roads are wearing out a Highlander, they will do the same to a Subaru. Also, Subarus are not as reliable as most people think. They suffered for ages with major head gasket issues (our 2000 has had them replaced twice) then major oil consumption issues, then major issues with CVT transmissions. Our 2017 Outback was one of the most unreliable cars we’ve owned - not only did the transmission start to fail at 42k miles, the car constantly required new batteries - four in our four years of ownership. Subaru is well aware of the issues and doesn’t do a lot to fix them - they gave us a new battery twice and a cutting board and coffee cup. I’ve had three Subarus and they have been less and less reliable the newer they were. Jeeps would be able to handle the road but are not in the same class of reliability or ride comfort or overall usability as the Toyota. Just to add - I work in the woods of North Idaho and have for 30+ years. Tacomas are the “go-to” for backcountry travel up here.
  2. Had an 84 - they are the last of the great trucks, well, at least last of the cool trucks you could work on easy and were reliable as heck. They are, however, really hard to find these days - especially ones that aren’t trashed or converted into some stubby off road abomination. And, yeah, value is definitely following the upward trend.
  3. I think I saw a lot of the same stl files someplace - the same seller as the 3D parts. If I come across them I’ll post it.
  4. Second paragraph also says “1967 Chevy”. I get annoyed at all the internet “journalism” and obvious errors - the language in that whole 8 second “article” is horrible. With basically no cost to post these words, there is no reason to have an editor - as would the case be in old school print.
  5. If you’re doing a Texas car, get out the big drill bit…
  6. She is a Maine Coon. She’s pretty and weird in a good way.
  7. Our orange cat - Miss Birdie - will sit for hours watching tv.
  8. Kind of have to agree…just don’t tell the others…
  9. I really appreciate odd scales - thanks for making them available. I will go through your website for future purchases - thanks!
  10. Filling up the back with essentials:
  11. Nice work! Good looking model. I think it’s a testament to how nice this resin conversion kit is that people are finishing them and they are coming out looking great!
  12. Nice! Good looking model. I like the old baby bumper Pintos.
  13. Yeah, not all bad. I think on my original photos, though, it would hard to damage the plastic without damaging the underlying sheet metal, or where it's attached, especially if the plastic is proud of the metal.
  14. If you could get a hold of Paul Hettick, he might share his shipping tips. He creates and sells models on eBay that sell for four figures, so probably a lot of experience shipping very expensive items.
  15. Very nice looking model. Great work.
  16. 1971 to 73 - the glorious small bumper days…but, yeah, could be stock up through the 78.
  17. Here are the rest of the parts for the engine above:
  18. Scott, if you haven’t, take a look HERE - check out the “572” script on the valve covers. That’s a 1/32 scale engine. I think I read on his Facebook he was getting an 8K printer - I don’t know what those parts were printed with, but they are nice. So, yeah, printers matter.
  19. Does anybody know what the real dead is with these folks? Do they actually fulfill any orders? Do they have anything actually in stock? Or is it just 100% take money and hope people won't be willing to fight for their money? They do put a lot of effort into their website(s), it appears. Maybe they should just direct that toward a legitimate business.
  20. You might be able to get a 1/25 from Texas 3D. Some of his items on eBay have instructions in description for different scales - I asked him about it because I’d like to get some stuff in 1/20. Whatever printer he is using, along with his skills in using it, produce a super nice product.
  21. I recently acquired this Chevy engine from Texas 3D Customs in 1/32 scale (on their eBay store you can choose the scale) - It was such high quality I thought I should share it. There is very little discernible layering on these parts (all parts are 1/32 scale in photos) and very little cleanup on visible surfaces. There are some support “nubs” but they are easily knocked/sliced/sanded off. These are some of the nicest 3D parts I have purchased. He sells on eBay and, I believe, Facebook also. He has a slant Sox in the works…so, he will be getting more orders from me. Note the front bracket in the blower. Not something even remotely possible with molded parts. There are belts included also - I’ll add photos later
  22. Thinking the same. I had to buy a replacement for mine and cost me about 16% of the whole new kit.
  23. Haha. Well, if it’s made in the US, the federal govt can own it, regardless if it’s an American owned company or not - states have their own rules, if any. If it’s a US company but made in, say, Mexico - no. But, yeah, I’ve driven Hyundais and Toyotas with federal plates on them - assumed they were made in the US. And you’re also correct, most people would not: 1. Know there is such a law 2. Know where a Land Rover was made 3. Care I just happen to work for Uncle Sam, so I am a little aware. I like the steel wheels on it, personally - and those Awesome tires.
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