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  1. engine32 added a post in a topic Looking for:   

    I saw one just last week on ebay. It was in a lot of cabs that a guy was selling. He had quite a few lots he was selling. I think he was in Canada. Regardless, I saw a few in what he was selling so I know their out there. He had a few International Eagle cabovers as well.
  2. engine32 added a post in a topic Ford C800 stakebed- Completed 9/21/06   

    That's some nice work there.
  3. engine32 added a post in a topic New Member Here.   

    I have an old ALF Aero Chief that has been at our firehouse for years. It's in bad shape so I thought I would eventually try to restore it. I have also gotten all our spec sheets for my station's trucks which are a 2003 Pierce Enforcer mid-mount pumper and a 2003 E-One Cyclone 100' quint. Here's a link to our pics. http://www.kleinfiredept.com/stations/station_32/ I know that is the ugliest color for firetrucks, but we keep thinking if we leave them in the sun for a while they'll eventually ripen up. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/uploads/emoticons/default_biggrin.png' alt=':D'> I'll have to scratch build most of them, but if I can get parts from these guys when they get going again, It'll be a lot easier. http://www.frmnco.com/ At least our colors will be easy to duplicate, since the manufacturers stamped the Dupont numbers on the inside of the cabs for us. They'll take a while to do I'm sure, but it sure will be fun.
  4. engine32 added a post in a topic Brockway 761 Pics   

    That's nice. My first ever truck ride that I can remember was in a 761. My grandfather was a salesman at Martin Chevrolet in Cleveland, TX when they first starting selling them and he let me ride with him to deliver the first one. I remeber it because it is the one of the only ones I have ever seen that had chrome everywhere. Breathers, grill, twin stacks, steps, polished tanks, etc. It's still in the original owner's barn today, it lived it's life as a log truck in east Texas.
  5. engine32 added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    New Member Here.
    Hello all, just wanted to introduce myself. I recently got back into truck modeling and have almost completed my first build in years. It is a GMC Astro with an AMT Texaco tanker. I also have a 2002 Pete 359 re-issue and a Kenworth cabover to start on. I'm planning on a flatbed for one, and then I may try to scratch build a Pitts log trailer for the other. I enjoy very much looking at your work, it was looking at Tim Ahlborn's site that inspired me in the first place. I drove trucks for about 15 years before getting into Construction and then firefighting. I'll be around building, when I get some pictures I'll get my kids to show me how to post them.
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