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  1. Ace added a post in a topic Tony Nancy Revell-Liner Dragster Colors   

    2002: Yep, I'm building the Revell-Liner rear engine. Thanks for the pics and the recommendations. I'll look into that clear pearl. Sounds cool.

    Camaroman: Thanks for checking the box! If you want the 1/24 babe in the one piece, she's yours! ;-)
  2. Ace added a post in a topic Tony Nancy Revell-Liner Dragster Colors   

    Where can you get these drivers? I have one of those Fujimi drivers kits, but they are a bit pricy. And what the heck am I going to do with a 1/24 scale plastic woman in a bathing suit??? I'd rather have another driver in the box!

    Checking out the front engine Nancy dragster was a good idea. Looks like a lot of depth in that paint job.... The rather "warm" orange tint makes me think Insignia Yellow might be the way to go--maybe spray it over a gold or silver undercoat?
  3. Ace added a post in a topic Tony Nancy Revell-Liner Dragster Colors   

    Unfortunately, the box illustration isn't worth a toot. Looks somewhere between Insignia Yellow and Chrome Yellow to me. Future will give it a proper gloss look. Anyway, that's what I'll go with unless I can find a pic that clearly shows a metallic gold color beneath a transparent yellow top coat.

    Looks like half the chrome will have to be stripped with bleach and repainted with a metalizer. If I get up the nerve I'll mask the edge of the decal on the front "wing" and properly create the fade effect with the red. The decal doesn't do it justice here. Hmmm.... Otherwise, decals look good.

    Cool looking kit--molding looks good. Flash on the corner of one tree, but no biggy. I would prefer the driver in a seated position so I could put him in the seat. Maybe I'll preform a little surgery.....

    I haven't built one of these before. What do you glue the slick halves together with? Styrene cement, epoxy or super glue?
  4. Ace added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Tony Nancy Revell-Liner Dragster Colors
    The kit calls for "Candy Yellow-Gold." I can't find this color anywhere. Maybe Revell offered it back in the day.

    What Yellow should I use on this kit? Chrome Yellow? Insignia Yellow? Bright Yellow? Any suggestions?

    Any pics of this dragster available? I can't find any with Google.

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